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Episode #101 - Monday, May 1:



Episode #101 - Monday, May 1:

- Liam consoles Hope over her fight with Bo. Billie does the same to Bo.

- Austin is furious with Sami and lets her have it for lying to him....again.

- Mimi is horrified as she realizes that her mother has killed Tony.

- Mickey and Bonnie announce their engagement while Caroline and Shawn make plans for their wedding vow renewal ceremony.

- Liam and Hope share a romantic kiss while he helps her grieve her marriage. Bo and Billie share a passionate one as he confesses he loves Hope and wants to work it out, but he says he is falling for Billie again, and it scares him.

- Rex decides to tell Mimi how he feels.

- Jan consoles Shawn over his parents, and they bond, genuinely. The sight of it makes Belle angry and upset.

- Carrie, Anna, Roman, and Nicole all lay into Sami. Nicole explains how Anna gave her back the blackmail material Sami had on her, so Nicole could now expose her.

- Lucas thinks that now he can have a chance with Sami.

- Bonnie invites herself into having her wedding to Mickey with Caroline and Shawn!

- Kate can see the jealousy in Victor's eyes over Caroline and Shawn, and it upsets her.

- Carrie and Sami get into a shocking catfight as Carrie punches and slaps her sister.

- Hope and Bo both pull away from their prospective partners. They call each other and decide to meet and talk things out. Liam and Billie both separately hope their paramours will return to them.

- Victor and Kate fight even further when she refuses to talk to him about what Ivy has on her.

- Sami begs Austin for another chance. He refuses. Sami drops down on her knees. Austin calls her pathetic.

- Bonnie and Mickey announce they'll be getting married alongside Victor and Caroline's renewal ceremony! Mimi grabs Bonnie and tells her that she knows she killed Tony!


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