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12/19/07: PARTY FEVER PART 2



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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In the lounge, Victor and Maggie's party continues as Steve and Adrienne hug, happy to see each other after so long. Adrienne apologizes for not returning when Steve first returned. Steve tells her he understands and that he is happy to see her now. They can play catch up. Kayla and Justin look on as Steve and Adrienne hug once more.

Meanwhile, Frankie goes back over to Lucas and tells him he has something he has to do but he will be in touch. He also says he has more news for him. Joelle had the rape exam. Lucas lets out a deep sigh and says he knows he is innocent, even if he can't remember what happened. Frankie says he will do his best to help. Lucas says he knows and thanks Frankie.

Roman and Marlena, Bo and Hope, and Victor and Maggie dance. Steve then takes Kayla for a spin on the dance floor. Abby looks on as Stephanie approaches her and says it's so wonderful to see so much love. Abby nods in agreement. Stephanie says she wants that some day. Abby agrees, saying it's really what every person wants. Stephanie tells Abby she may be able to have it with Max. He may be the one and, if she doesn't do something, she may regret it. An annoyed Abby tells Stephanie to lay off and walks off.

In the lobby, Frankie finds Max sitting on a bench and asks what he is doing. Max says that he doesn't want to be around Abby and can't leave because he is helping out with the party supplies. Frankie asks how things are going between them. Max shakes his head, telling Frankie he poured his heart out to her in Vegas and she acted like it didn't matter. He tells Frankie he thinks it's time to just move on. Frankie tells him he has to do what he has to do. Max nods, saying it is what he has to do. Abby made it clear she wants nothing more to do with him. They're through.

Back inside the lounge, Abby's cell rings. It's Forrest, who says he is in Rio Da Janeiro with Miranda and and says they have a lead on Lawrence but nothing yet. He says he probably won't be home for Christmas so, while he had the chance, he just wanted to wish her Merry Christmas. Abby thanks him and wishes him luck. She says he isn't the only one not there for Christmas and tells him about Jack and Alex being stuck in Switzerland. Forrest reminds Abby that Jack loves her and says he is sure he is doing everything he can to get home. Abby nods and says she knows but that won't make it better for her or JJ. The scene then shifts to...


Jack and Alex are at the airport, sitting and waiting. Jack admits he feels so helpless right now. Alex tells him not to feel bad and admits he feels this is his fault. He should've just went alone. Jack reminds Alex that he wanted to go and would've went no matter what. Jack tells Alex he is happy he did as they had a breakthrough. Alex agrees that's true but Abby and JJ will suffer now. Jack slouches back in his chair and says they just need to hope for a lucky break...or a miracle. The scene then shifts to...


Stefano is now playing opera music and sits on the couch with Cassie as they both sip Brandy. Cassie says she is really enjoying spending time with him, playing chess, and listening to the music he so enjoys. Stefano smiles and says it seems they have similar tastes and she never realized it. Cassie laughs and says yes, surprisingly. Stefano looks at her with glee and says she has what it takes to be a true Dimera and everything he could ever hope for in a granddaughter, or daughter, for that matter.

Cassie smiles and tells Stefano all she wants is to please him and make him proud. Stefano gently touches her face and says she already is and he has full confidence she will continue to do so. They both smile at each other and then sit back and listen to the music as the scene shifts to...


Frankie goes over to Greta and tells her he has a surprise for her. Greta wonders what it is. He begins to wheel her as she asks him to take her around to say her goodbyes first.

Meanwhile, Stephanie walks over to Laura, who is talking to Doug and Julie. She excuses herself and asks to speak with Laura. Laura agrees. Stephanie tells Laura she needs a favor involving Abby.

Kate approaches Billie at her table and says she wants to apologize for before. She just doesn't want her to get her hopes up. Billie tells Kate to just not say anything at all. Kate agrees, reluctantly, and then asks why Miranda can't speed up the results with her ISA contacts. Billie tells Kate that Miranda is out of town on ISA business and that she will be informed when the results are in. Kate asks Billie if she will be calling her to be there when the results are in. Billie looks at her with frustration and says she is heading home. She then bids her goodnight as Kate looks on, clearly disappointed in how things went.

Anna sees Carrie putting her coat on and races over, asking if she is leaving. Carrie says that Roman, Marlena, Lucas, and Will are headed back to the hospital and she wants to go too. Anna begs Carrie to at least sit down and talk to her, especially with Christmas Eve tomorrow. Carrie tells Anna she still doesn't get it. It's too late for her to act like a real mother. She missed her chance to be one to her and now she needs to live with it. Carrie walks off as Anna breaks down. Tony sees what is happening and races over, taking Anna in his arms and trying to comfort her.

Belle is getting her coat and getting ready to go to see Sami too when Philip approaches her, asking if she is leaving already. Belle says she is going back to the hospital with her family. He asks if she had a good time tonight, to which Belle says she did. Philip says he wanted to know if Belle would be dropping by the house with Claire. He has some presents for her and was hoping she would let him spent time with her. Belle tells him it depends on how much time she has, given the circumstances.

Philip, who is clearly upset, says he understands and begins to walk off when Belle stops him. Belle tells him he needs to stop trying so hard. Philip says he thought he wasn't trying hard enough but nothing is ever good enough it seems. Philip walks off as Belle thinks about Philip's words.

Laura goes over to talk to Abby and says she is sorry she hasn't talked to her much during the party. She asks how she is doing. Abby says terrible. Laura admits she knows about Jack and tells Abby it's not his fault. Abby says she knows. Laura asks how everything else is. Abby then snaps and asks if Stephanie asked her to come over and work on her too. Before Laura can answer, Abby answers her own question and says she knows the answer already. She tells Laura she isn't changing her mind. She wants nothing to do with Max.

Stephanie them comes over and tells Abby to stop acting like a brat who never made a mistake in her life. No one is perfect and she should know considering all the stuff her and Chelsea did a year ago that led to her paralysis. Abby looks at both Laura and Stephanie, contemplating Stephanie's words. She then turns and walks off as Stephanie and Laura look at each other, wondering if Abby finally got the message. The scene then shifts to...


Alyson is in Sami's room, sitting by her side when a nurse comes in, saying she has to check on a few things. Alyson says it's no problem and opts to take the opportunity to check on her mother. She tells the nurse to tell anyone that shows up where she is.

Later, Alyson arrives outside Jean's room. A nurse walks up with baby Sam, telling Alyson the child care room closed hours ago and she can't keep him any longer. Alyson looks at her watch and realizes it's midnight and now officially Christmas Eve. She apologizes, saying she lost track of time. the nurse says she knows she was with Samantha Brady and doing a good thing. It's ok. Alyson thanks the nurse as she leaves. Alyson looks in the room, wishing they could get a miracle. Alyson then asks Sam if he wants to go in and see grandma.

Alyson walks into the room with Sam and goes and sits by Jean. Sam reaches out and unintentionally touches Jean's hand. Alyson smiles through her tears, saying Sam is being a good boy reaching out for grandma and holding her hand. Just then, Jean's hand closes around Sam's. Alyson sees this and is stunned. She then sees Jean's eyes beginning to flutter open and pages a doctor. Rich comes in and sees Jean's eyes beginning to open. He is stunned and examines her and her vitals.

Alyson asks if her mother is ok. Rich tells her that her mother is back. Alyson smiles, saying they got their miracle. She then embraces her mother in tears. Jean whispers to her she loves her. Alyson says the same as her, Sam, and Jean hold each other and the scene shifts to...


Frankie wheels a blindfolded Greta to a gazebo that has a candlelit dinner all set up with champagne and twinkling lights decorating the gazebo. He takes the blindfold off and Greta is pleasantly surprised. She asks how he did this. He says he has his ways and adds he also has her favorite ice cream too. Greta thinks that eating ice cream is becoming their special thing. They both laugh. He says he hopes she isn't too cold for it or too stuffed from the party. Greta smiles and says not at all.

We then see a montage of Frankie popping open the champagne bottle and them both toasting, them both eating dinner in the gazebo, laughing and enjoying each other's company. We then see Frankie and Greta eating ice cream and her flinging some at him, starting a ice cream fight that ends with her in his arms and a moment where they nearly kiss. Frankie then asks if he can have this dance, if she is up for it. Greta nods and he helps her up and helps her stay on her feet as they dance under the gazebo. They both begin to get lose in each other's eyes as they dance, with everything else becoming oblivious to them. The scene then shifts back to...


Maggie and Victor thank everyone for coming and announce they both hope to see everyone at their wedding. They both kiss, causing everyone in the room to clap. Melissa, Sarah, Alice, Doug, and Julie then approach them after their announcement as Hope walks over to Steve, who is helping to clean up. She whispers to him about what happened between Nicole and Carrie at the hospital earlier and Nicole's warning to him and her. She asks what they should do. Steve says they just need to act like they are making an effort for now and, hopefully, that will stall her long enough for them to come up with something else.

Celeste says goodbye to Abe, who says he needs to get to the station and will see him at home. As Abe leaves, Celeste sees Lexie about to leave and goes over to her. Lexie gives her the cold shoulder when Celeste asks how she is. Celeste tells Lexie she knows that she and Abe made a mistake but this nonsense has to stop. Celeste tells her that Theo is beginning to notice something is wrong and tells Lexie she can be mad at her and Abe all she wants but Theo should not have to suffer to.

Lexie tells Celeste she will talk to Theo. Celeste is shocked and asks Lexie what the hell is wrong with her. She needs to do more then that. They all need to get along and be civil, for Theo's sake. Lexie tells her mother to take it or leave it, saying she is sure she is making half of that up and using Theo to try to smooth things over between the both of them and Abe. She tells Celeste to just leave her alone and to give Abe the same message. Lexie walks off as an upset and frustrated Celeste looks on.

Meanwhile, Bo sees Hope and Steve whispering. Kayla comes over and tells Bo not to worry. They just need to wait until they slip up and they will. Bo isn't sure he can wait. Kayla says that Hope and Steve won't tell them anything and they have been unable to find out anything on their own so they really have no choice right now but to wait and enjoy the holidays.

Bo agrees she is right and tells her that he hopes whatever Hope and Steve are keeping doesn't lead to anyone getting hurt. Kayla agrees. They both look over at Hope and Steve talking and then the scene divides into a 4-way split screen of Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla and then fades to black.




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