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- Bonnie and Mickey have a romantic night.

- Ivy and Max bond further. They discuss how they've both found love now. Ivy wishes him the best and tells him that he's always been like another son to her. But she fears for his safety. She says that his past has come back to get him and is probably responsible for Abby being shot. She wishes him the best of luck and gives him a motherly peck on his head.

- Sami and Austin share a romantic night in Sami's apartment.

- Bo and Billie arrive at Alice's and enter the house to see J.T. and Zach. They find that Hope is there with Alice, Mickey, Jennifer, Shawn, Jan, Claire, Trey, Liam, and Mason. Bo and Billie are confused and ask who the baby is and who Mason and Liam are. Hope is disgusted to see Bo and Billie together. Shawn is, as well.

- Carrie is worried about her pregnancy and her future with Austin, if she even has one. Meanwhile, Sami and Austin share a romantic dinner, have champagne, and begin to kiss.

- Shawn tells Bo and Billie that he and Jan are married, and the baby is their son, Shawn Brady the Third A.K.A. Trey. Bo is shocked. Hope tells Bo she just found out herself, and she demands some type of explanation. Mickey, Jen, and Alice leave them alone to deal with their family issues.. Shawn explains that Jan returned to town with medical proof of her brain tumor which caused her to do all of those terrible things and DNA/Paternity tests that proved he was the baby's father. He says that a good Horton family friend, a friend of Tom's, confirmed Jan's news, and Lexie did too when she ran new tests. Hope and Bo bond with their new grand-son, Trey. Shawn asks again who Mason and Liam are. Bo wonders the same thing.

- Bonnie fears that someone will discover that she killed Tony. Meanwhile, Mickey tells Bonnie that he has a surprise for her.

- Kate and Ivy come face to face on the docks. Ivy tells Kate that Victor is not there to save her the way he did at Titan earlier that day. Kate tells Ivy to bring it on. Both women throw off their furcoats and run at each other. They grab each other's hair and tangle each other and beat each other. They both fall off the dock's into a boat. The boat moves back and forth as they stand and continue slapping and hitting each other. Kate picks up an oar and hits Ivy with it. Ivy falls into the water. Kate sits in the boat trying to catch her breath as she feels like she has finally gotten the chance to, but Ivy springs up from the water and throws her arms around Kate and drags her into the water. They begin to try and down each other.

- Anna and Lucas tell Carrie to find Austin and Sami and bring them to Lucas' apartment where she is staying. They say its urgent. Carrie bursts into Sami's apartment, assuming Lucas and Anna's news has something to do with Will. Carrie finds that Austin and Sami are not there. Instead, they have relocated to the roof where Austin has set-up a romantic scene for them to make love. Lucas and Anna arrive and are panicked when Carrie tells them she can't find Austin and Sami and that there apartment has a romantic dinner for two in it.

- Hope asks Bo if he and Billie are back together. Bo says that it is complicated, but when she (Hope) saw Bo and Billie almost kiss and she left town saying she wanted a divorce that he and Billie went on a search for the real Georgia and have fallen for each other again. Hope is disgusted. Hope tells Bo that she's found the man from her missing years...she introduces Liam as the man she married when she posed as Gina. Bo is angered. Billie is shocked. Shawn is devastated.

- Austin and Sami start to make love, but before they can, Anna, Lucas, and Carrie burst onto the roof! Sami and Austin get dressed and demand to know what is going on. Carrie approaches Sami and coldcocks her. Austin demands to know the meaning of this. Sami slaps her back, but Anna grabs Sami's hand. Anna tells Sami that her days of terrorizing her daughter, Carrie, are OVER!

- Kate and Ivy eventually end up on the docks again. Both exhausted, they begin verbally harrassing each other. Kate tells Ivy that she has every right to hate her, but she begs that Ivy not reveal her biggest secret. Kate tells Ivy that she'll do anything.

- Mimi is going through someone of Bonnie's things. She finds a scrapbook of the headlines dealing with Patrick's death....and Tony's murder. Mimi puts two and two together and realizes Bonnie killed Tony!

- Mickey proposes to Bonnie! And she accepts!

- Hope then introduces Mason as her teenage son whom she had with Liam and gave birth to during those years. Bo is even more angered while Shawn's shock turns to anger. Shawn lashes out at Liam, Mason, and Billie, claiming that his parents will be together no matter what. Jan comforts Shawn. Bo accuses Liam of being a fraud hired by the Dimera's. Hope says she fell while horseback riding and remembers everything. It's all true!

- Ivy tells Kate that she is a dirty whore! She tells Kate that she can't believe that she once called her a friend. Ivy reveals her shocking connection to Kate. Ivy tells Kate that she will never forgive her for being the first woman ever to be husband, Julian's, mistress. Ivy blames Kate as being one of the main reasons her children grew up in a home with a loveless marriage. She slaps Kate once more. She tells Kate that she will expose her biggest secret EVER to everyone in Salem and that there's nothing she can do about it. Kate is horrified. She begs and pleads with Ivy and begs Ivy not to tell her children her shocking and dirty secret that NO ONE knows.

- Roman arrives onto the scene and demands to know why Anna has her hands on Sami. He tells her that he can't have another romantic relationship with someone who hates his daughter like Kate did. Anna says that she has proof that Sami is a lying bitch! Nicole enters the roof. She calls Sami a blackmailing whore. Sami's mouth opens. Lucas, Anna, Carrie, and Nicole stand at the door as Sami backs further and further away from it. Roman knows exactly what this means...as does Austin, whose mouth also falls open.

- Hope tells Bo that she won't be able to forgive Bo for turning to Billie again. Bo says that it was all based on the fact that Hope lied to him for months about the secret Tony told her on his deathbed...that she had a husband during her years as Gina! He says she then ran off after catching him in a compromising position with Billie without waiting for explanation. Shawn can't stand to see his parents fight. He runs off. Jan follows and brings Trey and Claire with her. Hope tells Bo that she can never look at Bo the same way again knowing he's fallen for Billie again. He says it's complicated and that he and Billie have to find their real daughter. Hope tells Bo that she wants to explore her love for and life with Liam and Mason. Bo is angered and hurt. Hope asks Bo to leave and leave J.T. and Zach with her. Bo regretfully leaves. Bo is devastated and falls to the ground outside the Horton's. Billie comforts a crying Bo, while Liam and Mason console Hope.


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Wow pretty dramatic KR.

Loved it. I am into Kate/Ivy

and the Bope stuff. I am loving

the Bonnie murder story too.

Great special today!!

I can't wait for my return to

fan fic Monday. I think everyone

is going to enjoy it more and be

truly shocked!!!

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