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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Two hours have now past since Elizabeth’s body was found. Most of Salem is deserted. Residents have either bolted their homes up or just left Salem outright until Michael Myers is found..........or killed, if he can be. In an emergency crisis center, Roman is sitting on a makeshift table, being bandaged up, and receives a call from Marlena, who asks him if he is ok. Through his still hoarse voice, he says he’s sleeping for a week if he survives this. Marlena then asks if any word has come on his capture. Roman tells her no. Roman then says he has to go..........Abe and Bo just walked in. They say their I love yous and, after he hangs up the phone, Roman puts his shirt on, looks at Abe and says.........

Roman: What’s the word, partner?
Abe: Wow. This man..........this is the file from his late doctor, Sam Loomis.

Roman and Bo look at the file and then look back at Abe, with Bo asking.......

Bo: No wonder we can’t bring him down. Elizabeth didn’t have a chance.
Roman: Oh no..........she’s dead?
Bo: Billie found her in the middle of the road out on Route 14 a few hours ago...........with her neck broken.
Roman: Damn. This is nuts.

Just then, a S.P.D. officer runs in, telling the group that another woman was found dead in the hospital. Lucas walks in to hear the news and, when the officer gives Abe the name........it is revealed that it was Joelle’s mother, Elma, who was found with her throat cut. A National Guardsman was also found dead outside the hospital with a broken neck. Abe walks past the men, flabbergasted. Bo says that now is the time to find Myers and stop him for good. Roman agrees. Abe tells the officer that everyone whose in goes back out.........with orders to find Myers and stop him..........by any means necessary. The three men look at each other and then silently walk to a squad car, get in, and take off into the night.


Caroline grabs her bag and begins to head out. She walks down the stairs and into the Pub........and hears a door close in the back kitchen. She stops, turns, and looks back toward the kitchen area. But, she has seen her share of horror movies and, instead of investigating, turns back around and heads for the door. When she opens it, she is scared out of her shoes when she sees both Nico and Steve, along with Max, standing in front of her........and brandishing guns.

She asks if they are looking for Myers and Steve says yes. Nico then adds that Victor wanted her to be safe. She says she ducked out and came home by herself. Kayla has been calling and Kimberly called from overseas when she heard the news. Max is shocked that it has reached all the way over there. Caroline answers yes. Then she says she doesn’t want to stand around there talking.......they can do this on the road. Max says he’ll get her out of town and let Abe know that Steve and Nico are checking the Pub out. When they separate, Steve and Nico go inside the Pub and start to look around.


Sami hears commotion on the other side of her door. She tries to listen and, when she gets close to the door, it flies open, almost hitting her in the face. Orpheus comes barging in, saying that she has to be moved for the time being until Myers is found. She agrees, which makes Orpheus tell her that she better not think this is her chance to escape. Sami asks where Orpheus is taking her. He says.........

Orpheus: None of your business. Now get moving.
Sami: This guy must be a serious threat if you are risking moving me.
Orpheus: He’s...........a killing machine. I, personally, don’t think he can be stopped. So..........that’s why you’re going. Now, stop your whining and lets go.

Orpheus grabs Sami by the arm, takes her to the door, and instructs one of his men to put her in his personal car. He’ll get her out of Salem. And, he leaves orders for him to be notified the second Myers is found so she can be transferred back. The man obeys and takes Sami away as Orpheus closes the door.


Steve walks back from the kitchen while Nico comes back in from outside. He tells Steve he didn’t see a thing. Steve says he’s just glad that Max got Caroline out of town. They both then look to the door to see Bo and Roman walking in........

And that’s when Michael stands up from behind the bar, reaches over, grabs Steve, and holds him in a vice like grip. Steve struggles as Nico picks up a chair, swings it, and sends it crashing on top of Michael’s head, making him break his grip on Steve. He breaks free as Bo says it looks like he is weakening and Roman pulls his gun, stating......

Roman: Time to take him out, boys!

Bo and Roman start shooting at Myers, sending bullets and glass flying everywhere. Myers collapses behind the bar as smoke fills the air. Nico picks Steve up and gets him out of the building as Roman and Bo look at each other........and then slowly start walking toward the bar. When they reach it,.......they look down to see Michael lying very still. Bo tells Roman not to get close. He looks like he’s still breathing. Bo then gets on his cell phone and calls for backup. As Bo walks away from Roman, Roman looks down at Michael and then, for some reason.........

Goes and checks on him! When he slowly bends down, he places his fingers on Michael’s neck, checking for a pulse. What he ends up seeing is the sudden reaction of Myers as he lifts his head and then moves with incredible quickness, grabbing Roman by the shirt and tossing him off of him. Bo hears the noise of Roman crashing into one of the tables and starts to walk back over to the bar......

But is now standing face to face with Michael. He then stares at Michael, right before hitting him with four consecutive punches hard. Of course, this does not faze Myers and he grabs Bo by his jacket, picks him up........and sends him flying through the air, right before he crashes on top of a table. As both Bo and Roman lay unconscious on the floor, Michael turns and quietly leaves the Pub through the back door. A few minutes later, Steve and Nico walk back into the Pub to see the destruction and then hear one of the cars start up and drive off. Nico goes and checks on Bo while Steve gets his cell phone and calls Abe. Roman starts to stir as Steve tells Abe.......

Steve: He was here, Abe. And he’s just stolen a car.

Abe and Steve talk for a few moments more and, after Steve hangs up, the scene then fades into.........


Orpheus is driving Sami to another location. Orpheus tells Sami to stop talking for just a few minutes. Sami will not listen, saying.......

Sami: You better stop this car before I jump out!
Orpheus: You would kill yourself?!
Sami: I might as well be dead. My family thinks I am and you’re so busy playing this sick game with my dad that you’ve lost your mind. What the hell do I have to live for?!
Orpheus: You are NOT the trouble you’re worth. So, if you don’t keep quiet,........I’ll kill you myself.
Sami: More threats from the big man, huh? Well, let me show you.........

And at that moment, someone smashes into the back of Orpheus’s car. Orpheus tries to keep control but the car is slammed into again. When Sami looks through the back window..........

She sees the masked face of Michael Myers.

Myers drives along side of the car and then jerks his car to the left, smashing into the side of Orpheus’ car. Sami screams as Michael hits the car again. A very determined Orpheus tries to fight fire with fire, smashing his car into Michael’s car, but it has no effect. This continues for a half mile and, when Sami has had enough, she reaches over to Orpheus, grabs his gun..........

And fires at Michael. One shot hits Michael in the neck and, just when Sami aims the gun at Orpheus,........Michael sends his car one last time into Orpheus’s car and that last hit sends both cars off the road and crashing down the embankment. Orpheus and Sami are thrown free from the car and Michael’s car tumbles end over end, finally crashing into a tree..........and exploding several seconds later.

Fifteen minutes later, Roman and Bo are driving along that same stretch of road when Bo spots a bright light. The men keep on driving and they soon reach the crash site. Roman jumps out and races down to the crash site as Bo radios in and says they have found a two-car wreck and to get people out there now. When Roman reaches the burning car, the flames are so intense that he can’t see inside. He then looks around...........and sees no one there. Bo then comes up behind him and Roman asks........

Roman: Is that one of Victor’s cars?
Bo: Sure is.
Roman: Yeah.........the one that Myers took.

Both men stand and watch the car burn as the scene goes up into the night sky.........

And the turns to daylight where firefighters finish putting out the fire. As troops and officers move about, Abe walks up to Bo and Roman, who are joined by Steve, as they watch the scene from the top of the ravine. Abe looks at the men as Roman asks:

Roman: Is that it, Abe?
Abe: I.............
Steve: What are you saying, dude?
Abe: I just talked to one of the firefighters. There was no one in either car.
Bo: You mean he got away........again?!
Abe: Looks that way.
Roman: So now what do we do?
Abe: Wait, hope...........and pray............that if he is alive and he comes back, that the next time........

We’re ready for him.

The group of men look at the wreckage once again as the scene fades.........

To an unconscious Sami, laying in the backseat of one of Orpheus’ cars as it drives down the road. Orpheus thanks his trusted assistant for saving him and Sami. He then says, as he bandages his arm.....

Orpheus: The long night is over. But the war..........the war, is just beginning.

The car is then seen driving off into the morning skyline as the scene pans upward.........

And then slowly fades to black.



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AWESOME finale to the "Night of Terror"! And GREAT ending. Man, November Sweeps is going to be so awesome for you guys! I mean, seriously.

Nice having a couple deaths happen.

Keep up the excellent work, guys. ;)

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