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Episode #103 - Wednesday, May 3:



Episode #103 - Wednesday, May 3:

- Max and Shawn agree that if they get out of the elevator, then they need to tell Abby and Belle how they feel.

- Austin asks Carrie if what Sami said is true - if she's pregnant.

- Celeste tells Bonnie, Mickey, Shawn, and Caroline that disaster will strike at their wedding.

- Rex finally finds Mimi.

- Stefano tells Tek that he wants Abe out of Lexie's life forever. They recall how Stefano has hired Tek to come to Salem and seduce Lexie away from him.

- Bonnie and Shawn decide to move ahead with the wedding even though Caroline and Mickey are nervous.

- Carrie tells Austin that she is indeed pregnant.

- Max and Shawn confess they don't truly love Jan and Cassie, respectively.

- Rex asks Mimi if she'll go on a date with him.

- Sami tells Austin that Carrie is just as capable of lying to him as she is because Carrie's been lying about her pregnancy.

- Melissa fears for her father, Mickey, and his future with Bonnie.

- Roman can't believe that Sami would continue to hurt her sister like this.

- Abe still refuses to forgive Lexie for sleeping with Tek.

- Stefano contacts Jack and asks him how the search is going for Tony's killer.

- Lucas is left to comfort a heartbroken Sami.

- When Max and Shawn get off of the elevator, Celeste tells them that whatever they decided on in the elevator, they can't do or disaster will strike!

- Carrie runs away from Austin. Austin tells her that this is great news and that he wants to be with her and thier baby.

- Mimi agrees to go on a date with Rex.

- Carrie tells Austin that he did not believe her when she said Sami was the one responsible for Nicole leaving town. She says she's never felt so hurt and betrayed. She says she can't believe Austin did not believe in her. She tells Austin that they can never be together.

- Stefano says that if Jack does not find Tony's killer soon then he is going to order Jack to kill Shawn Sr. again!

- Celeste has a horrible vision that two people will die during the Ides of May.


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