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Episode #106 - Monday, May 8th:



Episode #106 - Monday, May 8th:

- Roman, Anna, Carrie, Sami, Bo, Hope, Shawn, Max, Shawn Sr., Zach, J.T., Cassie, Rex, and Caroline catch up on old times with Kayla and Kimberly!

- Mickey gears up to be a groom once again, but he fondly remembers Maggie, who regains consciousness in an abandoned cabin.

- Celeste tells Abby that she is going to find love very shortly.

- Amnesiacs, John and Marlena, continue to wonder if they are lovers or enemies or none of the above.

- Abe and Lexie get into a bitter fight over who gets custody of Theo.

- Celeste tells Abby that she and Max will be together within a few days.

- Melissa hears Bonnie confess on the phone that she’s a killer and killed Tony Dimera. Melissa does not know that Bonnie is talking to her daughter, Mimi, who already knows.

- John and Marlena get glimpses of images of them being intimate. They begin to remember the same memories.

- Kayla and Kimberly explain that the kids are good, and they’re both very happy living in London together with their families. They are happy to see that Anna and Roman seem to be getting back together.

- Ivy tells Celeste that all secrets come out eventually so she needs to confess now and save herself the pain and heartache.

- Tek vows to steal Lexie from Abe via his orders from Stefano.

- Melissa confronts Bonnie. She tells Bonnie that she’s never going to let Bonnie marry her father, Mickey!

- Ivy tells Kate that she will get revenge on her for her sleeping with her husband, Julian, all of those years ago.

- Celeste tells Abe that she and Tek never slept together. She confesses to Abe that she drugged Tek with sleeping pills and wanted him to think that so she could blackmail him into leaving town.

- Kayla and Kimberly explain to Sami and Carrie that they wish they got along better. They explain that there were times they didn’t get along, but in the end, few things in life can match the relationship sisters have.

- Cassie realizes that she’s fallen in love with the Brady’s and cannot carry out Stefano’s plan to destroy them.

- Tek pulls Lexie into a kiss. She tries to push him away, but he continues to kiss her.

- Abe tells Celeste that he will keep her secret because he believes Tek is up to no good and Lexie would be safer if she stays away from him.

- Melissa begins to run out of the church. Bonnie chases after her.

- Kayla and Kimberly are upset to see Bo and Hope like this, but they explain that it might be for the best since they are both finding love with other people.

- Lexie manages to force Tek off of her. She tells him if he ever comes near her again, then she’ll kill him. She tells him that Abe might be out of her life for her foolish actions, but she’ll never be with him or forgive him for sleeping with her mother or ruining her marriage.

- John and Marlena cannot remember how they know each other, but they begin to make wild and passionate love with one another.

- Bonnie finds Melissa in the foyer of the church. They begin to catfight.

- While all the Brady’s are gathered in the pub catching up on old times with Kimberly and Kayla, Frankie (Billy Warlock) returns after a four-month long absence! All of the Brady’s rejoice as they are all reunited. Shawn and Caroline tear up at the sight of all of their children - Roman, Kimberly, Kayla, Bo, Frankie, and Max together again on one side of the pub, while their grandchildren, Sami, Carrie, Shawn, Zach, J.T., Cassie, and Rex are together on the other end. Celeste enters and silently predicts that death will rock the Brady’s to their core.


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