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12/18/07: PARTY FEVER!






It is one hour later and Victor’s party is in full swing. Many of Victor’s friends and soldiers form his home country of Greece have arrived at the party and the liquor is flowing freely while men laugh, tell old stories, play $10,000 pool games and card games, and talk about old friendships renewed. Henderson then walks into the main room in casual wear, as Victor ordered, and is carrying a package. Victor tells him that he is off for the next week as all the men walk over to see what the package is.

Henderson hands Victor a card, which says.......

“To A Great Friend.....And A Even Greater Adversary. May Your Life Be Filled With Happiness, And Peace. Sincerely, Stefano DiMera.”

After Victor is finished reading the card, he looks at the package. He picks it up and shakes it, to which Bo remarks......

Bo: Sure it’s not ticking?

Everyone looks at each other as Abe and Roman come over and the other men stand back. Abe knows they should call the bomb squad and Roman says that it would be the best way for Stefano to wipe everyone out. Victor says for now, that is not the case, and steps up to the package and starts opening it. When Victor turns back around......

The room is empty. Everyone has left the building. Victor looks around and sees Bo’s head slowly peaking up from behind one of the couches. Roman peaks from behind a curtain and Steve opens one of the closet doors slightly. Victor sighs and says everything is fine. Stefano sent Victor a picture of the two of them after they became Made Men.

At that moment, everyone comes out of the woodwork. Victor starts laughing as he sees these grown men hiding in places he didn’t think was possible. Then he says.....

Victor: Nice to see you have my back.

Everyone breaks out in laughter as the music resumes and everything gets back to normal. Roman then looks at Abe, who is walking back toward one of the pool tables and runs over to him. He asks if he can speak with him. Abe pauses for a moment, looking at his friend, and agrees, giving his pool stick to someone else.

Both men put on their coats, grab a six-pack of the finest imported beer, and walk out onto the balcony. Roman takes one of the beers and hands it to Abe, saying.....

Roman: Can you forgive your brother......for acting like an ass?
Abe: I think so.

Abe takes the beer, opens it, and downs most of it, saying that he needs to get more of this. Roman says he’ll have Victor ship him in all that he needs. The men then sit down and Roman goes on to say how he lost his head. He never meant to say that Abe played second fiddle to him and, from the bottom of his heart, thanks Abe for doing what he tried to do. Abe nods his head and says that he hopes Roman can get his life back to normal. Roman says he’d like to start now.....

And both men stand up and hug. Abe smiles and starts laughing when he sees Roman wiping his eyes and Roman says that it just started snowing and a flake got into his eyes. Both men laugh and then Abe turns serious, saying that he wanted to wait until tomorrow to tell him this news but one of his contacts inside the D.A.’s Office told him that Patricia is going to charge him with multiple counts of murder. Roman sighs deeply, saying that he figured that. He also finds it amazing that he may face jail time after everything Orpheus and Stefano has done.

Abe agrees and says Roman better have a good lawyer. Roman says he does and hopes he doesn’t spend the holidays locked up in jail. As the men turn and walk back into the party, the scene shifts......


To the ladies’ party, where they are having a great time as well. So great a time that they don’t see the two very well-built police officers walking into the party. Hope stands up and asks if there is a problem and one of the officers says yes. When she then asks if they are too loud, the officer says they aren’t loud enough......

And the other officer pulls out a boom box and hits play as the men start stripping. The place explodes in cheers and whistles as both men dance over to Maggie and start stripping in front of her. Even Alice gets into the act, saying to one of the men....

Alice: Now, young man........I thought your job was to show us some skin. Get to work.

The women laugh as both men start working the room as Melissa, Sarah and Laura start throwing money towards them. Hope and Kayla puts dollar bills down their G-strings and Caroline, Adrienne and Lexie take pictures of the men as they dance. Billie is actually managing to have a great time, as is Marlena, and Julie remarks to Marlena that it is good to see her laugh and enjoy herself after the year she’s had.

As Marlena agrees with Celeste, Anna wants to walk over to Carrie and talk to her but every time she looks over to her, Carrie shakes her head no. Abby and Kate can feel the tension between the two and Billie completely ignores Kate for most of the evening. Greta looks at everyone having a great time.......but calls Frankie.......

Who takes a break from watching a pool game between Steve and Roman to talk to Greta. Frankie asks if the ladies are having a good time and she says just as good a time as the men are having. She then says that she misses him and he replies in kind, saying that he is thinking about her constantly. They both smile as they say their good-byes and Frankie walks back into the pool room.

Lucas is standing there watching a card game when Frankie pulls him to the side. Frankie tells Lucas that Joellle filed a restraining order against him. Lucas is actually relieved to hear this, saying that the farther he stays away from her, the better. Frankie then tells him that he just better be careful and make sure he stays away from her until the trial. As the two men rejoin the party, Bo and Roman walk over to Victor and tell him that he does know that there are male dancers over at the Salem Inn.

Victor is worried about that and then says that they need to do something about it. Steve agrees and Abe then turns around and tells all the men that it’s time to go party crashing. The men cheer as they pick up their keys and coats and everyone heads out.

Thirty minutes later, the women are sitting around drinking and laughing as the strippers put on an encore show. Marlena looks toward the window and sees Roman, Bo and Steve peaking their heads into the party. When Bo looks over and sees Marlena....he grabs Roman, who grabs Steve, and all three men disappear. Marlena halts the dancers and tells the ladies that they have guests.

Victor walks in with his entourage and says yes, the party has just gotten started. Everyone cheers as they all hug each other and music starts playing as everyone breaks off into couples and starts dancing. After twenty minutes, everyone claps as Bo gathers everyone’s attention. As Victor and Maggie stand arm in arm, he says.........

Bo: Well, it’s about time. Victor, I knew you would find happiness one day with a very special lady. She’s been a very important part of all our lives for many years and, so, to welcome Maggie into the Kiriakis family, I have something to give her.

Bo takes a gift and walks over to Maggie and tells her.......

Bo: Victor will recognize this. It is from his mother and his father gave her this on the day before they were married. I had it sent here to give to you. From what Victor tells me, his parents had a wonderful marriage and that’s what I want for you two.

Bo kisses Maggie on the cheek, saying.......

Bo: Welcome to our family.

Everyone applauds as Victor shakes Bo’s hand and Laura and Alice hug Maggie. The discussion then turns to the best man. Nico says that he is glad that Bo is standing up for Victor on his best day. Bo tells Nico.....

Bo: Well, that’s where you’re wrong. I talked it over with Victor and we both feel..........that the man who should stand up for him.....is the man who has protected him for all these years.

Victor then walks over to a confused Nico, taking out a gift for him.

Victor: Nico.......this is for the best man. Bo has one as well because he’s my son. But, he told me.....that if a man has spent the better part of his life.......saving me from death more times that I care to remember, that he should stand up with me. That man is you, my friend. Please......please say you’ll be my best man.

Nico takes the gift, which is a brand new custom-made Rolex watch, and puts it on, saying......

Nico: For you, sir........it would be my honor.

The two men hug as everyone applauds loudly. Tony then says that the liquor and music will be going all night so everyone should have a great time.........especially since he charged everything to Stefano’s Visa Gold Card. The guests laugh as Tony takes Anna into his arms and, as the music starts playing again, Tony tells her that everything will be ok with Carrie. He’ll see to it. Anna smiles as she dances in Tony’s arms........

And, as Roman dances with Marlena, he tells her that he and Abe worked some things out. She is so happy to hear that but then Roman tells her that he may end up going to prison for killing Orpheus. Marlena assures Roman that when a jury hears all the evil things he did........twenty years ago and now......that there is no way he’ll serve one day in jail. As the couple look into each other’s eyes and continue to dance.....

Bo and Hope dance near them, with Hope telling Bo how wonderful it was that he stepped aside and made Nico Victor’s best man. Bo said it was the least he could do. Nico’s a great man and has been there for Victor since they started out together. Hope tells Bo how special he truly is and all Bo can say is......

Bo: I know.

As they both laugh, the scene then switches to Victor and Maggie, who just look lovingly into each other’s eyes. The scene lingers on them for a few moments and then slowly fades out.


Shane tells Miranda by telephone that he is headed to Salem for Victor and Maggie’s wedding. He asks for an update on the search and Miranda, who is in Rio Da Janeiro, says that she has a lead on Lawrence but nothing concrete. Shane tells her to keep on it and she says she will as they hang up. As Shane grabs his luggage and heads out......


Stefano gets a phone call from a man telling him some information....

Stefano: Yes.......yes, hello. It’s good to hear your voice. Yes. And the briefcase? Hmmm......that’s what I thought. Well, Victor, Bo and everyone else are looking the other way. As far as they know, that case has disappeared and won’t turn up. Do this. Get our soldiers on this, now. The contents of that case are vital.......

And may decide the future of four families here in Salem.




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