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Monday November 26 2007



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Monday November 26 2007

All The Days of Their Lives Episode 5:

A woman unlocks the door to an office that says Dr. I. Albert in Salem University Hoepital. She goes inside.

Dr. Albert: Well it's my first offical day here, lets hope it's a good one.

There is a knock on the door, and she goes to get it. Marleana is standing outside her office.

Marleana: Hello, I'm Marleana Evans.

Dr. Albert: Oh, hi, I'm Isabella Albert. Your one of the physcristacts here right?

Marleana: Yes, but I'm here to see you actually.

Isabella: Oh, your my first appoitment! Yes, yes, come inside, sit, I'll get you some water.

Marleana: Thank you.

She goes inside, and sits on a couch.

Isabella hands her a glass of water and sits down on the couch opposite her.

Marleana: Wow, it feels weird sitting on the opposite end.

Isabella: I bet. So I assume what brings you here is your husbands death.

Marleana: Yes, and since then I've been having problems, I'm confused about time.

Isabella: Your having blackouts?

Marleana: Not exactly. Well, I can't always tell the diffrence between reality and a dream.

Isabella sits back, and takes a sip of water.

Kate is in her office at Basic Black. She looks stressed out. Her phone rings. It's Billie.

Billie: Hey mom.

Kate: Oh hey honey hows Chelsea?

Billie: The same as when you saw her last night.

Kate: Good.

Billie: Whats wrong mom, you sound tired.

Kate: Basic Black is loosing a tonne of money. I don't know how this company is going to function.

Billie: Take a break mom you really need one.

Kate: I've tried. And it doesnt help that there is a look-alike of me running around Salem!

Billie: Mom, don't worry about that.

Kate: How can I not?

Billie: Mom, take a break today please! Were all going to Bo and Hope's house later. Will you come?

Kate: Fine I will.

At the hospital....

Caroline and Carly are sitting in a waiting room.

Caroline: So when's your momo comming?

Carly: I'm not sure mabye tomorrow.

Caroline: I called Kimberly, and explained what happened.

Carly: So is she comming here?

Caroline: I was waiting to asks you that. Do you want her to come to Salem?

At the Brady Pub...

Shawn and Cathy are in bed. They wake up.

Cathy: Last night was great Shawn.

Shawn looks down, and looks confused.

Shawn: Cathy?

Cathy: Whats wrong?

Shawn: Oh, now I'm starting to remember. Sorry about last night.

Cathy: For what? It was great!

The door opens, and Belle comes in!

Belle: Shawn!

Shawn: Get out of here!

Belle: Shawn! You just jump in bed with the person closest to you? \

Cathy: Shut up! Your the one screwing his uncle!

Belle: You know nothing about that!

Cathy: Oh no? Then how did I know he is Shawn's uncle?

Belle: What Shawn? You just go tell everyone your life story?

Shawn: Get out Belle! I thought you loved me, but it was all just a lie!

Belle: So this is the real you Shawn? First with Mimi, then Willow, now her?

Cathy: Get out Belle! I think he made it pretty clear he doesnt want you here!

Belle leaves, and goes out of the pub.

Chelsea is in her hospital room with Hope.

Hope: You hungry Chelsea?

Chelsea: I'm starving! And no, I don't want any of that hospital food! When can I get out?

Hope: A couple hours. Look, I have to go do something, are you going to be ok alone?

Chelsea: Ya.

Hope leaves, and a couple minutes later Carlo comes in with flowers.

Carlo: Hi Chelsea. I brought you some flowers.

Chelsea: Thanks for everything.

Carlo: It was no problem.

Chelsea: So you said you were Carlo DiMera. Let me guess, a longlost son of Stefano!

Carlo: Good guess I"m his son, but I last saw him when I was 12. So we don't have a great relantionship.

Chelsea: Oh. So how did you end up on the ship I was supposed to die on?

Carlo: It was my ship.

Isabella puts her glass down.

Isabella: So your confused between reality and dreams?

Marleana: Yes.

Isabella: What about now?

Marleana: I'm actually not sure. I feel like I'm going crazy. I have to turn on the news station to check what day it is.

Isabella: What do you mean?

Marleana: I had a dream, and the dream was a whole day, from when I got up to when I went to bed. I did all my daily things, and I killed somebody. I left my bloody clothes next to my bed. I woke up the next morning, and the clothes weren't there, there wasn't an X on the calander for that day I just lived, so I checked the news station, and that day was the day I just lived! The day I just killed somebody!

Isabella: Who did you kill in your dream?

Marleana: My son-in-law, Lucas.

Isabella: Marleana, dreams often feel real when the dreamer wakes up.

Marleana: I know, but usually when I have those types of dreams, a bit later, I realize it was just a dream. Right now, I know it was just a dream, but I still have doubts. It feels like I did those things.

Hope is walking in the hall in the hospital. She sees somebody. She runs to him and hugs him!

Hope: Hey Mike! Welcome back!

Mike: Hey Hope! How are you?

Hope: I'm great! You?

Mike: Good, a bit tired though.

Hope: Jennifer told me you were in London last week, and you saw them.

Mike: Yep. Wow Abby's got so big.

Hope: I know. So how long are you planning to stay in Salem?

Mike: I'm actually planning on moving back!

Carly and Caroline are in the waiting room.

Carly: Well ultimatley, the decision is up to her. I'm not going to tell her, No don't come to Salem.

Caroline: But do you want her to come?

Carly: If it will help my son, then yes.

Caroline: She was cryi ng on the phone last night.

Carly: I'm sure that it was hard for he knowing she was going to meet the daughter she never thought she was going to see again.

Caroline: Well is there anything you want to know?

Carly: Well ok, who's my dad?

Caroline: I told you were not going over that? You ha ve a brother and a sister.

Carly looks upset at this.

Carly: I see, she had other children knowing she had another child out there.

Caroline: I told you already-

Carly: Yes, it was a hard decision for her to make. I understand.

Carly starts crying. Caroline hugs her.

Caroline: She didn't want to give you up. She really didn't Carly. She was never the same after she gave you up.

Carly: So what are my brother and sisters names?

Caroline: Andrew, and Jeannie. Andrew is 21, and Jeannie is 17.

Carly: I wish I knew them. I didn't have any brothers and sisters growing up.

Caroline: What about cousins?

Carly: I did, but it just wasn't the same. We didn't live in the same house, we didn't sleep in each other's beds when we were little. I didn't have that.

Caroline hugs her.

Caroline: I wish you did. I wish I would have found a way to raise you.

Chelsea and Carlo are in Chelsea's room.

Chelsea: So it was your ship?

Carlo: My uncle called me and asked me if he can put somebody on my ship, so I told him he could, so I can save that person instead of him putting her somewhere else, where she would have died.

Chelsea: But I was locked in a room, and gassed.

Carlo: Sorry about that, they had me locked in a room too.

Chelsea: Sorry.

Carlo: No problem.

Chelsea: So what about your uncle? Is he mad at you?

Carlo: I'm sure he is. He wanted you to die.

Kate is in her office when there is a knock on her door. She goes to get it, and sees Sami standing there.

Sami: You bitch!

She slaps her!

Kate: What the hell was that?

Sami: Stefano told me about your little "accident"! Just to once again "protect" your son right?

Kate: I wanted him to realize that divorcing you to marry EJ would be the right thing to do!

Sami: Oh please Kate! Your intentions were selfish! You just didn't want Lucas to be married to me! I could just kill you! And where the hell is Lucas?

Kate: I don't know ok! I've been trying to call him for so long! I can't get a hold of him!

Isabella and Marleana are in Isabella's office.

Isabella: Is there a chance that this dream you had is actually real?

Marleana: Come to think of it, Lucas left town and my daughter hasn't been able to reach him.

Isabella: Why did he leave town?

Marleana: Oh my God! He probaly didn't leave town at all! I probaly killed him!

Isabella. Lets not jump to conclusions now Marleana! Why would you kill him? I thought he was the son-in-law that was Sami's love.

Marleana: He is. But I keep going back over it in my head! And it's starting to scare me.

Marleana flashes back to reality, or her dream:

Lucas opens the trunk to his car, and lifts a bloody bat. He puts it in his trunk. Marleana comes behind him, and taps him on the shoulder.

Lucas: Marleana!

Marleana: Hi Lucas. I thought you weren't comming to my husbands memorial.

Lucas: I wasn't.

Marleana: So who did you slug with that bat?

Lucas closes the trunk fast.

Marleana: Lucas, I saw it. Closing the trunk won't make me forget about it. EJ left the party, and I still see his car in the parking lot! Oh my God Lucas! Did you kill him?

Lucas goes into his pocket, but Marleana goes in her's, and takes out a gun before he does! She shoots him in the head!

Marleana comes back from the flashback.

Isabella: From what you told me, it can be a dream, then again anything can. But here is the determing factor: did you bring a gun to your husbands memorial?

Marleana hesitates: Yes; I brought a gun to my husbands memorial.

Isabella sits back.

Isabella :I don't know what to tell you Marleana. I'll book another appoitment with you, and put you under hypnosis, and we'll see what happened. Until then, stay with a loved one. You told me your children and step children are staying with you correct?

Marleana: Yes.

Isabella: So why don't you have one of them be around you at all times?

Marleana: That isn't a bad idea. Thanks.

Isabella: Ok, our time here is done, would you like to make another appoitment for tomorrow?

Marleana: Sure. What times to you have?

Isabella: Is the same time ok?

Marleana: It's great. Thanks. Bye.

Isabelle: Bye.

Isabella closes the door with a worried look on her face.

Next on All The Days of Their Lives:

Max and Belle are at the Brady Pub.

Max: Belle, just stay away from him! He doesnt want you anymore!

Belle: This is none of your business!

Max: The hell it is!

Marleana walks into the Pub.

Upstairs, Shawn and Cathy are making love, and somebody is looking through the window.

Person is black: This will do the trick

They pull a gun out of their pocket.

Sami and Chelsea are at the DiMera mansion.

Chelsea: Can we hurry up here? How many more boxes do you have?

Sami: Not much.

Stefano comes in the room.

Stefano: Well, well, I heard you almost died Chelsea.

Isabella unlocks the door to her house. She walks inside. She hears a noise.

Isabella: Who's there!?!?


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