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Wednesday November 19 2008



All The Days of Our Lives

Billie is in the hospital waiting room. Kate comes.

Kate: Oh my God, Billie! Is he ok?

Billie: I don't know. The doctors aren't telling me anything!

Kate: It's going to be ok.

Kate hugs her.

Kate: Theres something you need to do.

Billie: What?

Kate: Call Bo.

John and Marleana are on John's private jet.

Marleana: John, why are we stopped?

John: I don't know. I'll check with the pilot.

Kristen walks onto the plane.

Kristen: Thank God your ok!

Marleana: What the hell are you doing here?

Kristen: I heard what has been happening. I tried calling you and John, but you werent answering your phones.

John: Kristen, look-

The pilot comes on the intercom.

Pilot: We will be taking off right now. Please buckle your seatbelts.

Marleana: Good, this is a great oppournity to discuss our sitaution.

Nicole wakes up in bed, next to Scotty. She looks confused.

Nicole: Oh my God.

She looks under the blanket, and realizes Scotty is naked. Scotty wakes up. She notices a ring on her finger.

Nicole: No way!

Scotty is shocked.

Scotty :What the hell?

Nicole: Good morning, husband!

Scotty: That's a bad joke right?

She shows him her finger.

Scotty: That doesnt mean were married!

She gets up, and puts a robe on. She looks around.

Nicole: Crap!

Scotty: What?

Nicole holds up a marriage certificate.

Bo gets out of the elevators of the hospital. He sees Kate.

Bo: Kate, whats going on?

Kate: It's Josh. Billie told me not to get you involved, but I think you need to.

Bo: Whats wrong?

Kate: He had a really high fever last night, and it hasn't gone away.

Bo: Oh my God.

Billie comes to the waiting room.

Billie: Bo, what are you doing her?

Bo: I need to be here.

He hugs Billie.

John, Marleana, and Kristen are sitting silently on the plane.

Kristen: Marleana, what problem are you talking about?

Marleana: Oh please, Kristen! John, what are you doing?

John: Right now, I am on a plane to rescue your daughter.

Marleana: I mean with this situation. Do you want to be with Kristen? Or so you want toget your old life back?

John: What if I wanted both?

Marleana looks at him, blankly.

Marleana: John, if you want your old life back, I come with it.

Nicole is on the phone. Scotty comes out of the washroom with a towel around his waist.

Nicole: Thank you, we would love to see the recording.

She hangs up.

Nicole: Apparently, our wedding was recorded.

Scotty: So was our sex.

Nicole spits out her coffee.

Nicole: Sex? We had sex!?

Scotty: Well, we were drunk, we got married, and we were naked in bed together. What the hell idd you expect?

Nicole starts to remember last night.

Nicole: Well, I can't complain about the sex.

Scotty laughs.

There is a knock at the door.

Nicole: That must be our tape.

Bo and Billie are sitting in the waiting area. of the hospital.

Bo: It's going to be ok.

Hope walks out of the elevator. She goes to the nurses station.

Hope: Hi, can I talk to Dr. Horton?

Nurse: Sure. I'll page him.

Hope notices Bo and Billie sitting on the chairs in the waiting area.

John gets up, and pours himself a drink.

John: I don't know what I want, right now.

Kristen: John, I hate to side with Marleana, but you need to decide. It's not fair just stringing us along.

John: When I get my memory back, I'll let you know.

Marleana: Your not doing anything to help get your memory back! Your just waiting to wake up one day, and have it! You won't John!

John: This is all very hard for me! I wake up in the middle of a road, with Kristen, and I don't remember a thing! Then I come to Salem, and I find out I have this whole family!

Marleana: I think I know what you want, but your just not saying anything because your scared your going to hurt somebody.

John: And what is it that you think I want?

Marleana: Your old life. Why else would you be so eager to help me find my daughter?

Kristen: Wow, Marleana.

Marleana: Is it the truth, John?

The plane starts to move werid.

Kristen: What's going on?

The pilot comes on the intercom.

Pilot: We are expierencing some slight turblance, it should be over soon.

The doctor comes to talk to Billie.

Dr. Wilson: Billie, right?

Billie: Yes, I'm Josh's mother.

Dr. Wilson: Josh seems to have the flu. I'm going to give you some antibiotics, and he should be ok within a couple of days.

Billie: Are you sure? He's going to be ok?

Dr. Wilson: Yes, I promise.

Billie: Thank you so much, I was so worried. Can I go see him?

Dr. Wilson: Of course.

Billie looks at Bo.

Billie: Thank you.

Bo notices Hope at the nurses station. He goes to her.

Hope: What was going on with Billie?

Bo: Her son had a scare, but he's ok.

Hope: Is he ok?

Bo: Ya, he'll be fine.

John drops is glass, and begins to feel dizzy.

Marleana: John? John? Are you ok?

John passes out.

Kristen: Oh my God!

The plena expierences more turblance.

Kristen: Something is wrong! This isn't normal.

Marleana: I agree.

Kristen goes to the pilot, but realizes nobody is there. She looks at the fuel gage, and realizes there is alomost no fuel left.

Kristen: Oh my God!

Kristen goes back to Marleana.

Kristen: There's no pilot, and no fuel!

Marleana: What!?

Kristen: Were going to die!

Marleana: No were not!

She looks around.

Marleana: We have to jump out!

Kristen looks at her, scared.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Marleana, and Kristen are in a forest.

Marleana: Shut up, Kristen! Nobody asked you to come!

Carrie, Brady, Steve, and Kayla are in the Pub.

Carrie: The ISA lost contact with their plane! Their unreachable!

Steve: We need to look for them.

Kimberly and EJ are at the airport in London.

Kimberly: EJ, you need to do whats best for her.

Jeannie and J.J. are at Salem High. J.J. opens his locker, and a bag drops out. Jeannie picks it up.

Jeannie: What the hell is this?


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