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August 7, 2007



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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-At the pier, Tony tries to calm both Cassie and Lexie down. Cassie tells Lexie she is no longer the front-runner to lead the Dimera family after grandfather's passing. She gave up her opportunity when she told Stefano on the cruise ship she was done with the family. Lexie insists she was angry and wasn't in her right mind. She plans to talk to her father and set things straight. Cassie says it's not that easy and that grandfather will not be taken in by a lame excuse like that.

Just then, Stefano appears. He asks Cassie where she has been as he has been waiting for her in the limo at the park but she never showed. He tracked her down at the pier and asks if everything is ok. Tony says that everything is just peachy, except for the fact that Cassie and Lexie have declared war on each other for the chance to lead the Dimera empire. Stefano is confused and says there is no need for any war. He isn't going anywhere and there is no open competition. Cassie reminds him of what he told her earlier about testing her. Stefano says that's right but that is more to see if she is capable of being at his side and involved in his plans. He is not ready to begin seeking out successors to him right now.

Stefano looks at Lexie and asks why she all of a sudden is interested in leading the Dimera family when she was so set on turning her back on her own father and the family. Lexie tells Stefano she was upset and she lost it. She has been hurt and betrayed so much. She has lost her son and they all nearly died on that ship. She just needed to cool off and realizes she owes him an apology for her behavior. Stefano says he owes her one too. He went too far and vows to let nature take it's course from now on. He will not force her into anything she doesn't wish to do. No more grooming or molding. She will make her own choices from now on. Lexie appreciates that. Stefano asks Lexie if they can just start again and give their relationship another chance. Lexie thinks they can, as long as they listen to each other and are honest with each other. Stefano thinks that is fair and they embrace as he comments on how good it is to have her in his arms again as a jealous Cassie watches.

Stefano asks Lexie if she is going to be coming back to the mansion with him. Lexie shakes her head and says she thinks it's best if she doesn't. Moving back in with him may be too much and they want to make their relationship work. Stefano agrees to go along with whatever she would like to do. He then remembers that Tony is still there and asks why he is there. Tony says he happened to bump into Lexie and tells Stefano they were getting re-aqquainted. Stefano then takes Lexie aside and advises her to be careful around Tony. His goal is to destroy what he has built and to mold it into something so unrecognizable that his father would turn over in his grave. Lexie says she will watch out for him. Stefano nods.

-Elsewhere on the pier, Marlena is following Roman as they have made their way to the marina now. She tells Roman he hasn't said a word since he broke down awhile ago. Roman tells her to just leave him alone. Marlena asks him to just come home with her so they can grieve. Roman is adamant that Marlena just leave him and go back to the family. They need her. They don't need him. He's a failure. Marlena denies that.

Just then. Barbara shows up, saying she heard Marlena was there. She demands Marlena return to the hospital. Marlena refuses, saying her children are dead and her family needs her. Sami and Eric's funerals are tomorrow. She is well enough to be released and promises to schedule sessions with her ASAP. Barbara tells Marlena she has already put her recovery at risk by leaving the hospital so soon after all she has been through. She is already in emotional turmoil on top of the mental disorder she is still trying to come back from. She needs more treatment to fully recover.

Marlena says she will seek out further treatment but her family is her first and only priority right now. She promises to call Barbara in a few days. Barbara realizes she is fighting a losing battle and orders Marlena to keep her word and to call her. Marlena says she will. Barbara asks her they will take care of everything later then. She orders her to take her meds and to stay as a calm as possible while also not internalizing. Marlena agrees to do all that and thanks Barbara. Barbara leaves but not before apologizing for their loss again and telling both Roman and Marlena she hopes things get better for them. Marlena thanks her. Barbara leaves.

Marlena begs Roman to just come home. She promises she will let him be. She just can't deal with him being out and about in the state he is in and not knowing where he is. Roman is silent. Marlena realizes it's no use and tells Roman she will leave him but warns him not to do anything stupid and also tells him he better be at the church tomorrow for his children and his family. Roman doesn't answer and simply looks out on the water. Marlena goes up to him, kisses his cheek, and says she loves him before walking off. After she is gone, a single tear rolls down Roman's face as he says he loves her too.

-At University Hospital, Carrie arrives with Evan and sees her Aunt Kayla at the Nurses station. She walks up to her and they both greet each other. Kayla remarks on how big Evan is getting. Caqrrie nods and smiles, saying she had missed so much time with him and now the fact that he will never know his father makes it even worse. Kayla embraces Carrie, telling her it's going to be alright. Time heals all wounds and, while she will never forget, she will move on. Carrie asks Kayla how she was able to move on after Uncle Steve "died."

Kayla says it was hard and she never truly got over it, hence why she never married again. She is grateful to have him back but admits she may have spent the rest of her life alone if he hadn't returned. Carrie thinks she will suffer that fate. Kayla encourages her not to think that way. She is a beautiful, loving woman and Austin would want her to find love again. Carrie agrees but doesn't think she will. She loved Austin so much and he was the only man that truly owned her heart, even through her other relationships. Kayla tells her to take it one step at a time. She needs time to grief and care for her son. The rest will fall into place when the time comes.

Carrie thanks Kayla for her advice and embraces her. She asks where the others are. Kayla says they are in the waiting room around the corner. Roman and Marlena both have been found and Bo, Hope, Shane, and Kim are coming to the hospital. Kayla tells Carrie she will take Carrie to them. Carrie follows her with Evan, who begins to cry. Carrie realizes Evan needs a change and tells Kayla she will be along in a few minutes. Kayla smiles and tells her to take her time.

Carrie heads for the restrooms but ends up bumping into Anna. Carrie rolls her eyes and threatens to get a restraining order if this continues. Anna apologizes and says she didn't come to see her. She didn't even know Carrie was there. She heard about Marlena being missing and wanted to help so she came back to the hospital. Carrie fills Anna in on Marlena being found. Anna is relieved and asks how Carrie is doing. Carrie tells Anna that she feels horrible and her constantly stalking her and pushing her resurrected maternal feelings on her is making it worse. She is going through hell right now, as is her family, and the last thing they all need is her trying to make up for all her mistakes now after all these years.

Anna: I know I can't make up for what has happened but I want to just be there for you in some way. It breaks my heart to see you like this.

Carrie (eyes welling with tears): Where were you when my face was scarred with acid? Where were you when I almost married Austin and when I did marry him? There have been so many times I have needed you over the years and you were nowhere to be found. It's too late to make up for all that now. I gave up on you years ago and I don't intend on opening my heart to you again only to get it broken yet again. I have already lost enough and I will not go through the pain of losing my mother again.

Anna: You never lost me, Carrie.

Carrie (crying): Your right. You never were a mother to me in the first place. I'm through with this. Just stay away from me and my family. Go back to your life of luxury and leave us all the hell alone. We have enough to deal with.

Anna (crying): Carrie...PLEASE!!

Carrie: I mean it! BACK OFF!!

Carrie walks off with Evan, leaving a devestated Anna behind.

Meanwhile, in the hospital waiting area, Caroline wonders what is taking Belle so long as she only went out to try to get a hold of Shawn. Just then, Belle returns and seems upset. Caroline asks what is wrong. Belle says she spoke with Shawn's commanding officer and he said that Shawn was off on his first dangerous mission. Caroline comforts her just as Bo and Hope walk in with Shawn wheeling Kimberly close behind. Belle fills them all in and says that it looks like Shawn won't be making it back for the funeral and it seems they won't here from him for awhile. Hope says he last called her at Easter and he told her he would be going into those kind of missions now. A worried Hope is comforted by Bo, who tells her it's going to be alright. Their son is smart and a fighter. He will get through this.

Kim tells Shane it must be hell having your child in the service and never knowing if he or she will come back. Shane agrees and admits being happy Andrew and Jeannie are in London. Kim says she can't wait to see them tomorrow and asks what he is going to tell about his having to back to London. Shane tells Kim he hasn't thought about it. Kim reminds Shane they do have to discuss what is going to happen with his having to go. Shane thinks it's best if they put that off until after the funeral services tomorrow. It's not really the time or place right now to be discussing such trivia matters. Kim agrees and says they will put it off.

-Back at the pier, Cassie comes over and asks Stefano if he is ready for their carriage ride as it's getting late. Stefano says he is and apologizes for keeping her waiting. He tells Lexie to stop over for breakfast in the morning. Lexie says she will try but, if not tomorrow, she will definitely stop in the morning after. Stefano smiles and admits it's good to have her back. Lexie smiles as Stefano walks off with Cassie, who turns around and gives Lexie a threatening look. Tony admits to Lexie he is worried about Cassie. She is getting involved way too much with Stefano and his plans and she thinks this is all a competition. She is a loose cannon and there is no telling what she might do. Lexie tells Tony he can worry about his daughter. Her focus is on Stefano and doing what she has to do to make their plan a success.

-At Roman's house, Marlena opens the doors and walks in and is shocked to find Roman laying on the couch, staring at a picture of Sami and Eric as babies. Marlena sits down by him and puts her arm around him as she bursts into tears. Roman then puts his arm around her to comfort her as they both stare at the picture. They hold each other in each other's arms as the scene shifts to...

...the hospital yet again as Kayla has joined the group. Bo is filling Caroline and Belle in on what happened at the pier. Caroline is overjoyed that Bo has forgiven Kim and Roman. Bo says life is too short and the family needs to be united right now, not coming apart. Kim thanks Bo again for forgiving her. Bo says it's in the past. They all make mistakes and have regrets, including himself. Caroline takes Kim's hand and says she told her it would work out. Kim smiles.

Carrie then comes in with Evan and is filled in on what happened on the pier when her father was found. Carrie is glad he and Marlena are both ok. Caroline asks if she is sure she doesn't want them to be at Austin's cremation. Carrie says he wanted it private and Belle is coming with her. She also adds she invited Lucas and Will and that she had to invite Kate. It would be wrong not to. Hope asks if all is set for Sami and Eric's funeral. Kayla says she talked to Stephanie and she is coming home tomorrow. Caroline chimes in and says that Brady's from all over will be coming home for this and they need every bit of love and comfort they can get tomorrow.

-At the pier, Tony is on his way back to the Salem Inn when he sees Anna crying on a bench. He approaches her and asks if she is ok. Anna tells him to leave her alone. Tony sits down and puts his arm around her, assuring her it's ok. She pulls his arm off her and tells him to take his charm and use it on someone else. She doesn't want to see him or anyone else right now. She orders him to leave her alone before getting up and walking off. Tony wonders why she was so upset and what is going on.

-At the park, Stefano escorts Cassie to their carriage and helps her up. Cassie thanks her grandfather for this and says he always has a way of making her wildest fantasties come true. He smiles and says her smile makes it all worth it. Cassie vows to make him smile by showing him she is a true Dimera, one he can be proud of and one that will make his own fantasies a reality. Stefano laughs and says he marvels at her determination. He then boards the carriage as Lexie watches nearby, saying:

Lexie: I won't let you stand in the way of our plans, Cassie. Tony and I have a mission and we will complete it. You may be Tony's daughter but I will do what I must to accomplish what I have to. If it's a war you want, it's a war you'll get!

The scene then freezes on Lexie's face and fades to black.




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