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The Devil Is a Liar! Episode 101



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Can I Get a Witness West Coast Baptist Churchdigitaljess001.jpg

thArtist379_nr1orig.jpgMona holds her machine gun in her hand as Ashley, who just officially revealed herself to be back from the dead, Sabryn, Bryan, Dre, Daniel, Tyler, Ria, her famous mother Patti Labelle, Sharan, and Kevin all look at Mona in shock. Daniel and Ty are even more stunned from the others. CAUX68ONCAO2SC70CAKBFHFBCAIRPRAPCAU.jpgDaniel has flash backs of Mona shooting him and making it look like an attempted suicide, then he remembers Mona drugged him with Meth to keep him from exposing what she did, then he remembers Mona kidnapping him and holding him hostage in her dungeon then torturing him day after day. Then he remembers Mona leaving him there for dead when Mona tried to bomb her dungeon. Daniel has this raging fire inside of him. He hollers out, and not even phased by the machine, gun he charges after Mona, jumping on top of her and tackling her to the ground. Daniel then begins to choke Mona, as Mona gags, and coughs.


"Fu(king Bitch! I am going to kill you!" He then grabs Mona's neck and lifts it off the ground so Mona's head is off the ground as well then Daniel begins to pound Mona's head into the ground.

Then out of no where, they hear a scream come from second floor balcony. A person, climbs up on the chandelier and swings across the air like George from The Jungle.


"Look, it's bird!"


"Naw, momma, that's a bat!"


"It's my mother!"

CA06D0OACA5867X9CAUPN3H2CAO27DVSCA9.jpgSister Patterson jumps off the chandelier and lands on top of Daniel, knocking him off of Mona.

Sister Patterson

"Damn you devils! All this violence in my God's house. The devil is a lair. Every one stop this madness NOW!…. Yens all going to hell!"

ddcvdac.jpgDre hurries up and grabs Mona, so she can't get away.

28tzvxf.jpgTyler is stunned beyond words by all the action. He tries to think of what should be his next move , always in need to be in control of every situation he comes into. Realizing he won't control this one to his benefit, he slips out of the church.

Kevin, looking at Sharan,

"What is going on here?"


"Kevin, you're about to find out. That's Mona. That's the one who kidnapped me. She's your sister. Kevin, Mona is your sister."


^^^Brand New Season 3 opening!!

Episode:101, The Devil is a Liar

Written by: ML Cooks

The Blue Notebluenote.jpg

760223521.jpgMike is out on the patio that sits over the pond. He drinks his 5th beer, looking out into the water, thinking of Jodie. He thinks of the very first time he met her in his pub. She was a lost soul who wanted to be loved. His thoughts are interrupted by a,

"Mike, we've been so worried about you."

Mike turns around and sees Lena and Heath standing before him.


"Well here I am."


"You're pretty wasted man. Let's go grab some coffee or something."


"That's sounds like a great idea."

Mike, leaning back against the railing,

"I don't want no damn coffee. I want Jodie back." He says with a tear forming in his eye. He continues

"I didn't even have a chance to say good bye."

Lena hugs Mike,

"I know how you feel Mike." She pulls back from him.


"Mike, I think there is something you might like to know."


"I pretty much doubt that."


"I was with Jodie the night before she died. She called me on the phone and wanted me to come see her. She told me some things, some things you should know."


"It should have been me their with her. I'll never have that chance again."


"Mike, she really loved you. Jodie wanted you to know that. She did not want you to see her, the way she looked. She felt ugly on the inside and out."


"That doesn't matter to me. I love Jodie. For who she is not for what she isn't. It doesn't even matter now. My baby is gone."


"At least she is not suffering. I know she is looking down on us with a smile Mike. You know that?"


"She is. I will never forget her and no one could ever replace her in my heart. And I think it's time to get the people who did her wrong."


"Mike, what are you talking about?"


"Jennifer! What she did to Jodie can't go unpunished." Lena and Heath look at each other with raised eye brows.

Back at the Church

images3.jpgSabryn, looks at Bryan then at Ashley,

"Wait a minute! This is supposed to be my wedding day. "

1_1_41768.jpgBryan, looking at Ashley in disbelief,

"Ashley? Is that really you?"


"It's me baby. I'm back."


"Are you serious? This has to be a dream!"

Ashley, flipping her hair,

"This is not a mirage sweetie. I'm Ashley Jones, and I approve of my latest stunt. Check mate Sabryn."

Sabryn hollers out in agony and runs after Ashley. Ashley charges after Sabryn. They have so much hate for each other that it transform into their energies , once they collide into each other they fall onto the ground from each other's force. Sabryn is quick to react and hops on top of Ashley, punching her in her face with right and left hooks. Bryan grabs Sabryn and pulls her off of Ashley. Ashley stands back up and then kicks Sabryn in her stomach. Sabryn then elbows Bryan in the gut to break free of his hold to tackle her arch enemy again. Ashley, not really paying attention as she looks for her son is caught off guard when Sabryn pushes Ashley into her wedding cake. Ashley falls right into it.


"Damn you! You can't just leave me alone can you?" Sabryn then charges at Ashley again, hopping on top of her. Sabryn's million dollar self designed wedding dressed is now ruined as both women roll around in the cake, throwing it at each other. Sister Patterson , with a garden hose turns it on and begins to spray down Sabryn and Ashley.

"Let this Holy water cleanse thy souls. Everyone is tripping in my God's house. I have my bible and I am ready to use it. I am a solider for my lord and he don't like ugly. That's what all yens are, ugly. The devil is a lair and everyone must know that. What if Miss Jenkins finds out about this!? I think it's time we bow our heads and pray. This aint nothing a good prayer will help."

The police arrive on the scene and immediately arrest Mona!

Kevin, looking at Sharan,

"What do you mean she's my sister? "


"Ask her Kevin. Ask Mona for the truth. For that matter ask your father."

Kevin walks up to the police and stops them before the police haul Mona off. Mona looks at Kevin.

Kevin, looking at her facial features,

"Who are you?"


"I'm your sister."

Sister Patterson hears this and is stunned and walks over toward Kevin.

"What did you just say?"


"I'm Kelis. I'm your daughter. Hello mom."

Sister Patterson

"The devil is a liar! Wait till Miss Jenkins hear about this!"

Miss Jenkins House1164119_151317.jpg

In the Basement. Rufus floats in and out of consciousness. But he is able to make out a large, beastly woman, chewing and popping gum, and smoking a refer joint standing a few feet away from her.

Miss Jenkinsmadea.jpg

"What the hell you doing in my house? And who's gonna pay for that big ass hole in my floor?"

mhgfcmhg.jpgRufus, weak but still tries to speak,

"Please help me."

Miss Jenkins

"Damn, I thought I had a deep voice for a woman, your's is even deeper honey." Madea looks at this strange woman and she notices a of pool blood surrounding Rufus's groin area.


"Looks like you've been rapped honey. You wait right ch'here and I'll get the po po over here." Madea walks back upstairs as Rufus smiles, that he is about to get help. He then becomes freaked out again upon having flashbacks of Ashley using a chain saw to cut off his penis.

Back at the Church

The police escort Mona in a cruiser and is driven off. Sister Patterson looks at her as she drives off. She then looks at Sharan,

"Girl, I want to know what are you talking? I want to know it now! Don't you forget we are still in God's house so you better not be lying. I got my holy water right here and I am not afraid to do his work." Patterson says aiming the garden hose at her.


"Sister Patterson, it's so good to see you again. I have missed your crazy outburst."

Sister Patterson

"I beg your pardon."


"Mona, is the one who kidnapped me. She kidnapped Daniel too. She used a clone to make everyone think Daniel was dead. She made it look like Chris stabbed Daniel. She's the one who was stalking me." She looks at Kevin and continues,

"She's the one who sent me those pink roses. It wasn't Dondre. She's the one who rammed off your car door. Right around the time Daniel was shot."


"I remember all of that. We were coming home from the TC Hotel opening gala."

Sister Patterson

"Ok enough, when are we going to get to the good part? I buried my sweet precious innocent daughter 25 years ago. And what you talking about right now is a bunch of hoopla. How is this crazy person my child?"


"Abe. It was your husband. He is the one who faked Kelis's death. He did all of this. He made you believe Kelis was dead. Abe chained her up and molested her night after night for 15 years. Then he tried to set her on fire and bury her alive, hoping Kelis would die. But she didn't! She survived!"

Sister Patterson, is totally stunned,

"Lord have Mercy the devil is a lair." Everyone in the church are stunned.

"I think I need to sit down. My chest is feeling heavy."


"I am so sorry to be the one doing this. But this is the reason why Kelis kidnapped me. She wanted to make the Williams family pay. Especially Abe."


"Sharan are you sure? I know you would never lie about something like this."


"I am sure.. Mona is harboring a lot of secrets. A lot of pain and resentment."

Sister Patterson

"You talking out the side of ya neck girl! Aint no way in hell my Abe could be that despicable. And how dare you trash my family in front of all these God loving people? In my God's house none the less. My God shall strike you down right now."


"Ma stop it! Mona does have that Williams family resemblance."

Sister Patterson

"Please tell me you are not listening to this ring-a-maroe."


' Let's go down to the police station, and find pops and we can see what is going on."

Sister Patterson

"I will not. I know my husband is no molester. He could not have done nothing so vial. Nothing so sinful. Sharan you are sick and you ought to be ashamed of yourself."


"If you went through the things your lesbian daughter put me through, you might be sick too. Your insane daughter rapped me!"

Sister Patterson, chuckling,

"Now I know your lying. Aint no child of mine is going to be a gay."

Kevin grabs his mother and puts her into his car.

Sister Patterson

"You better take your hand off of me boy! I brought you into this world and I'll take you out. Don't you know no good boy?" Kevin with his mom drives off.

Ria, then gives a round of applause,

"Thank God that crazy bat is out of here."

Patti, looking at her daughter,

"You will not be disrespectful like that. Don't embarrass me girl."


"Whatever. Don't you have a concert to sing at?"

Bryan grabs Sabryn and takes her into the back room.

Daniel leaves to go see about Lauren.

Ashley tries to wipe her self off, being covered in cake.

"That was some wedding." She says to herself.

Ria walks over to her.


"Ashley Jones? Girl is that really you?"


"Yes it is."


"This reminds me of The young and the Restless girl. When Drucilla was pushed off the mountain by Phyllis with all those cheesy effects. It's like people know home girl survived. We all know she will be coming back from the dead one day."


"This is no soap opera, let me tell you that." They both look over as they hear Bryan jr. the 1st cry. Ashley walks over to him to try and calm him down.


"Back from the dead with a baby."


"It is a miracle isn't it?"


"Who's ya baby daddy girl?"




"Oh damn. Sabryn won't be happy about that."

Westwood ParkuntitSabynsfrontdoor.jpg

davis.jpgNatalia pounds on Mark's door. Mark opens it and is not to pleased to see Natalia. Natalia walks inside his house and notices how everything is packed up in boxes.


"I'm kinda busy right now. I'm in the middle of packing up all my things. Dahlia and I are leaving this damned city once I find her."


"Dahlia? She's dead. She died when her body was dumped in the "Stink SO Good Landfill" trash compacter."


"No! You would like for her to be dead don't do? Guess what?! You're wrong. I saw her. She walked in on me and-" Mark pausing, having a flashback of Dahlia walking in on Rufus sucking his duck. He catches himself before he tells Natalia.


"She saw you doing what?"


"It was right after you got shot. "


"Are you smoking crack Mark?"


"No I am not. I have to stay sober or you'll take advantage of me again."


"As if. You didn't have to sleep with me. It was a choice."


"If you call black mailing a choice then by all means."


"All that means nothing right now. We have a child together Mark."


"Are you the one hitting the pipe? Our child died when you got shot."


"It was a set up. Our child is alive and Ashley has him."

Huntington Memorial Hospitalbig_hospital_pic.jpg

Daniel rushes over to the nurses station. He asks a nurse about Lauren

"I got a phone call telling me my fiancée' Lauren Roman has been shot. Can you tell me anything about her? Is she ok? Is the baby ok?"

Diego than walks up to him.

Daniel, turning around to face him,

"Any news on Lauren?"


"I'm sorry Daniel, we were unable to save her. Lauren is dead!"……………Next time on S.T.E.A.M.: Fireworks and fists fly between Natalia/Ashley and Sabryn!


Recommended Comments

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I'm thrilled that S.T.E.A.M is back and this was a great season opener. Loved the scenes with Sister Patterson finding out about Mona, can't wait to see what happens next in that story.

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  • Members

Great episode!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad STEAM is back.

I admit it got a little silly but I still enjoyed it.

Okay I loved Sister Patterson! Had me laughing. And I loved her finding out about Mona. I felt like we got to see a more real side of Mona and I liked that.

Wow the sh!t really hit the fan! Everyone realized about Ashley. So much! So great! The church scenes were awesome.

Good ending.

Can't wait for the next episode.

Keep up the good work.

BTW we really need to think of a good cross over some time. :)

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  • Members

THank you guys for the nice comments. This was a hard episode to write because I had two major drama going on at the same place at the same time. That was surely a challenge.

jay it's ok to laugh at ister Patterson. Hell she cracks me up and I love writing for her.

Jay shoot me an email on any ideas of a cross over. I know who I want from GL and that's Remy. Ria is in need of some hot sex and it would fit in perfectly for her storyline she' got this season.

Ashley/sabryn/and Bryan will be hot and front burner. LOTS OF TWIST coming up for these three as the last leg of their story plays out.

SIster Patterson and her family will also be front burner this season as Mona's next chapter begins. She's not done yet it beliveve it or not

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  • Members

Hey everyone, so glad you guys are enjoying STEAM. This is Tara Smith, Co-EP/Co-HW, and I can tell you right here right now that STEAM has got such good plans for Season 3 and I hope you all continue to enjoy it. ML is really working his butt off the most with all of this going on and it just thrills me to see that you all are enjoying the work we're doing here, and slowly I will take a more active role in STEAM which I hope is a good thing.

We also have some mighty powerful additions to our writing team and as ML has announced, STEAM's cast so just keep tuning in because I promise you it will be a fun ride during Season 3.

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  • Members

Thank you Miss lady for the kind words. it's really motivating to read this as you know how hard I am working on this third and potentially last season. You have been a wonderful addition thus far and I would not have offered you a CO EP/HW postion if you didn't fit the mold. Thank you Tara for always listening to me. You are a God send. I can't wait for Matt's comments. LOL Where are you buddy

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  • Members

OKAY MAN I so need to catch up with my blogs here-

WELCOME BACK!!!! Tis is was an awesome episode - Packed some great stuff... where do I start - Yes with MONA/SISTA PAT - oh manthe was just beautiful - crashing the wedding... Love one meet again... it jwas just beautiful - and I salut you!!! Great episode!!!!

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I'm so sorry I wasn't able to comment sooner but I've been hella busy and so have you! This Season Premiere was so action packed. The wedding from hell was for sure halarious and intense. The cat fight between old enemies was nice but I would've rather had the original Sabryn in the part. In speaking of recasts, I do like Nia Long in the role of Sharan.

The quote of this episode definitely belongs to Ria with her Y&R line. It for sure had me cracking up.

Mike's scene with missing Jodie was very touching but I'm sort of wondering what's going to happen with Lena and Heath. There's so much potential for so many outrageous things that I know only you can deliver.

I am for sure loving Miss Jenkins!!! Great episode.

All I have to say about Lauren is that I will not miss her in the least. I hope that she still feels stupid for what she did over having Chris killed. Then again that was all Mona/Kelis's fault. It was a good cliffhanger though.

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ML, this season opener is [email protected]! I loved the wedding and Sister Patterson, as usual, never disappoints -- I absolutely love her! She is a one of a kind character. And finally, Miss Jenkins. I was wondering about her. I love how you also addressed so many questions yet you keep this story moving. It's a roller coaster ride and what a good show should be -- entertaining and packed with surprises! I'm anxious to read more (and I will).

:) V

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