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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Joelle is on the phone with Joey, telling him to be sure to call if he is coming home late. There is a knock at the door. Joelle checks before answering to make sure it's not Lucas. She learns it's Patricia and answers it. Patricia bursts into the room and demands to know why Joelle did not undergo the rape exam and why she never told her about it. Joelle says she just panicked. Patricia asks why she would panic...unless she has something to hide. Joelle is silent.

Patricia loses it and grabs Joelle by the arm, telling her not to insult her intelligence. She demands to know if Lucas really raped Joelle. She tells Joelle there are other ways of getting revenge without making false accusations that will get both of them in trouble. Patricia reminds Joelle that her career is on the line and this isn't helping and also says that many woman go through the traumatic experience of being raped and if she is lying about this she is insulting every single one of those women. Joelle says she isn't lying. She's just scared because she doesn't like people investigating her body.

Patricia reminds her that the exam is the key piece of evidence and, without it, they have nothing. Joelle finally relents and says she will take the test. Patricia says she will drive her and will stay there this time until she undergoes the exam. Joelle nods and goes to get her coat. After Joelle leaves, Patricia prays that Joelle isn't lying. The scene then shifts to...


Alice and Julie arrive and marvel at how great the lounge looks. Abby and Stephanie are there and Julie thanks both girls for their hard work getting ready for Maggie's party. Alice says that guests should be arriving soon and so will the other surprises. Abby's phone then rings and she goes to answer it. It's Jack, calling from an airport in Switzerland. Abby tells him what is going on in Salem with Victor and Maggie's bachelor and bachelorette parties being tonight and Jack tells her to tell them he is sorry he won't be home in time and then says that is why he is calling.

Abby asks if everything is alright. Jack fills her in on the breakthrough him and Alex had and then tells Abby that there is a nasty snowstorm and him and Alex may not make it home in time for Christmas. Abby is stunned. Jack tells her it's not clear when the storm will let up and when everything will be cleaned up. Jack apologizes. Abby is heartbroken and tells Jack he should've never went. Jack tells Abby he had to. Alex is his son. Abby reminds him he has a daughter and son in Salem too that need him for Christmas. Jack says he is really sorry and tells her they will have to pray for a miracle. It is the season afterall. He then tells her he loves her and Merry Christmas, in case he doesn't see her. He says Alex says the same and to give JJ a kiss for him.

Abby says Merry Christmas to him too and to be careful. They then hang up. Alex asks Jack how she took it. Jack says not well and tells Alex there is nothing they can do now but hope for a little Christmas magic. Meanwhile, back in Salem, Stephanie sees Abby is upset and asks what is wrong. Abby fills her in and Stephanie comforts her and says she is sorry. She tells her that her and JJ still have her and her parents. Abby smiles and says it's not the same. The scene then shifts to...


Nicole picks herself up and lunges for Carrie but Bo and Steve stop her. She tells Carrie she will regret that. Alyson arrives and wonders what is going on. Carrie tells Nicole she will regret it if she goes anywhere near Evan. Nicole throws Bo and Steve off her and then takes off. Alyson walks up to Carrie and introduces herself. Carrie does the same. Alyson says she has heard so much about her and likes her already. She adds that anyone that takes on Nicole like that is a friend of hers. Caroline fills Carrie in on who Alyson is as Kayla tells Steve they have to be getting to Victor and Maggie's parties. Bo and Hope look at the time and say the same thing.

Marlena says she isn't going and Roman says the same. Lucas and Will ditto that. Alyson walks in with Carrie and Caroline and says she would be willing to stay with Sami. Her mother has made no progress anyway and they all deserve a break. Plus, she doesn't really know many who would be at the party anyway. Lucas isn't so sure but Alyson convinces him and the others to go and enjoy. Alyson goes and sits by Sami and insists. Lucas, Roman, and Marlena thank her.

Meanwhile, Hope catches up to Carrie outside and asks if she can have a word with her. They go off to a corner and Hope tells Carrie she wanted to warn her about Nicole but it looks like she has that under control. Carrie tells Hope that Nicole doesn't scare her. Hope nods. Carrie asks Hope why she felt the need to warn her, saying she is already aware of Nicole and the threat she poses. Hope says she just felt the need since she was the one who called her to return. Hope tells Carrie she will see her at the party and walks off. Carrie wonders what that was about, noting Hope was acting strange and seemed to have something on her mind. As she walks off, the scene shifts to...

The hospital lobby as Bo tells Hope he will go get the car. Nicole then races up to her, causing her to jump. Nicole warns Hope to get a move on or her perfect little life comes crashing down. Hope tells Nicole she convinced Carrie to come back with Evan and Steve is working on Alyson. They are doing their best. Nicole says that isn't good enough and says she has a week to make the proper progress, to which she will be the judge of. She tells Hope to pass the message to Steve. Nicole reminds her she is always watching and walks off as an unnerved Hope watches and the scene shifts to...

An exam room, where Joelle has just finished undergoing the rape exam. Patricia comes into the room and asks how it went. Joelle says it was fine. Patricia reminds Joelle she mentioned something in the car about Lucas coming over her place last night and that he had threatened her. Joelle nods and says that was part of the reason why she was scared to further implicate him. Patricia tells Joelle she will be filing a restraining order and getting her and her son guard protection. She promises her that everything is going to be alright and that Lucas Horton is going down. The scene shifts to...


Lexie comes downstairs and sees Stefano teaching Cassie how to play chess. Lexie says that she is going to Maggie's party. Stefano admits he is shocked that she was invited. Lexie tells Stefano the Brady's and Horton's are very forgiving people and recognize she is just as much a victim at times as them. Stefano asks what that means. Lexie says it's nothing and asks Cassie if she is going. Cassie says she is staying with Stefano as her time is better spent with him then with those people. Lexie reminds her that some of those people are family to her. Cassie ignores her. Lexie tells them to have a good night and leaves as Stefano smiles at Cassie. Cassie asks what he is smiling at. Stefano tells her she makes him more and more proud by the day. Cassie smiles as the scene shifts to...


Max, Philip, Frankie, Nico, Hawk, Bo, Roman, Steve, Abe, Lucas, and Will all sit around in the living room, waiting for Victor's arrival to surprise him. Tony arrives with Doug as Henderson shows them in. Bo asks Philip where Victor went. Philip says he was handling some business errands. Henderson then announces that Mr. Kiriakis is home. The men get into position. Soon after, Victor enters the house and walks into the living room and is shocked to see them all there. Bo says they would've yelled surprise but didn't want to give him a heart attack. Victor sarcastically says that's funny and asks what the meaning of this is. Philip says it's a bachelor party.

Victor thinks he's too old for that but Bo thinks a man is never too old and says they have food and drinks and everything else they need. Henderson is taking care of everything. Bo then says they have another little surprise for him and tells Victor to turn around. Just then, Justin walks in and an overjoyed Victor embraces his nephew, saying long time, no see. Justin tells his uncle it's good to see him as the scene then shifts to...


Caroline comes in wheeling Greta, who has been released from the hospital. Everyone greets her warmly as Billie arrives and sees Kate, asking what she is doing there. Kate says she was invited. Billie is shocked. Kate reminds Billie the Horton's can be forgiving and Lucas is her son, afterall. Kate asks if she has the DNA test results back. Billie tells her they won't be in until after Christmas sometime. Kate warns her not to get her hopes up. Billie says she is confident it will be a positive result and sarcastically thanks her for her optimism and walks off as Kate watches.

Meanwhile, Stephanie and Abby are bring some food out when she asks if she has talked to Max lately. Abby shakes her head, saying not at all really since Vegas. Stephanie thinks she should talk to him. Abby asks if he told her to say that. Stephanie shakes her head and tells Abby she needs to stop being a selfish brat and to think about Max. He has suffered enough and deserves to at least have a talk with her to see where things stand. Abby says he deserves nothing after what he did to her. A frustrated Stephanie asks if Abby plans to hold that against him forever. Abby says she has had enough of this and walks off.

Abby walks by Billie, who says hi to her. Abby gives her a cold stare and walks off as a saddened Billie walks off. Celeste walks in and sees Lexie, saying she is shocked to see her. Lexie coldly walks off. Kayla, Hope, Carrie, Marlena, and Belle join the party and Julie then races in and says Maggie is coming. They all get into their places. Maggie walks in, wondering why Julie wanted to meet there. The women all yell out "SURPRISE!!!" and a shocked Maggie bursts into joyous tears as she is greeted by everyone. Alice says they have another surprise and tells Julie to bring them in. Laura, Melissa, and Sarah all come out and greet Maggie, who is overjoyed. Other family and friends soon come over to greet them as Adrienne walks in, asking where her welcoming committee is.

Everyone is shocked to see and races over to greet her as well as Kayla pushes in to give the first hug. Anna then arrives and apologizes to Julie for being late. She hands her the present she brought and looks up and is shocked to see Carrie. She slowly walks over to her as Carrie turns around. Tears well up in Anna's eyes as she asks Carrie when she come back to town. Carrie tells her a few hours ago and says she isn't in the mood to talk, especially with her. She then excuses herself as Anna struggles not to fall apart right there.

Lexie comes over and asks if she is alright. Anna shakes her head. Lexie embraces her and tries to comfort her as Julie yells out to all the women that it's time to get this party started. The scene then freezes on all the women talking and looking and finding seats and then fades to black.




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