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Week of Dec. 3-7 Promo




Announcer: This week on All the Days of Our Lives, a mother will do anything for her daughter.

Carly: Thanks for doing this for me.

Kim: I'll do anything for you.

Mike: Ok, Kim, were going to put you to sleep now.

Announcer: But on Friday, something shocking happens!

Carly, Bo, Kayla, Chelsea, Shawn, and Caroline are standing in the hospital.

Mike: Theres a problem. We don't know if she will wake up.

Announcer: But is a DiMera in on it?

Stefano has a flashback to when he blackmailed Mike.

Present time:

Stefano: Kill her if you have to!

Mike looks at Stefano, not knowing what to do.

Announcer: And Bo finds something shocking!

Bo rubs the snow off of something in his hand.

Bo: What the?

He looks at it, and it is a compact with the letter G on it!

Announcer: Plus Thursday, a life is changed!

Austin is in his car, on the road. He drops his phone. He looks up, and a truck smashes into him!

Announcer: All this and more on All the Days of Our Lives, only on SONBC!


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