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Episode #83 - Wednesday, April 5th:



Episode #83 - Wednesday, April 5th:

- Mickey is informed that Maggie has been legally declared dead.

- Kate and Belle say goodbye to Phillip.

- Sami pretends to get drunk in front of Austin.

- Kate and Victor comfort each other over Phillip.

- Mickey regrets not believing that Maggie about her drinking.

- Belle shares a tearful goodbye with Phillip. She says she's sorry for everything that happened with Claire, and she really had no idea Claire was not his.

- Caroline comforts Victor over Phillip. Kate's jealousy is sparked.

- Austin tells Sami to slow down on the liquor. Meanwhile, she slips a sleeping pill in his drink when he's not looking.

- Bonnie learns that Maggie might actually have REALLY been drinking the night of her accident.

- Belle says goodbye and falls to the ground as Phillip is wheeled away.

- Bonnie falsifies evidence to back up her theory that Maggie was drunk when she crashed.

- Austin passes out. Sami snaps out of her drunken act and strips Austin naked and puts him in bed.

- Kate picks Belle up from the ground. Kate tells Belle that she is going to ruin her life and kicks Belle to the floor.

- Maggie is taken from the riverbank to a cabin by a mysterious stranger. He puts her into bed and watches over her.

- Sami sneaks into bed with Austin and falls asleep in his arms.

- Roman and Abe inform Mickey that they found a half of a bottle of alcohol in the glove compartment.

- Bonnie recalls seducing a cop and distracting him while she put liquor in the glove compartment of the car after it was pulled from the water.

- Shawn comforts Belle as Jan vows to kill her.

- Caroline sits by Shawn Sr.'s bedside and is shocked when he finally awakens!


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