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August 10, 2007-SURPRISE...FUNERALS PART 2



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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-As the funeral precession makes its way to the church, Roman looks out his window and sees that the entire cadet class and most of the police force are standing and saluting both Samantha and Eric as they drive by. He gently waves at everyone, while fighting back tears. Roman looks at Marlena and his siblings look at him, as he can’t help but blame himself for everything that has happened. Bo looks at Roman and asks....

Bo: What’s up, bro?

Roman: It’s......it’s all my fault. I could have stopped all of this from happening and I didn’t. Too damn high and mighty, I guess.

Bo: I wouldn’t say that......

Roman: Well, I would.

Kayla chimes in, telling Roman.....

Kayla: You can’t blame yourself for how sick of a bastard Orpheus is.

Roman: I think I can, sis. That man still blames me for what happened to his wife and said he would make me suffer for it. And.......what are we doing right now? On our way to bury our twins.

Hope: I just hope that you don’t do something rash. The bloodshed in Salem needs to stop.

Roman slowly turns his head and looks at Hope. He is very determined when he says to her....

Roman: Whatever happens..........will be worth everything we’re going through now.

Hope looks at Bo, who is looking at Roman, and wonders what is to come down the road.

As the procession pulls up to the church, everyone parks their cars and starts to get out. Marlena is helped out by Roman and Bo and, when she steps out of the car and looks up.......she sees the face of her father, Frank. She jumps into his arms and cries out loud as Frank holds her tightly. Marlena rests her head on his shoulder as Frank shakes Roman’s hand. Frank tells Roman how very sorry he and Martha are about the children. Roman shakes his head and is shortly greeted by Martha, who gives him a big hug.

Martha tells Roman that if he needs anything, just to let them know. He thanks her for that but tells her that everything will be taken care of in due course. He then slowly walks away from the group as Martha looks at Marlena and Marlena wipes the tears from her eyes, shaking her head. Martha kisses her on her cheek as Frank and her help Marlena walk towards the church. Frank tells her that she has someone who has been waiting to see her.

When Marlena looks up, she sees Rex Dimera standing at the entrance to the church. Rex walks over and they both embrace warmly. Rex looks at her and wipes the tears from her eyes, saying that he couldn’t stay away at a time like this. Marlena thanks him for coming. Rex tells her that Samantha and Eric were his brother and sister. He had to be here for his family. Roman, Bo and Hope walk over and welcome Rex home. Roman and Rex hug and Rex tells him it’s real good to see him. Roman tells him likewise and says that he needs all of the family he can spare right now. Rex asks if he knows who did it, to which Roman replies yes, he does. Roman then pats Rex on the back and tells him.....

Roman: All in good time, kid.

Roman then sees Alice and the other Horton's and leaves to greet them as Rex looks at his family and wonders what has happened to his stepfather.

Roman greets Alice and kisses her on the cheek. He then sees Lucas and Will and walks over to hug Lucas. Lucas embraces Roman and Roman then hugs Will as well. Roman tells Lucas that he can’t begin to tell him how sorry he is for Samantha’s death. Lucas thanks him but tells Roman that she was his and Marlena’s daughter before she was his lady. Roman reminds him that he knows how it feels to lose his lady. Lucas understands and tells Roman that he isn’t to blame for the sick bastards like Orpheus who kill without reason.

Three men walk up to the group, with one of them saying that they agree with this wholeheartedly. Roman actually manages to smile slightly as he greets Don Craig, Mike Horton, and Bill Horton. Both Lucas and Roman shake hands and give out hugs. Don says he didn’t think he would be back so soon after Marie’s funeral and Mike says how he’s been reading in the papers and seeing on CNN and MSNBC about all the violence and........death........that has been happening. Marlena walks over with Frank and Martha and asks if the news has reached that far away. The men, one by one, hug Marlena and kiss her on her cheek, telling her how sorry they are about what happened.

And Mike answers her question, saying that when you throw Orpheus into the middle of Victor and Stefano, that it makes news. Don agrees, saying that he hopes Roman and the S.P.D. can get a hold of all of this and end it soon before more lives are lost. Roman looks cryptically at Don, saying that that is just what he intends to do. The group looks at each other silently, wondering if they were all thinking the same thing.

At that moment, Father Jansen stands at the door and tells everyone that it is time to start. Marlena looks at Roman and he hugs her gently. Roman then starts to walk over to the hearses as Bo, Steve, Lucas, Will, Don, Mike, and Frank follow him. When they get to Samantha’s hearse, they are joined by Jonathan, who gives his dad a big hug and shakes his hand. Rex and Andrew Donovan join the group as they split up and a small group of men start to unload both caskets from their respective hearse.

As the men take both caskets and head toward the church, a black limousine drives slowly down the street. The car stops and the window slowly rolls down. At that moment, a black Porsche drives down the opposite end of the street and stops next to the first black car. The passenger window of the Porsche rolls down, revealing a man sitting in the driver’s seat SALEM LIVES NEWCOMER. He slowly takes off his jet black shades and looks at the men in the first car. The men look at each other, then back at him, then nod their heads in frightened silence, roll the window back up, and drive off.

The man in the black Porsche then rolls down his driver’s side window, looks at the mourners standing in front of the church, rolls his window back up, and drives off. Everyone looks at each other and then, after some tense moments, the men start to once again carry Samantha and Eric’s caskets into the church.

As the men reach the steps of the church, Marlena stands right behind the caskets carrying her twins and she looks around the packed church. She sees that Stephanie has made it back to Salem for the funeral, as has Chloe and Jeannie Donovan. The men slowly carry the caskets to the head of the church as members of Salem’s constabulary have came out as one, as well as members of the community. The men sit both caskets down, one next to a huge picture of Samantha and the other next to Eric’s picture. The men then slowly take their places as the congregation sits down and Father Jansen walks over to the podium.....

Fr. Jansen: Welcome to everyone, one and all. Today, we do not say goodbye to these two loving souls from God’s Creation. We rejoice in the fact that they are now at home, forever in his loving embrace.......

Marlena shakes her head in agreement as Roman looks at her and smiles, proud of the strength she is showing right now......

Fr. Jansen: And so, at this day of their home going, let us give thanks to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, who makes all things possible, and thank him for blessing us with these two flawed, loving, precious souls.

The scene then fades into Will, who is standing in between his mother and uncle’s caskets, as he starts speaking.....

Will: I just don’t know what to say. My Uncle Eric was a fine, fine man. I will always remember how he stood up for my mom, whenever she made the mistakes that she made. And.......no matter what she did, I will always love my mom so very much. It’s a shame that she didn’t truly become the person I always wanted her to be until the end of her life but it’s great that she saw how much being a good, decent human being is so much better than how she was living.

No one notices that Nicole is standing in the back of the church. No one except Kate, who turns her head, looks at Nicole, and just shakes her head in shame. She turns back around as Nicole ducks out of sight, as Will continues....

Will: Well, Mom. I guess this is so long, for just a little while. I’m glad that you changed and I truly hope..........

Will looks up into the sky............

Will: That you are truly happy.......

Then he looks down at the floor.......

Will: Where ever you may have ended up.

The audience laughs out loud and applauds as Will bends down and kisses his mother’s casket.

Will walks over to Lucas and sits down and Lucas can’t help but smile, whispering that Sami would have loved his eulogy today. Lucas hugs Will and the scene then fades into Carrie, who is now standing next to her brother and sister....

Carrie: My, my, my. How I miss you, little brother. A man of honor and distinction, you never wavered in your beliefs. I will always remember that about you. You look after Sami, ok? (Starting to cry) And......my little sister. We spent.......all that time......hating each other. And then when we started getting close and finally turned the corner.........you’re gone.

Jonathan starts to cry as Chloe holds him tightly.......

Carrie: Well, sis. I guess I’ll be seeing you. And I’ll keep playing that song you loved so much. (Looking At The Audience) It was called Sideshow, by Blue Magic, and it was truly one of her favorites. Goodbye, sis. Till we meet again.

The scene then fades into Marlena. Roman is standing by her side and she starts to talk about the children she has loved and lost.......

Marlena: My precious babies. My twins. (Patting and rubbing both caskets gently) I can’t even come up with the words. (Looking At Roman) I can’t. I can’t say goodbye to them. They can’t be gone, Roman. (Crying heavily) I can’t.........I can’t...........

Marlena almost collapses as Roman grabs her. Hope, Bo and Lucas run over to help Marlena back to her seat and they sit her down next to Caroline. Caroline cradles Marlena as Kayla and Kimberly help console her and Roman stands next to his two children, almost too grief stricken to speak.......

Roman: I can’t help but feel this is my fault. I tried so much to protect my children every day of my life but let my arrogance and foolish pride get in the way....

Victor watches intently from the back of the church........

Roman: And I feel that Eric and Sami would not have wanted me to feel this way.......but I just can’t help it. I can’t help feeling that if I would have done something to stop the evils that have befallen all of us, we wouldn’t be standing here today. Well...........no more. I now promise........no, VOW.........that no one sitting in this church will feel the pain that my family and I feel today.

Roman looks towards the Heavens and tells his children.......

Roman: Goodbye, little ones. Take care of each other.

Roman walks back over and sits next to Marlena, who continues to cry in his arms. The final speaker of these proceedings is Lucas, who stands next to both caskets, tears streaming down his face..........

Lucas: Eric, I hate the fact that we were never closer. You were a good, good man and the world is a much lesser place for you being gone. You gave your life to save all of us and, for that, I will forever be grateful to you.

He looks at Samantha’s casket and then looks at Will, who brings a radio up to the podium. He sits it down and takes his seat again. Lucas starts to run his hand gently across Sami’s casket and just talks softly to her, as if she can hear him......

Lucas: We should have been married. Had more kids. A big family. Even with the stuff that you did, we would have been so happy, especially since you had changed. You became the sweet, wonderful lady I knew you could be.......and now....... you’re dead. You told me to walk away from everything and be with you on New Year’s Eve and I didn’t listen. (Crying) All I can ask.......is for you to forgive me. Please. Don’t be mad it me, Sami. Oh God, I love you so much........please don’t leave me.........

Kate runs up to the casket and catches Lucas before he collapses in grief. Bill also joins her and they help Lucas back to his seat. Will walks over to the radio and, with Father Jansen’s permission, hits play on the radio, and the song If You leave Me Now by Chicago (CLICK ON THIS FOR "IF YOU LEAVE ME NOW" BY CHICAGO) starts playing.

The men then stand and walk over to the caskets and pick both of them up. Nicole sees this and hides in the bushes as Samantha and Eric are taken out of the church one last time. The men walk out into the beautiful daylight and carry both caskets back to their respective hearses. They put Sami and Eric into them and close the doors. Everyone starts coming out of the church after them and people start getting into their cars. Bill walks over to Lucas and tells him how sorry he is for what he has lost. Lucas shakes his head and thanks Bill for coming. Bill tells him that he wouldn’t be anywhere else but by his side at a time like this.

Lucas really likes hearing that and, before he can say anything else, Bill also tells him how sorry he is for not being there when he was growing up. Lucas understands, saying that it was his mother’s fault. Bill tells Lucas not to blame her. She was looking out for him, like she always has. Lucas sees that but tells him that all she cares about is herself and running people’s lives. Bill says that he thinks Sami’s death may have changed her for the better. All Lucas can do is wait and see. Lucas agrees and both men shake hands. Will walks up behind them and Bill says he forgot how handsome his grandson was. This makes Will smile and he tells Bill that seeing him really feels good.

All three men get into their limousine and, after everyone else is in their cars, they start up as one, and drive off towards the cemetery.

Some time later, Victor walks up to the door of The Brady Pub. He turns and tells Nico to make sure that Roman and his family are being watched over. Nico tells him that Bo must have taken care of it because there is a man who is already keeping and eye on them, especially Roman. Victor tells Nico that he has done well and they both walk into the Pub, where a huge party is taking place. People are laughing, dancing, and passing around huge pitchers of Irish beer. A huge banner has both Samantha and Eric’s picture on it and all it says are two simple words.....

To Life.

Stories are being told about Samantha and Eric as people laugh out loud. It is an old Irish tradition to celebrate the lives of people who have past away and this time is no exception. As sad and as solemn as everyone was........and is, this is a time for celebration and that’s what the Brady's and their friends intend to do.

Roman sees that people are sitting with Marlena, who seems to be having a good time, forgetting about the pain that she is feeling. He sees that it is doing her good to talk about her two children. As he walks past her, Roman pulls out his cellphone and tells Bo that he’ll be right back. He has a phone call to make. Bo tells him to take his time as Roman tells everyone to keep the beer and good times flowing.

Roman then steps outside, far out of earshot of anyone close to the Pub. He dials a number on his phone and someone picks up on the other end. The person who he called is.....

Roman: Dear Orpheus. And how are we doing today?

Orpheus: Roman? How in the HELL did you get this number?!

Roman: Now, now, Orpheus. No need to get upset. Just wanted to call you and say hi.

Orpheus: Well, Roman, I thought you and your family would be busy today. I heard their was a funeral in Salem......or perhaps two. My mind tends to wander.

Roman: (Laughing) Good one, old friend. Still the jokes, even after you killed my twins.

Orpheus: Of course, Roman. Always make time for a little humor. Adds years to your life.

Roman: Well, if you thought that was funny, you’re about to wet you pants over this one. Just listen.......

Roman takes a device out of his pocket and holds it up to his cell phone. He then says to Orpheus.....

Roman: Now. On the count of three. One......Two......THREE!

Roman pushes the button and an entire floor of a fancy high rise apartment building explodes. A few moments later, one of Orpheus’s men comes running in, telling him that they just received a call that his high rise apartment exploded. Orpheus looks at the phone in shock and says......

Orpheus: Roman........are you still there?

Roman: I sure am. You know, that really was a nice apartment you had.

After a brief pause, a determined Roman tells Orpheus.........

Roman: You started this. You’ve maimed and murdered people and all for what? Revenge. Well........old.......friend, you have now gone way too far. You killed my blood. My babies. And now, as far as I’m concerned............

It’s an eye........for an eye. Have a pleasant day, Orpheus.

Roman hangs up the phone and Orpheus tries to call him back but Roman has blocked the phone line. Orpheus calls in several of his men, yelling at them to find out how Roman Brady infiltrated his private quarters. He demands that they step up the next phase of his plans. The men obey and all of them take off into the cool night.

After he is alone, Orpheus slowly walks up the staircase to an upstairs bedroom. He slowly opens the door and looks in on his sleeping guest. He then slowly walks over to the guest and stands next to the person, quietly saying.....

Orpheus: Well, it seems like I have made the cardinal sin. I have underestimated Roman Brady. (Looking at his guest) Now, what would he do if he knew.......that I have you.......

All to myself?

The scene then pans down on his sleeping guest BIG SURPRISE!!! as the scene freeze-frames and the suddenly goes to black.




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I am a very happy girl because I was livid that so many people had passed. But I knew that you two would come through for me. I love it....I can't wait for Roman to realize that Sami is alive.

You know what I am going to do? Make my Mom read this. I bet she is going to cry just like me

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THANK THE LORD she isn't dead....but I was sure in shock when I read this. I never even *suspected* this, it's so awesome! :D

Also, this episode was so, so, so emotionall. Really moved me to tears in the middle with all the people speaking.

And LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Roman calling Orpheus like that and blowing up his apartment. TAKE THAT YOU KILLER! :P

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Man....you guys did a wonderful job. I loved that you hit all of the points that shows need to when writing an episode like this. I am very happy that you didn't decide to kill off Sami. I applaud you both for taking such a big risk and pulling a nice twist on the audience. I look forward to reading the next step in this storyline.


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That was a superb episode, guys. In all honesty, I think the hardest material to write for is funerals, because you definitely have to show the emotion from everyone involved, which you fellas hit on the head entirely....not missing a beat. I loved how you brought back old time favorites like Don and Bill Horton.

And I am so glad you didn't kill off Sami!

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  • Members

Wow...thanks everyone!! :)

It's so great to see so many commenting and to see some that haven't commented before or in awhile doing so. We are pleased you enjoyed it and hope you enjoy what is to come. :)

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OMG!!!! :o :o That was most powerful thing I've ever read on SON!!!!! Man I wish this was airing on our screens right now!!!!!

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