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August 6, 2007




-At the Carver house, Celeste is sitting with Theo on the couch as he watches "Sesame Street." Celeste is worried about Lexie and is still trying to figure out why she has stayed away from Theo since they returned and why she seems upset with her and Abe. Celeste decides to consult her cards and walks over to the dining room table. She then fiddles through her cards and stops when she has a vision of Lexie asking how she could do this to her own daughter while also telling both her and Abe that she hopes they burn in hell for their betrayal.

Celeste is shaken by the vision and begins to wonder what it could be about. She then thinks back to the cruise ship when Lexie began acting how she is and realizes it was right after Abe and her kissed. Celeste also recalls that Lexie was outside the cabin room when Cal and Katherine let them out of the room. Celeste panics and fears Lexie saw her and Abe kiss. She calls Abe, who is on the pier. Celeste tells him she needs him to come home. It's an emergency but she assures him Theo is ok. Abe tells her he is on his way.

-On the pier, Lexie is asking Tony if she is sure his plan will work. Tony says that as long as she plays her role well it will. Lexie nods and tells Tony she is ready to hit Stefano where it hurts and to change the direction of the Dimera empire. Tony is glad. Lexie tells Tony she needs to get her life together and this may help her do it. Meanwhile, Cassie is walking the pier and sees Tony and Lexie sitting together. She notes that they seem very serious and wonders what they are talking about.

-At the Dimera mansion, Stefano is having a glass of Brandi and turns on his TV for the news. He sees a report on the charges against Maggie and Julie being dropped and another report on Chelsea's arraignment. Stefano makes note of how happy Victor and the Horton's must be and how worried the Brady's are on the flip side. Stefano hears that Chelsea pleaded not guilty for reasons of temporary insanity and seems intrigued.

Stefano: Hmm....interesting. Father always said to look for the perfect opportunity and to seize it when it arrives.

Stefano then recalls how he left Victor and Maggie to die on the cruise ship and how Victor refused to help him when he was struggling to swim after the ship sank and the lifeboats tipped over. Stefano recalls how both he and Victor declared the truce over. Stefano laughs and then picks up his phone to make a call. Stefano asks for Judge Fitzpatrick. The Judge soon comes to the phone and asks who is calling. Stefano introduces himself and assumes she knows who he is. Judge Fitzpatrick says she knows all about him and his list of criminal accomplishments. She asks him why he is calling her.

Stefano: I need a favor, your honor. Now, before rejecting me, which you most likely will, I urge you to think about your family. Your loved ones. You mentioned how you know of me and the man that I am. That means you know what I am capable of. I'm a man of action, your honor. I also urge you to think about the lovely career and life you have built for yourself and how it can come crashing down if the truth came out about how you lied and back stabbed your way into your position. Your reputation would be forever scarred.

Judge Fitzpatrick: How did you know about all that? Are you threatening me and my family?

Stefano: I did my research when you handled my grandson, Theo's, custody case. Your honor, please let it be known these aren't threats. They are promises. I need you to do this favor for me. No questions asked. I need you to make sure Chelsea Brady ends up in a psychiatric institution. No prison...no freedom at all. Do you understand?

Judge Fitzpatrick: I...I won't...

Stefano: You really don't have a choice, judge. Do it and your life remains as is. If you refuse, you lose everything and I will see to it that you and your family are destroyed. It would be very unwise to call my bluff, judge. You think about that and have a good night.

A pleased Stefano hangs up and shows an evil grin before picking up the phone again and asking for the DA.

-On the pier, Shane is shocked to see his former ISA agent partner in crime Miranda Grey standing before him. He embraces her.

Shane: I can't believe this. What are you doing here?

Miranda: I'm afraid I can't tell you that.

Shane: But I'm...

Miranda: Shane....because of your current status I can't discuss ongoing cases with you. I'm sorry. I know you are going through a rough time. The guys in charge would not be happy knowing I even made contact with you. They were urging me to avoid you but I told them it would be hard.

Shane: It's not your fault. It's the bed I made for myself. I must deal with the repercussions of my actions.

Miranda: I vouched for you with the investigative committee. You did so much for me, Shane. We were partners for so long and I can't even count the times you saved my ass.

Shane: Probably just as much as you saved mine.

Miranda: I'm not so sure. Anyways, I know you only did what you did to help someone. Carrie Brady, right?

Shane: Yeah.

Miranda: The Brady's are good people. Roman is well-known around the ISA organization. What you did was wrong but you had good intentions and I am sure you will be reinstated.

Shane: Thanks for your vote of confidence.

Miranda tells Shane he is welcome. They both remark on how good it is to see each other again and then embrace as Kim arrives. Shane sees her and asks how long she has been there. Kim says only a few seconds. She went to look for him as Bo and Hope are ready to get going. She asks Shane who his friend is. Shane introduces Kim and Miranda.

Miranda: So, this is the lovely Kimberly Brady? The woman who holds Donovan's heart. It's nice to meet you.

Kim: Likewise. Shane mentioned you as his partner before and the many wild adventures you had together.

Miranda: Wild is an understatement.

The sound of a cell phone alarm goes off. Miranda checks her phone and says she has to get going, sadly. She tells both Kim and Shane to give her a call as she would like to meet them both for dinner. Kim says she would like that. Shane agrees, saying they could catch up on old times. Miranda tells Kim it was nice to meet her and embraces Shane again, telling him it was good seeing him again. Shane agrees. Miranda then walks off.

Kim comments on how Miranda seemed nice. Shane says she is a wonderful spirit and very adventurous. Kim asks Shane if he is ready to talk about his leaving town. Shane thinks it would be best to leave that alone until after the funerals tomorrow. Kim nods but tells Shane they do need to talk about that and other things. Shane agrees and then begins to wheel her, saying they should get back to Bo and Hope so they can get going. Kim agrees. Shane wheels her off. Meanwhile, Miranda reappears on her cell phone.

Miranda: Yeah. I will continue to follow Shane. Don't worry. The guy is suspended from the ISA. He doesn't know anything right now and it will stay that way, as long as he is kept out of ISA matters. Again, don't worry...I will keep an eye on him and the SPD in case they catch on. It's all under control.

-Back at the Dimera mansion, Stefano is listening to opera music and is at his chess board when DA Patricia Cromwell enters the living room.

Patricia: Well, Stefano Dimera. Snazzy place you have here. To what do I owe the honor of this pleasure?

Stefano: The pleasure is truly mine, my dear (kisses her hand). Can I get you a drink?

Patricia: How do I know it's not laced with something?

Stefano: Ha! I don't know if I should be offended or insulted. On the phone, you claim to know the type of man I am. If you truly did, you would understand that I'm not a man of such cheap theatrics.

Patricia: Believe me, Mr. Dimera. I know what type of man you are (gently caresses Stefano's face). Now, you mentioned on the phone me helping you make sure Chelsea Brady is institutionalized?

Stefano: Yes. I already spoke with Judge Fitzpatrick. Your job, my dear, is to make sure it all goes smoothly. No questions asked. Chelsea gets no prison...no freedom! Send her off for counseling or psychiatric care of some sort.

Patricia: Why would you...

Stefano: No questions, Ms. Cromwell. Just make sure Judge Fitzpatrick stays on task and that this all goes smoothly. As a reward for your trouble, I will aid you in a possible promotion along with giving you the contents of that briefcase.

Patricia looks at the case.

Stefano: Open it.

Patricia (Opening the case): My...it's full of money.

Stefano: You will be given an additional 2 more cases. Just be silent about this and a word of warning. Do not come back to me for further benefits. Stefano Dimera will not be blackmailed. If you unwisely choose to do that, you will suffer a not so pleasant fate. Understood?

Patricia: Yes, Mr. Dimera.

Stefano: Please. Call me Stefano.

Patricia: Stefano. Well, I must get back to the office. It was nice doing business with you. Please remember to call me for all of your legal system corruption needs. You have a good night (picks up cases and starts to leave).

Stefano: You too, Ms. Cromwell.

Patricia leaves as Stefano moves a pawn on his chessboard and says "checkmate."

-At the Carver house, Abe arrives and asks what is wrong. Celeste tells him about her vision and about her realization that Lexie may have seen their kiss on the ship. Abe thinks she is panicking but Celeste lays her case out to him, reminding him Lexie got upset with them after their kiss and she was right outside the cabin room when they emerged. Abe begins to realize Celeste may have a point and says that they really need to talk to Lexie to get to the bottom of this. Celeste says she isn't answering. Abe thinks they will have to talk to her in person. It will be better that way and the sooner they talk...the better.

-On the pier, Cassie approaches Tony and Lexie and says she hopes she isn't interrupting. Tony says she isn't and embraces her, saying it's always good to see his daughter. He asks where she has been. Cassie says she ate with grandfather and she is going to wait for him at Salem Park as they will be taking a carriage ride together to relax. Tony notes that Cassie has been spending alot of time with Stefano and adds he would like to bond as father and daughter. He doesn't have Rex so he would like to be with her. Cassie says that he hasn't called or came to see her since they returned from the airport. Tony says that works both ways.

Tony advises Cassie that getting too close to Stefano is not to her benefit. He knows and so does Lexie. Cassie says she loves her grandfather and he is ready to test her to prove if she is worthy of leading the empire after he passes on, even if she isn't a blood Dimera, Thinking about her and Tony's plan, Lexie tells Cassie that Stefano will never leave his empire to someone who doesn't have Dimera blood in their veins. Cassie says he can and will. She just needs to prove herself and she will vows that she will. Lexie tells Cassie she is being naive if she thinks she will inherit the Dimera empire.

Cassie grabs Lexie's arm and says she is wrong. The Dimera empire will be hers. It's her destiny and she will crush whoever is in her way. She reminds Lexie that she hurt Stefano on the ship and claimed to want nothing to do with him so she is out of the running. Lexie says she has cooled down a bit and tells Cassie that Stefano will begin grooming her again the minute she apologizes and talks to him. Cassie is nothing to him but she is his daughter. A furious Cassie warns Lexie that if she takes her on for the empire she is in for a hell of a fight. Underestimating her could be deadly. Lexie tells Cassie she doesn't scare her. Tony senses the tension and tries to calm the ladies as Cassie gets in Lexie's face and defiantly says:

Cassie: Well, if that is how you want it. Fine. This means....WAR!!!

The scene then freezes on a Cassie/Lexie stare-down as Tony watches and the scene then fades to black.




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