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Monday September 15 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Billie and her baby, Josh walk into the Salem Inn. She sees Sami sitting in the lobby.

Billie: Hey Sami.

Sami: Billie, hi. Oh my God, is our apartment ok?

Billie: Ya, it's fine, we just had to evacuate because the air might be toxic.

Sami: Well, your going to be waiting here a while.

Billie: I guess so. I heard on the news that your mom, and Hope are missing. Was there any change?

Sami: No, there wasn't. And I'm scared that this explosion could have hurt them.

EJ, Abe, and Bo are at the demolished hospital.

EJ: We have to go in there, and get Carly!

Abe: EJ, it's not safe to go in there!

EJ: Carly's in there!

The elevator doors open at Salem General Hospital. Jeannie, Nicole and Eric walk out of them.

Jeannie: I must say this hospital is much cleaner.

Eric: Jeannie, did you get checked out?

Jeannie: Yes, I did I'm fine. What about you two?

Nicole: Ya, were ok.

Jeannie: I still can't believe this happened. Half of Salem is destroyed.

Stefano pours some brandy in a cup in the DiMera mansion living room. He hears pounding on the door.

Stefano: Who the hell is that?

He goes to the door, and Steve comes bursting in.

Steve: What the hell is wrong with you?

Stefano: Steven, I'm in no mood for this right now!

Steve: You bastard! Everybody could have died in that hospital!

Stefano: I had nothing to do with that!

Firemen are looking around the demolished hospital.

Fireman: I think I found something!

EJ, Abe, and Bo look. The fireman lifts the rubble, and pulls out Diane. They put her on a stretcher. Bo takes his phone out. He dials a number.

Bo: Carrie, hey it's Bo.

Carrie: Uncle Bo, is everything ok?

Bo: The firemen found a friend of yours, Diane.

Carrie: Oh my God! She's being brought to Salem General?

Bo: Yes.

Carrie: Thanks.

Amanda walks into the lobby at the Salem Inn. She sees Billie sitting with Josh. She goes to talk to her.

Amanda: Hi, Billie, right?

Billie: Yes.

Amanda: I'm Amanda.

Billie: Hi, nice to meet you.

Amanda: Look, I see that it's going to be a while until you get a room, so would you like to come up, you and your son can stay there.

Billie: Oh no, I don't want to bother you.

Amanda: No, you won't be bothering me at all! Come, please, you and your baby don't deserve to stay here for the whole day.

Billie: Thank you so much.

Amanda: No problem.

She smiles.

Tony walks into Anna's hospital room with flowers. Anna wakes up.

Anna: Tony?

Tony: Yes, darling it's me.

Anna gets up with tears in her eyes. He runs to her, and they kiss.

Anna: Where on earth were you?

Tony: That doesnt matter. I'm here now.

Anna: I've missed you so much.

Tony hugs her.

Tony: I'm not going to go anywhere ever again.

Sami walks into Bo and Hope's house, where she sees Mickey, Maggie, Alice, Jack, Jennifer, J.J, Alexis and Johnny. She runs to Alexis and Johnny and hugs them and kisses them.

Sami: Oh thank God you guys are ok.

Maggie: The house must be destroyed.

Sami: I'm so sorry.

Andre is at the demolished hospital. He looks around, hiding from everyone. A woman comes behind him.

Woman: How much would I get paid for turning you in?

Andre turns around. He smiles.

Andre: Valeri! Nice to see you.

Valeri: I'd say the same, but I hate you.

Andre: Oh, and why is that?

Valeri: Umm, lets see. You've killed two of my sisters, you've taken my brothers life for 20 years, lets see, there must be more.

Andre grabs her arm.

Andre: You keep your pretty little mouth shut.

Valeri: Or what?

Andre laughs.

Andre: Mabye I'll set up another explosion, and you'll blow up with it.

Valeri: I don't think my father would like it very much if you threatned me.

Andre: I don't really care.

Diane wakes up in her hospital room as Carrie walks in.

Carrie: Hey, you ok?

Diane: I'm a little sore, and my heads killing me, but I'm ok.

Carrie: Thank God your ok, Diane.

Diane: What about your family; how are they?

Carrie: Marleana and my aunt Hope are missing, and Carly is missing in the hospital.

Diane: Oh my God! Thats horrible. I can't imagine what she must be going through.

A hand starts moving in the rubble.

Jeannie, Nicole, and Eric are sitting in the waiting room. A doctor walks by.

Jeannie: Hey, do you know if I can see my mom? Her name is Kimberly Brady.

Doctor: Let me check, and I'll be back in about five minutes.

Jeannie: Thanks.

Jeannie sits down again.

Jeannie: Eric, I'm suprised your not worried or anything.

Eric: Why would I be worried?

Jeannie: You didn't hear about your mom and aunt Hope?

Eric: What happened?

Jeannie: Their missing.

Eric and Nicole exchange shocked looks.

Valeri: What are you going to do Andre? The cops are all over the place. All I have to do is yell Andre, and they'll be here in a second.

Andre: You see what I did here, this explosion? This took nothing. Now, if I put just the smallest amount of effort into it, I could have made it look like an accident. Now, we wouldn't want any accidents happening to you, now do we?

Andre leaves. Valeri turns around to leave, but somebody grabs her by the arm.

Bo: Wha tthe hell are you doing here?

EJ runs into the demolished hospital, and starts looking around.

Fireman: Hey, your not supposed to be in here!

EJ: I need to find my fiance!

The fireman grabs him by his shoulders.

EJ: Let go of me!

EJ sees a hand moving.

EJ: There! Theres a hand moving!

The fireman looks, and sees it. He lets go of EJ, and calls other firemen to help.

Stefano puts his hand on Steve's shoulder.

Stefano: I suggest you leave before theres trouble!

Steve: Oh, I'm just here for a friendly visit.

Andre comes through the door. Steve looks back, and sees him.

Steve: You did this!

Andre: Steve, how nice it is to see you.

Andre runs out the door, and Steve chases after him.

Valeri squirms as Bo holds her arm.

Valeri: Let go of me!

Bo: Why are you here?

Valeri: I just got back in town, and I was looking for somebody!

Bo: A plane landed in Salem?

Valeri: If a plane landed in Salem, do you think I would be here in one piece? The plane landed in Colarodo, and I hitchiked here! I regret it, but I did it.

Bo: And you didn't hear that Salem had a massive explosion?

Valeri: Hmm, mabye if the radio was on in the car I would have known! What the hell is with the interogation? I've done nothing wrong!

Bo: Then why are you here?

Valeri: Oh, if my father found out about this!

Bo: Oh, and who might that be?

Valeri: Stefano DiMera!

The firemen lift more of the rubble, and lift somebody out of the rubble.

EJ: Carly!

Abe comes.

Abe: EJ, come on, you can go in the ambulance with her.

The paramedics hook her up to an IV.

Paramedic: Her blood pressure is low, but she's ok. Lets get her to the hospital.

Bo lets go of Valeri's arm.

Bo: Well then, it doesnt suprise me anymore that your here!

Valeri: What! I had nothing to do with this! I had a little tip for you, but you can forget it!

Bo: Oh really, and what was that?

Valeri: My cousin, Andre was here, and practically admitted that he did this.

Bo: Where did he go?

Valeri: How the hell am I supposed to know?

Bo: I'm going to the DiMera mansion, is that where your going?

Valeri: Give me a ride.

They leave.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Bo is in the living room of the DiMera mansion.

Bo: Where the hell is my wife?

Eric bumps into somebody in the hospital parking lot.

Eric: Andre!

Sami is with Andre in the hospital parking lot.

Andre: You better leave my dear, or there will be hell to pay.

Sami takes out a gun.

Sami: Tell me where my mother is!


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