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Episode #105 - Friday, May 5th:



Episode #105 - Friday, May 5th:

- Shawn and Mimi discuss their wedding, their relationship, and how he left her at the altar when Laura Horton revealed that Claire was really his and how Mimi has known all along.

- Abby tells Max that she’s sick of him toying with her. His words say one thing, but when they’re together, she can see he still loves her….she says. She says that she is sick of his games.

- Carrie continues to tell Austin that they will not be together because he chose not to believe her.

- Max recalls how Abby was shot at the Valentine’s Day dance and how he fears his past is responsible. He speculates that the people in his past would never hurt Cassie because she used to be a Dimera, and they would never cross the Dimera’s.

- Jack recalls how Stefano was responsible for Abby’s shooting because he would not kill Shawn Sr. for him.

- Ivy and Max bump into each other again and recall how the Cranes were his first sponsor when he was trying to get his start as a racecar driver. He tells Ivy that he will always be grateful to them. She asks him if he ever made a clean break away from Avalon. Max drops his drink.

- Mimi joins Rex at Salem Place. They have a romantic date.

- Max tells Ivy that he hasn’t heard the name Avalon or said it aloud in ages. Ivy tells Max that she protected him before and she can do it again. Max says that he is old enough to deal with Avalon now, if the time comes.

- Lucas continues to comfort Sami over Austin, and he almost confesses his feelings for her.

- Rex and Mimi share a kiss before the evening ends.

- The morning of the wedding arrives.

- Lucas and Sami continue to worry about will and hope that one day he will come home to them.

- Meanwhile, Will (re-casted with Taylor Handley) appears on the streets of Boston. Will is dressed in rags. He has dirt on his face. He is homeless and hungry. He enters an abandoned warehouse. He meets up with his friend. He and his friend begin talking about why they’ve run away from home. Will talks about how he has a bad home life, but that’s not really why he has run away. When his friend probes further, Will tells him that he is unsure how to talk to his parents about something and how he can’t keep living that way. Will tells his friend that he is gay!

- Roman gathers Anna, Carrie, Sami, Bo, Hope, Shawn, Max, Shawn Sr., Zach, J.T., Cassie, Rex, and Caroline at the pub. The awkwardness between Carrie and Sami, Bo and Hope does not go unnoticed. Everyone wonders what Roman is doing. Shawn Sr. and Caroline tell him they have to get to the church. Suddenly, Roman’s surprise walks in - Shawn and Caroline’s daughters, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Kimberly Brady (Pasty Pease)!

- At the church on the morning of the wedding, Bonnie talks on the phone with Mimi. They discuss Tony’s murder. Melissa overhears and is shocked to learn that Bonnie is a murderer!


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