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#82 Monday, November 24th (BONUS EPISODE)



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#82 Monday, November 24th (BONUS EPISODE)

At the hospital, Lynette is sitting in the waiting room resting when her cell phone vibrates. She goes outside to answer it.


Lynette: (into phone) Hello?


Greg: I just called to see how you were doing this morning.

Lynette: Not good at all.

Greg: What's wrong?

Lynette: Jim had a heart attack.

Greg: That's awful, is he going to be all right?

Lynette: The doctors say he should be, but he's still not awake yet.

Greg: That's good, the paramedics must of gotten him here quickly.

Lynette: I've been up all night, the stress has just drained me.

Greg: Is anyone there with you?

Lynette: My mom was here earlier and is coming back later.

Greg: Right now, words cannot describe how bad I feel about all of this.

Lynette: The blame lies squarly with me, it was my lying that caused the problem.

Greg: Still, I had an affair with a married woman and now her husband has had a heart attack, that

sort of makes me feel terrible.

Lynette: I understand, but the fact still remains, it was up to me to be truthful and I didn't do that.

Eleanor comes outside.


Eleanor: Lynette?

Lynette: I've got to go, talk to you later (hangs up)

What's wrong?

Eleanor: The doctor said Jim is awake.

Lynette: That's wonderful.

Eleanor: She said he's asking for you.

Lynette: Well, I better get in there.

Lynette hurries back inside.



Anna stands in disbelief, seeing Andrew at the door.


Anna: This can't be real.


Andrew: It's me.

Anna: Andrew? How?

Andrew: It's a long story

Anna: There has to be some explaination, this can't be happening.

Andrew: I didn't even know how to tell you, because I knew it would be so unbelievable.

Anna: My husband died in a plane crash years ago. Is this some sort of hoax?

Andrew: I survived. It's not a hoax and I can prove it.

Andrew takes a tattered old photograph of him and Anna from his wallet and hands it to Anna.

Andrew: Turn it over.

The photo has Anna's handwriting on the back, dated 1968.

Andrew: That is a photo that I always carried in my wallet, nobody else would have that.

Anna: I remember this, it was the only one in a set I had, the photographer made a mistake and

didn't make duplicates. You liked it so much, you wanted it for your wallet.

Andrew: So now you believe it?

Anna: I've got to sit down.

Andrew helps Anna to the couch.

Andrew: I know this is all a terrible shock.

Anna: You have no idea.

Andrew: It took me a long time to figure out how I was going to do this.

Anna: I have so many questions, I don't know where to start.

Anna looks at Andrew again in disbelief.


Lynette comes into Jim's hospital room.

Lynette: Jim?


Jim: (weakly) Lynette.

Lynette: It's me, I'm here.

Jim: What happened?

Lynette: You had a heart attack.

Jim: A heart attack?

Lynette: It's all right now, the doctor says you are going to be fine.

Jim: How are the kids? Are they all right?

Lynette: My aunt Alma has them. I've been here at the hospital all night, your parents are here too.

Jim: My head is killing me.

Lynette: You probably just need to rest and not try to talk.

Jim: I haven't had a headache like this since-- , Don't tell me I was drinking?

Lynette: Don't get yourself all worked up.

Jim: I was, wasn't I?

Lynette: We don't need to talk about that now.

Jim: All I remember is that I was so angry about what you did and---, I don't even know why I wanted you in

here, after everything that has happened.

Lynette: Please, let's not get into that now.

Jim: I was sober for so many years, I thought I had it kicked.

Lynette: And you will beat it again, it's just a matter of time.

Jim: A divorce and rehab, now those are some things to look forward to.

Lynette: Like I said, let's not think about all that now, you need rest.

Jim: I feel like the biggest idiot in the world right now. All those years of sobriety, gone.

Lynette pats Jim's hand.



Andrew is explaining everything to Anna.

Anna: So you've been alive all this time and didn't tell anyone?

Andrew: I was in such terrible shape, I didn't want to come back and be a burden.

Anna: It wouldn't have been a burden, you're my husband. It certainly would have been better than

letting your family grieve.

Andrew: It's complicated

Anna: What finally made you come back?

Andrew: I heard you lost the company and I had to step in. Aaron acted as my proxy.

Anna: Aaron, I knew it was strange that he just showed up out of the blue.

Andrew: He also helped get me back to health and sort of convinced me I needed to come home.

Anna: You needed convincing? How could you not want to come back to your family?

Andrew: After the whole thing with Cassandra came out, I knew you would be very upset about it. I wanted to make up for

it in some way, but not face the possibility of you not forgiving me, that's why I had Aaron act as my proxy.

Anna: Don't even get me started on Cassandra.

Andrew: There were so many times I wanted to tell you.

Anna: Of course, but it always just slipped your mind, right?

Andrew: I made a mistake when I was young and I didn't know how to rectify it.

Anna: Well, that mistake meant that our marriage was never valid.

Andrew: We could fix that.

Anna: It's not that easy, Andrew.

Andrew: You know that I love you, so why can't we get through this together? I know I don't really deserve forgiveness, but I really am sorry.

Anna: You haven't been back in an hour, I've barely had time to process the fact that you are alive.

Andrew: You're right, I'm moving to quickly.

Anna: I can't deal with all of this.

Andrew: What are you saying?

Anna: I'm saying that things just cannot go back to the way they were.

Andrew: Please, I know you're angry, but--

Anna: You should have just stayed wherever you were at.

Andrew: What?

Anna: I had a hard time with finding out your were already married when you married me, but I'm having a harder

believing that you would let me grieve over you for years and not let me know you were alive. How could you do that?

Andrew: I'm back now, I'm not going to hurt you again, I promise.

Anna: You've already done enough damage. Just go.

Andrew looks sad and slowly walks out. Anna breaks down crying.

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YES ANNA. I am so glad she won't let Andrew back in that easlily. Andrew is wrong for what he did. He should not have let all this time pass him by. I also love the little picture Andrew gave Anna to make her belive it's really him.

Poor Jim. I feel bad for him always and I wonder what's next for him.

Greg out to lose his Licencse for what he did to Jim

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