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Rumors of Their Deaths Are Greatly Exaggerated!

When the BLOG revealed that 8 characters will be leaving the show this May, the writer began getting guesses and questions about who could be among them. "I think people were intrigued all along, but when they heard about the supercouple is when things really took off, and people really want to know who it is. And now, it's just become a huge guessing game because people are trying to see who they think is being written off and trying to plug them into the ways we've said people are being written out."...says the headwriter.

"I've gotten a lot of guesses as to who is leaving. But, ironically, no one has gotten any correct, yet!"...jokes the writer. "There are a lot of Cassie guesses. And as for the supercouple, a lot of John and Marlena guesses. I would hate to say ANYTHING and ruin the suspense...but rumors of their deaths, if you will, are greatly exaggerated!"

IPB ImageIPB Image

"I am a big Cassie and Alexis Thorpe fan, and I can promise she won't be going anywhere. But there will be a H U G E change in her storyline this May. In fact, she'll be moving into a new storyline very soon. And as for John and Marlena, they are not going anywhere. They are in a storyline right now that I don't think any other show has done before - giving both halves of a supercouple amnesia, simultaneously, and having them slowly finding their way back to each other. If it's happened before, I'm definitely not aware. But they won't be going anywhere either. They will be back by the end of May and just in time for a whole new story....without Stefano!"


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