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Friday September 12 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Stefano comes into the living room of the DiMera mansion. He looks at Andre.

Stefano: Valeir was going to come to Salem tonight, but her plane had to land somewhere else.

Andre: Well, sure, I don't think they would have wanted the plane to blow up.

Stefano: If Elvis gets hurt there, I will make sure you die.

Andre: Elvis will be fine.

Eric and Nicole fall as they run. A small explosion happens, and they are pushed. Kimberly yells, and she starts crying.

SWAT Team Member: Don't worry! Were here to get you out!

Kimberly, Anna, and Jeannie get out from under the desk.

Outside, EJ, Sami, Tony, Caroline, Shawn, and Isabella are pushed back while another explosion occurs.

Isabella: Oh my God!

Kimberly, Jeannie, and Anna are being helped outside.

Kimberly: No! My daughter! Shes in there!

SWAT Team Leader: We'll get her out.

They are brought out of the hospital.

Hope wakes up in the hospital bed. Her vision is blurry, and she sees somebody standing over her. She realizes it is a woman.

Woman: Hope, darling, your going to be ok.

Hope looks at her, squinting. Tears form in her eyes.

Hope: Mom?

Addie: Yes, it's me honey.

Hope: But your-

Addie: Yes, honey, I'm gone, but I'm here to help you.

Hope: How?

Addie: Clairvoyance.

Hope: What? I must be dreaming.

Addie: You are going to see something that will give you some peace for this situation.

Hope: Mom, what are you talking about?

Carly sits in the elevator, scared.

Addie holds Hope's forehead.

Addie: Close your eyes, sweetie.

Hope closes her eyes. She opens her eyes, and looks around. She sees Marleana standing.

Marleana: This is impossible.

Tears are in Marleana's eyes, as she looks at somebody.

In reality, Stefano comes in the room.

In Hope's mind, everything starts fading, and everything starts reapearing, damaged. Hope sees restruants destroyed, homes burnt to the ground, and people joining together to help rebuild.

Hope opens her eyes, and sees her mother again.

Addie: Hope, there will be trouble, there will be destruction, but during times like those, we show a side of us that is so strong, an nd helpful.

Hope: Mom, whats going to happen?

Addie: Hope, everything will be ok.

Addie starts to fade.

Hope: Mom! Please! Don't go!

Addie: I love you.

Addie dissapears, and Hope wakes up. She sees Stefano.

Eric and Nicole get up, and see a SWAT Team Member.

SWAT Team Member: Come with me!

They follow him, and he gets them out of the hospital. Sami runs to Eric.

Sami: Eric! Thatnk God your ok!

Kimberly: Carly's still in there!

EJ: I'm going in there!

Sami: EJ, you can't do that!

Abe comes to EJ and the others.

Abe: EJ, we have tried everything to get the elevator down.

EJ: You obviouslly didn't if she's still in there!

Kimberly: Please get her out of there!

Abe: I'm afraid that at this point, there is nothing we can do. We tried using some left over power to power the elevator, but it didn't work.

Kimberly: Whats going to happen?

Abe: We are certain that the rest of the propane tanks are going to blow up.

Caroline: What! She's going to blow up with the hospital!

Abe: She is safe and secure in the elevator. The elevator will come down, and once the explosion is over with, we will be able to get her out.

Jennifer turns on the TV at Mickey and Maggie's house.

Maggie: Oh, I hope everybody is ok.

They turn it on the News.

Reporter: We have just recieved word from police commander Abe Carver, that the hospital will indeed explode! Police are now going to surrounding neighbourhoods, and evaucating homes close to the hospital, which will be damaged by the explosion.

Jennifer: Oh my God!

Mickey: We need to leave the house.

Hope, Marleana, and Stefano watch the TV in the warehouse.

Marleana: You bastard! Your going to destroy the whole town!

Stefano: This is all Andre.

The reporter on the news gets back to the camara.

Reporter: In a shocking move, EJ DiMera has ran into the hospital! We are told that his fiance is trapped in an elevator there.

Stefano looks at the TV, shocked.

Marleana: Now Andre will claim the lives of Renee, Lexie, and EJ!

Stefano storms out of the warehouse.

Marleana looks at Hope.

Hope: Marleana, were going to be ok.

EJ runs through the hospital.

EJ: Carly! Carly!

A SWAT Team Member pulls EJ.

EJ: No! Carly!

The SWAT Team Member brings EJ out of the hospital.

EJ: No!

Stefano storms into the mansion. He goes into the living room and sees Andre.

Stefano: My son is in there!

Andre: Stefano, he got out! He's fine!

Stefano: If my son dies I will kill you with my bare hands!

Everyone is standing far from the hospital. Abe looks at Bo.

Bo: It's comming any time now.

Abe: Carly will be ok.

In the elevator, Carly cries.

Carly: Please! Help me!

Power comes back to the elevator. Carly starts smiling, and she wipes her tears.

Carly: I'm in here!

The elevator stops, and the doors open.

Outside, everyone has left the hospital area.

Carly: Is anybody there?

The hospital is engulfed in flames, and it blows up! The windows of Mickey and Maggie's deserted house are blown in, and the house in engulfed in flames. Salem Place's windows are blown in. Signs fall, benches are turned over, and trees are ripped out of the ground. The windows of Chez Rouge are blown in, and tables are turned.


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