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Victor hands the keys to a house on the grounds to Bo and tells Bo and Hope Merry Christmas. The couple says they can't accept it and Victor says that he doesn't know how much time he may have left. Bo asks if he is sick and Victor says not that he knows of. But, he never did anything for Bo when he was a little boy and wasn't there for him emotionally like a good father should be, so he hopes they accept this gesture as a way of saying how sorry he is for not being there.

Bo takes the keys and Hope smiles, getting up and kissing Victor on the cheek. Victor thanks her and tells Bo that he is the luckiest man he knows for having a good woman like Hope at his side. As The dinner starts to be brought in, Victor then says that he has something else to give him later but it's mainly a father-son thing. Hope understands and starts going over what new furniture she will get for her new house. Bo says that Victor really got something started as everyone laughs and enjoys their meal together........as a family.


Frankie leads Greta through the park blindfolded. She asks what he has in store for her now. He tells her they will be going to mass in style. He takes off her blindfold and she sees a horse drawn sleigh in front of her. Greta is stunned. He tells her that she will be treated like the princess she is tonight. Greta smiles as he helps her aboard and tells the driver to head to St. Luke's. He then tells Greta to stay close. It's awfully cold. They both smile as the scene shifts to...


Lexie is walking through the hallways with Theo, having just talked with the board. She is shocked that her license has been reinstated and she can start working again after the holidays. She begins to think Stefano did something. Rich sees her and asks her how her return to the medical world is going. Lexie fills him in, saying she starts up again after Christmas. Rich is pleased. Lexie mentions she is going to begin studying to become a surgeon. She feels a change is in order. Rich thinks that is a great idea and promises to talk to her soon as he has rounds. Lexie bids him goodbye.

Lexie then notices a sad look on Theo's face. She asks him what is wrong. Theo says he doesn't understand why they can't all spend Christmas together....him, her, grandma, and daddy. He mentions how they always seem mad and he doesn't like the yelling. Lexie remembers what Celeste told her at Maggie's party last night and begins to realize the effect the tension is having on Theo. Lexie tells Theo that everything is going to be ok as they walk off.

In the chapel, Marlena continues to break down in tears.

Marlena: Please, Lord. Don't let my daughter be a victim of the tragedies I have brought upon my loved ones. Don't let her end up like Eric...DJ, Samantha...Please...

Roman then walks in and takes Marlena in his arms, consoling her. He tells Marlena she needs to stop blaming herself for everything that happens to their family. Marlena says she can't help it. DJ died because she wasn't careful enough or being a good enough mother. Roman says that is nonsense. Marlena reminds Roman that Samantha died because Jake thought she was her. Marlena admits she thought she got over that but she didn't. Stefano's obsession with her has led to countless periods of her being away from her family.

Roman tells Marlena to stop it, saying this is what led to her MPD in the first place and she doesn't want to relapse. Marlena says that Eric's death was her fault too. She should've been stronger to fight her inner demons. Instead, she ended up helping Orpheus and poor Eric paid for it and now Sami is too. Roman orders her to stop it and to go talk to Barbara. Marlena insists she has heard enough from her and this is not about her. It's about Sami and they need God to help her now.

Roman: God helps those who help themselves, doc. You know, they say everything happens for a reason. Maybe there is a bigger purpose here. Maybe God wants you to forgive yourself and overcome the past. Then, maybe we will all get what we truly want this Christmas. Our beautiful Sami back with us and you finally overcoming those demons of yours. See you back at the room.

Roman gets up and walks off as Marlena looks at the Cross on the wall and, with tears streaming down her face, tells God she will take Sami waking up as a sign. A sign that it's ok to forgive herself. That it's ok to move on and not blame herself. She says if he brings Sami back to them, she will make peace with herself and the past. She just begs him to bring Sami back to them. Marlena breaks down in tears again as the scene shifts to...


Stefano picks up the phone after being told he has a call. It's Lexie, asking if he did anything to help her get her license reinstated faster. Stefano asks what she thinks. Lexie smiles. Stefano hopes she is happy. Lexie wishes he hadn't done it but says she is happy. He asks where she is. She says she is on her way to run an errand and then is going to mass. Stefano asks why. Lexie tells Stefano that Theo enjoys it and she does too. She says she will see him later. Stefano says he loves her as she hangs up.

Cassie notices Stefano is a bit put off and asks if he is ok. Stefano nods. Cassie says she is so excited about spending Christmas with him. Stefano asks why she isn't going to be with her father and mother. Cassie tells Stefano there is only one person she wants to be with and it's him. The scene then shifts to...


Tommy and Bill are helping Alice to the car. Doug and Julie are right behind them, saying Melissa and sandy drove the rest of the family so they can get seats at mass. Abby is holding JJ when Julie walks in and says it's time. Abby nods. Julie says she knows it's hard. They embrace as Abby asks if this is her punishment for the way she has acted in the past. Julie doesn't think that is it. Abby reminds Julie of her and Chelsea's actions last year and of the way she has been treating Max. Julie tells her to forget it and to just try to enjoy Christmas with them. Julie ushers her out as the scene shifts to...


In Sami's room, Carrie wheels in a computer monitor, saying that Belle has set up a web cam, hoping the sounds of mass may help bring Sami back to them. Carrie then takes Evan from Roman and holds him. Marlena arrives and Roman asks if she is ok. Just then, Alyson arrives and asks how Sami is. Lucas says there has been no change. Alyson tells them her mother woke up earlier this morning and reminds them miracles do happen. Will says they need one right now. Marlena looks at Roman and tells him she will be ok if they can get one of those. Roman nods and holds her in his arms as the scene shifts to...


People begin to gather for Christmas Eve mass. Caroline wheels Kim in as Justin and Adrienne follow closely behind. Adrienne tells him she misses the kids. Justin says he does too. They all enter as Tony and Anna do close behind. Anna wonders if Carrie will be there but Tony doubts it, saying she is probably with Sami. Belle holds Claire as she records the event for Sami's webcam. Philip walks up to her and kisses both her and Claire. He asks if he can old his daughter. Belle reluctantly obliges and watches as Philip embraces her.

Frankie helps Greta out of the carriage. He tells the driver he will see him again. Greta asks when he plans to use a sleigh again. Frankie says in a few days, with her. Greta smiles as they walk up the walkway into the church. Frankie sees Max by himself in the church and tells Greta he will be right back. Frankie walks over to Max, who tells him he is ok. He just doesn't want to talk right now. Max tells Frankie he just doesn't have the Christmas spirit this year. Max then walks out of the church as Frankie looks on, worried.

Hope, Bo, Steve, and Kayla arrive. As they walk in, Hope takes Steve aside and asks if he thinks Nicole may do something. Steve says he would think not but who knows. He hopes not. Hope nods. They both then quickly return to Bo and Kayla, who are talking to Abe and Celeste.

Lexie then walks in with Theo. Abe and Celeste see him as Theo races into their arms. Lexie walks over and fills them in on her being a doctor again and studying to become a surgeon. Abe and Celeste agree that is great and both admit they have no doubt Stefano is involved. Lexie nods and then says she has a gift for them. She hands Abe in envelope. Abe is hesistant but Lexie tells him it's ok. Abe opens it and is shocked to see joint custody papers.

Lexie tells Abe their marriage may be through but Theo should not have to suffer. She wants peace and does not want her son to grow up in a tense environment. She asks that they all three call a truce and forget what has happened, learn from it, and move on. Abe and Celeste agree they would like that and invite Lexie to spend Christmas with them and all their loved ones. Lexie agrees as Theo smiles, saying everyone is happy again. The four of them enter the church.

Victor arrives and sits next to Maggie, who is seated with Melissa, Sarah, Spencer, Stephen, Jessica, Joshua, Mike, Bill, Tommy, Sandy, Alice, Doug, and Julie. Meanwhile, Laura goes to check on Abby, who is holding JJ in the vestibule just as Stephanie arrives. Stephanie tells Abby she just saw Max outside, upset and alone. Laura then comes up from behind and says it would make his Christmas if he merely forgave him. Abby looks at both of them as Billie arrives.

Billie says hello to everyone. Abby gives her the cold shoulder again. Billie tells Abby she understands she is upset with her but tells her that she has issues to work out. Personal ones. She tells Abby she does love her father and wants to work things out but can't until she works out her own issues first. Abby nods and says she knows her father hurt her with the Elizabeth thing. Billie nods but says she forgives him. She understands why he did what he did and where he was coming from. Abby asks how she can so easily forgive him.

Billie says she just cares too much to let something like that, which is of minor significance now, destroy what they have. She plans to talk things over once she handles what she has to. Abby nods and tells Billie she is sorry for being angry with her. Billie smiles and tells Abby it's ok and she will see her later.

Just then, Jack and Alex walk in. Abby races into his arms with JJ and an emotional reunion occurs. Laura embraces Jack too. Alex shocks Abby by embracing her and JJ, saying it's great to be home with family. Abby smiles and asks how they got home. Jack says they found a pilot of a cargo plane who flies out of a private airstrip. He was daring enough to fly out and they were able to get to London and fly out from there. Abby is so happy he is home. Jack says he hopes she isn't mad at him. Abby says she isn't. Everything is ok now and she understands why he had to go.

Abby then remembers Stephanie's words from Maggie's party and what Billie just told her. Abby them remembers good times with Max and how she has treated him recently. She gives JJ to Jack as mass starts. She says she will be right in. She races outside and finds Max, sitting on a bench.

Abby: Hey!! get up and stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Max (getting up): I'm not in the mood for you to stomp all over my heart again.
Abby: I have a gift for you and don't worry if you have nothing for me. Your enough.
Max: What?
Abby (smiling): Your gift is forgiveness...and another chance. For us. I'm so sorry for the way I treated you. I've made mistakes too and acted like I was perfect and...the truth is...I understood where you were coming from with the Cassie thing. I just didn't want to get hurt again but, now, I know I can't be afraid. I have to take a leap. It's about growing up. So is forgiveness. All I know is tonight I realized that I can't lose the man that could be the best thing that has ever happened to me...because nothing you did is a good enough reason to justify that. So, how about we take things slow and see where the road takes us?
Max (smiling): I can't believe this. Just when I thought we had no chance. I am really sorry for what happened, Abby. I really am and I would love for us to give it another whirl.
Abby: Good. No more talking. Now...let's seal the deal.

Abby then grabs Max and kisses him passionately. They slowly pull away as she says mass has begun and it's time to inside. Max nods as he follows her in and they join family and friends inside, all of which smile at the sight of them, as mass commences, led by Fr. Jansen and then the scene fades to black.




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