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Episode #102 - Tuesday, May 2:



Episode #102 - Tuesday, May 2:

- Bonnie tries to convince Mimi that she didn't kill Tony.

- Mickey, Shawn, and Caroline finalize their wedding for May 15th.

- Austin, Carrie, Roman, Anna, and Nicole continue to chew out Sami!

- Max and Shawn end up getting stuck in an elevator together.

- Mimi tells Bonnie that she's found the scrapbook of Tony's murder, and she knows she did it!

- Austin is so glad that he did not make love to Sami. The thought sickens him.

- Bonnie confesses to Mimi.

- Celeste tells Abe about the Ides of March which means the middle of March, usually the 13th, 14th, and 15th or March... around the time Julius Caesar was murdered...he was told to fear the Ides of March. Abe asks why she is telling him this.

- Nicole and Sami catfight once again, and Roman and Lucas tear them off of each other.

- Max and Shawn open up to each other about Abby and Belle, and how they are both in love with beautiful blondes, but they can't atell them how they feel because they are with others.

- Bonnie explains the deep pain and grief she felt when Patrick was murdered by him and how Tony bragged and goaded her when she confronted him in his hospital room.

- Carrie tells Sami that she feels sorry for Will and says that Will is better off on the run.

- Max and Shawn realize that they need to tell Belle and Abby the truth.

- Mimi and Bonnie are moved to tears s they remember Patrick and his murder at Tony's hands. Mimi agrees to keep Bonnie's secret!

- Sami tells Carrie that she isn't going to be a great mother either. Carrie is shocked. Sami tells Carrie that she knows that she's pregnant and has kept it from Austin! Austin, Anna, and Roman are taken aback. Carrie shakes her head in disgust at Sami, but she has a slight smile on her face like she can't believe how low Sami stoops every time....she then knocks Sami out.

- Celeste tells Abe that she sees a lot of death happening in Salem in May. She says she was told by the Grim Reaper to Beware of the Ides of May! Meanwhile, Shawn and Caroline, Mickey and Bonnie set their double wedding/vow renewal for May 15th! Celeste shrieks in horror!


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