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'DAYS' Mystery Solved!

Kyle Brandt OUT!

We've been plugging it for a while and promising that on March 31st a shocking twist would spell the end of someone's time in Salem. We set it up so that a lot of characters were in danger - Abe, Roman, Jack, Lexie, and Jennifer got a mystery package from Tony's murderess. And Kate and Bonnie were in a dangerous catfight. Maggie was in a car wreck. Celeste had a meeting with the Grim Reaper. It is, however, Phillip who will be leaving the canvas. His confrontation with Jan will spell the end of his run in Salem. Although, Phillip will not be dying, he will be leaving the show with no current plans to bring him back in the future. He is a core family member, and thus, the character of Phillip will always be an important part of the cast. But lately, something about the character wasn't working, and it had to be repaired. We want to take Shawn, Belle, Mimi, Rex, and Jan into a new direction, and there's just no place for Phillip right now.


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