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Episode #82 - Tuesday, April 4th:



Episode #82 - Tuesday, April 4th:

- Bonnie comforts Mickey at the site of the car crash.

- Shawn comforts Belle when Lexie informs her that Phillip is about as close to brain damaged as he could possibly be without technically being so.

- Sami gets closer to uncovering Carrie's secret.

- Maggie continues to float down the Salem River.

- A destroyed Kate rips Shawn from Belle's arms and blames them both for this, saying Phillip was destroyed over Claire and must have tried to kill himself.

- Sami and Lucas continue their hunt for Will, but with no luck.

- Roman and Abe begin a search for Maggie.

- Lexie advises Kate, Victor, and Belle to send Phillip to a rehabilitation center in Washington D.C. and pray for a miracle.

- Austin decides to surprise Sami with a night of romance to get her mind off of the hunt for Will.

- The rescue workers are unable to find Maggie's body.

- Belle can't believe that this is happening to Phillip. Shawn comforts her behind Kate's back as a jealous and vengeful Jan looks on.

- Abe regretfully informs Mickey that they must give up the search for Maggie.

- Sami decides that if she makes Austin think they've made love, then he'll be more likely to make love to her for real.

- Belle talks to Kate and Victor before she makes the drastic decision to send Phillip out of town.

- Maggie is pulled from the river by a mysterious stranger.

- Kate and Belle tearfully comfort each other as they sign over Phillip to the hospital in D.C.


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