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The day starts off with Alice sitting in the kitchen with Maggie as Maggie fixes breakfast for the huge brood that is now sleeping in the Horton home. The first one to walk through the door is Tommy, who is still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Alice asks him if he has brushed his teeth and made his bed and Tommy says he’s a grown man. After a few moments of Alice staring at him, Tommy says he’ll be right back......and goes back upstairs to make his bed.

Tommy passes Bill coming down the stairs and Bill laughs, saying that is what he gets for not making his bed. Tommy tells Bill to shut up and, as he walks upstairs, Laura is standing at the bathroom door, holding her towel. She knocks on the door, telling Sandy to stop using all the hot water and to get out of the shower before she tells Alice. Sandy opens the door and walks out, smiling, as Melissa flies past Laura and into the bathroom, locking the door. Sandy laughs as she walks down the hall.

Back in the kitchen, Pete sits at the table wolfing down his food as Alice, Maggie, Jessica, Joshua, Mike and Don look at him with shock. Don has just came over and kisses Alice on the cheek. Stephen and Spencer then walk in and say hi as they quickly grab plates, piles on food, and sit at the table, silently chowing down. Jessica tells Joshua she wishes Nick could be there with them. As the family starts to gather in the kitchen, talking about Christmas and the upcoming wedding, Alice smiles at them all and the scene shifts to the......


Roman, Steve and Bo are sitting at one of the booths. Caroline slowly walks into the dining area as Marlena, Kayla and Hope look on, sitting at another table. Caroline looks at all three men, who sit silently at the table, and wants to know one simple thing.....

Caroline: Ok........which one of you opened these presents?

The men look at each other.........and then start trying to blame each other. Bo says it was all Roman’s idea and Roman calls Bo a liar. Steve says he was asleep when everything went down and that is when Caroline asks why his eye patch was found near the tree. Steve was wondering where that went. The men start arguing as Hope puts a stop to it and Kayla tells them that their punishment is to shovel up all the snow at each one of their houses. Bo says that isn’t fair and Roman says he has to look out for Stefano. He can’t shovel snow.

Marlena reminds him that he isn’t a cop anymore, which means he has a lot of time on his hands. Victor then walks in with Nico and says he has the perfect solution. Bo smiles, knowing that Victor will get them out of this mess. Victor then pulls out a shovel from behind his back and says that they can shovel the show from his driveway. But, Steve says, it’s a 100 yards long. Victor says....

Victor: That should teach you to not open your presents until Christmas morning. Now get to it!

The men slowly get up and walk to the door, with Roman saying to Bo.....

Roman: You know, your dad is mean.

Victor then has another surprise..........as Nico brings Kimberly into the Pub. Everyone greets her and, as the men head out, she is placed in her wheelchair and is lead to one of the booths. Kimberly asks where the men are going and Marlena says they did something bad. Kimberly says that Roman put them up to opening up the presents early. Caroline says she knew this and Kimberly says sure, but she would never rat out her brothers. Hope then asks where the kids are. Kim says that they have some charity work to do but truly feels they aren’t coming because of her and Shane ending things again. As everyone comforts Kimberly the scene switches to the...


Anna picks at her breakfast. Tony, whose sitting across from her, asks if she is going to cheer up. Anna says she can’t........not with the tension between her and Carrie. Tony tells her that it is going to take more than just one holiday for them to work things out. Anna knows this but hopes that Carrie will come around soon. Tony thinks so and then tells Anna to eat her breakfast. They have some shopping to do. Anna’s ears perk up at the mention of spending lots of money and, as she wolfs her food down........


The scene shifts to three hours later as the Brady men come slowly walking back through the door. They flop down hard in a booth and Steve puts his head down, quickly falling asleep. Bo wakes him up, asking why he is so tired. Steve says for him to try and shovel snow with one eye working and see how he feels.

Caroline walks over with cups of coffee and then tells Bo that Victor wants him and Hope to come over for lunch at his house. Bo says ok and then slowly gets up to go home and change. Both Roman and Steve are once again asleep in the booths and Caroline says she will give them his best. Bo kisses his mother and leaves out and Caroline just shakes her head as the scene switches back to....


Victor receives a call. It is a doctor on the other end, telling him that Sami’s condition is unchanged. Victor says he was hoping for a miracle in this Christmas season but thinks there will not be one. He thanks the doctor and hangs up, telling Nico to make sure everything is ready for Bo and Hope. As Nico leaves out, Victor sits at his desk, doing paperwork.


Two hours later, Marlena, Roman and Will meet Lucas, who is sitting by Sami’s bedside. Roman asks how everything is and Lucas says she’s trying but nothing so far. Carrie then walks in moments later with Bill. Lucas stands up and walks over and father and son hug. Bill says how sorry he is for what happened to Sami and knows what it feels like when you can’t do anything to help the woman you love.

Marlena says that she needs to step out for a moment and tells Roman she’ll be back soon. They kiss and, as Marlena leaves, she passes Barbara in the hallway. Her doctor tells her to trust her family and friends........and trust herself as well. Marlena says she knows that but, right now, she needs to go talk to someone. Marlena walks off, leaving Barbara to worry about her state of mind.

But..........Marlena goes to the chapel. As she slowly walks in, she sees the Cross on the wall and walks up to the alter. As she kneels down, she slowly looks up, with tears running down her cheeks, and says.....

Marlena: Lord, hear my prayer. I just want my little girl to come back to us. (Crying) She has had such a hard life. Losing both her father and mother for so many years.......I know she did a lot of wrong in her life, but she has changed. You know she has. She has a wonderful heart..........and a good, fine man that loves her so much. Please..........please bring her back to us. Please, Lord..........

As Marlena cries at the alter........


Bo and Hope come into the dining room of Victor’s home. It is a lunch time get together and, as Victor walks in, he asks that both of them be seated. Victor sits down at the head of his table and tells both Bo and Hope that he has gifts for them. As a very surprised Bo looks at a equally surprised Hope, the scene switches back to........


Abby looks out the window while holding JJ, praying for some sort of miracle that will bring Jack and Alex home in time for Christmas.

Alice is watching everyone joining together once again. Reunions are now in full swing with handshakes, hugs, kisses, and loud laughter being enjoyed by all. Alice then looks across the room.........

At a picture of Tom, hanging by the Christmas tree, and says softly......

Alice: After a really wild year........we’re all still here, together. Thank you, Tom. I love you.

Alice blows a kiss to her husband, as the scene slowly fades to black.




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