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Episode #104 - Thursday, May 4:



Episode #104 - Thursday, May 4:

- Max and Shawn see Abby and Belle, but they remember Celeste's prediction and decide not to.

- Stefano gathers Tek and Cassie and tells them that he has big plans for Shawn and Caroline's re-newal ceremony.

- Lucas brings Sami back to his apartment and helps her clean herself up.

- Celeste has nightmares about who will die at the Ides of May.

- Carrie tells Austin that she'll never forgive him for not believing her over Sami.

- Mimi prepares for her date with Rex.

- Cassie tells Stefano that she's become close with the Brady's since they all still think she's Roman and Kate's child.

- Jack, Roman, and Abe decide to up the ante to find Tony's killer. Little do Abe and Roman know that Jack has personal motives for doing so - his blackmail orders from Stefano!

- Max and Abby get stuck on the roof together.

- Sami tells Lucas that no matter what happens in her life that she can always turn to him.

- Stefano tells Cassie to bite her tongue and says that has no choice, but to do as he says. He tells her as Tony's daughter, it is her family obligation.

- Mimi bumps into Shawn on her way to her date with Rex. They look at each other in awkwardness. Meanwhile, Rex awaits Mimi for their date.

- Austin tells Carrie that he loves her and wants to raise their son or daughter together. Carrie tells Austin that they will raise their child together, but not as husband and wife.

- Stefano tells Tek and Cassie to go to the wedding on May 15th and await orders. Cassie is hesitant. Tek is ready to wage war on Salem.


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