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December Previews!



December Previews:

December is a huge month for Salem!

The first week of December has shockers!

The beggining of the week sees the return of Lucas, and a plot to get revenge on the Brady family!

In the middle of the week, Bo finds a compact that he once gave to Gina!

The compact will not be the last of Bo's findings.

The end of the week leaves Austin, and Kimberly's life in the balance.

Carrie will deal with the loss of Austin, and the prospect of raising her baby alone

Stefano manupilates his daughter to get him an invitation to the New Years Eve party for Basic Black.

During the New Years party, many things are discovered, and there is a shocker as the Salemintes ring in 2008!

Adrianna decided that she wants Andrew.

Jack, Jennifer, Abby, and J.J. return the second week of December.

Belle and Mike continue their romance, and Belle thinks she may be pregnant!

Marleana continues to be confused, and she fantasises about killing Stefano!

Many lives hang in the balance after the New Years Eve party including Cathy, Jack, Bo, and Stefano!


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