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Episode #81 - Monday, April 3rd:



Episode #81 - Monday, April 3rd:

- The front end of Maggie's car is consumed by water.

- Kate and Bonnie come to and vow to ruin each other.

- The Grim Reapers tells Celeste that she has just saved Phillip's life and that he will not be taking it today, as planned.

- Jan finds the blackmail material on the roof where Phillip dropped it when she pushed him off the roof.

- Phillip is rushed into the hospital.

- Sami tries to figure out what Carrie could be hiding.

- Kate and Victor scurry to be with Phillip.

- Belle and Shawn also rush to be by Phillip's side.

- Austin falls further into Sami's spell when she asks him on a date, and he accepts.

- Jan joins Shawn and Belle down in the hospital after she stashes the blackmail she has on the doctor.

- Celeste fears what she has done, but she is grateful that Phillip will live.

- Maggie's body floats down the Salem River and further and further away from her car.

- Belle is devastated over Phillip, and Jan and Kate are outraged when Shawn comforts her over it.

- Lucas and Anna conspire to expose Sami in Austin's eyes.

- Austin and Sami share a date...and a kiss.

- Rescue workers stumble upon Maggie's car that is bobbing in and out of the water.

- Bonnie comes across the rescue scene on her way home and realizes that Maggie's car is in the river.

- Mickey gets a call that Maggie's car was in a crash and she is no where to be found.

- Lexie tells Kate, Belle, and Phillip that the outlook for Phillip is not good.

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