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Thursday December 13 2007




All The Days of Their Lives

Thursday December 13 2007

Bo comes out of the shower, with a towel on. The doorbell rings. He puts pants on, and goes to answer it. He opens the door, and sees Billie.

Bo: Hey Billie. Whats up?

Billie: Is Hope home?

Bo: No, she went shopping. Why?

Billie: What about Ciara?

Bo: She's with Steve and Kayla. Whats going on?

Billie: Bo, after my brothers funeural, I was thinking about some stuff.

Bo: Ok... What stuff.

Billie: I was thinking about when we almost made love at the Pub.

Bo doesn't say anything, and looks at her.

Billie: That happened, because we had feelings for each other. I was wondering if you still had those feelings.

Bo kisses her.

Hope bangs on the doors of the DiMera mansion. Inside...

Dr. Rolf: Does this ever end?

He opens the door.

Dr. Rolf: I'm not even going to try and stop her.

Hope walks in, and goes to the living room.

Stefano: Please! Please! Stop doing this!

Hope: Shut up Stefano! What the hell is this?

She holds up the compact.

Stefano: A compact Hope, a compact. Do I win the prize?

Hope: Oh please!

She throws it at him. He looks at it, and he sees what is on it.

Stefano: Oh my God.

Hope: Stefano, please save it!

She grabs the compact.

Hope: Send me another one of these, or keep toying with me and Bo, you are going to go through hell!

She throws the compact on the floor, and turns around.

Stefano: Come on Hope! Tell me you didn't want to look inside!

Sami picks at the last wedding dress. The doorbell rings. She goes to answer it, and sees Kate.

Sami: What the hell do you want?

Kate: I'm here to see my son.

Sami: He's not here, and he won't be back, so just leave now!

Kate: What? I knew you were going to break his heart!

Sami: Oh please Kate! You and your son are both idiots!

Kate: How dare you!

Sami: My twins are sleeping right now, I don't want them to be woken up by that cheap perfume, so leave!

Kate: I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what you did!

Sami pushes her out of the doorway, and closes the door. She locks it, and hears Kate yelling.

Bo and Billie are still kissing. Bo backs away.

Bo: I can't do this Billie.

Billie: I thought that was a yes.

Bo: It was Billie.

Billie kisses him.

Billie: Then whats wrong.

Bo kisses her, and they start making out on the couch. Bo stops.

Bo: No, I can't do this Billie. Sorry.

Billie: Bo, I'm so sorry. This will never happen again.

She leaves, and Bo has an unsure look on his face.

Hope: Go to hell Stefano!

Stefano: What? Afraid of what you'll see?

Hope: No Stefano! I know who I am! And sending me these stupid things will not make me question who I am!

Stefano: Keep telling yourself that Hope! Just remember one place, and who knows mabye you will go there again.

Hope: What the hell are you talking about?

Stefano: Maison Blanche.

Sami is packing boxes, and picks up the phone.

Sami: Hey Eric.

Eric: Hey Sami. Whats up?

Sami: I need some help.

Eric: Sure, with what?

Sami: Moving.

Eric: You and Lucas got that new house?

Sami: No just me.

Eric: What are you telking about.

Sami: Eric, were done. Lucas and I are history.

Bo is sitting on the couch, thinking about Billie.

Bo: O God what have I gotten myself into?

He picks up the phone, and calls Billie's cell. She doesnt answer. He leaves a message.

Bo: Hey Billie it's Bo. I need to talk to you, so please call back.

Billie gets out of the elevator, and checks her phone. She listens to the message. Sami comes out of her apartment, with a garage bag, and hears Billie.

Billie: Hey Bo it's me.

Sami takes her phone out.

Billie: I can't meet you tonight, mabye tomorrow night.

Bo: Ok. Where do you want to meet?

Billie: Meet me at the Penthouse Grill.

Bo: Ok. Ill see you tomorrow.

Billie smiles, as Sami presses a button on her phone. Her phone says "Recording Saved".

Sami: Hey Billie.

Billie: Hey Sami.

Sami: So who are you meeting at the Penthouse Grill tomorrow night?

Billie looks almost shocked, and scared that Sami might know.

Billie :An old friend.

Sami: Have fun.

Sami goes into the elevator.

Hope: Go to hell Stefano!

Stefano: You forgot something.

Hope: I don't need it!

Stefano: If your so sure that your Hope, why don't you look inside?

Hope: Fine you old bastard!

Hope opens the compact, and hesitates looking inside. She looks, and sees herself. She has a flashback of Gina. She throws the compact on the floor, and leaves the mansion.

Stefano: Ha!

He gets his chess board, and gets a black queen, and a red queen. He turns them over, and the faces are shown. One is Hope, and one is Gina!

Stefano: Ready for round 2?

He starts laughing as the screen fades to black...

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Lexie injects something into Kimberly's IV.

Lexie: Did Stefano do what I think he did?

Sami and Eric are sitting at the Penthouse Grill.

Sami: Uncle Bo's having an affair!

Eric: Sami, don't start!


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