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July 27, 2007-ANOTHER SURPRISE!!




-At the courthouse, Victor tells Maggie and Julie that he found Doug and begged him to help and he did. He called the DA and made sure that no attempted murder charges were brought against Maggie. Since Chez Rouge was Maggie's, she is off the hook, along with Julie. Victor adds that Maggie will have to go to AA and counseling and will also be on a year's probation but that is it. Maggie and Julie are overjoyed and embrace. Alice embraces the both of them and tells them to always have faith that things will work out. She tells Julie to have faith in her and Doug's love. Julie nods and then asks Victor where Doug is. Victor tells he was leaving the pier the last time he saw him. Julie thanks him and tells Alice to tell everyone she left. Hope is angry with her anyway so it may be better she does leave. Alice says she will and Julie leaves.

The scene then shifts to Max, who is about to talk to Chelsea but sees Abby alone and realizes this is his chance to talk to her alone. He approaches Abby, telling her he needs to talk to her. Abby tells Max it's been awhile and asks what took him so long. He said hardly anything to her on the ship or the way home nor did he stop by last night to talk to her. Max says there is alot going on with his family and he can never seem to get her alone with her bodyguard by her side. Abby insists he isn't her bodyguard. He is a friend who has been wonderful to her. Forrest then returns. He sees that Abby is upset and asks if there is a problem. Max realizes he can't talk to Abby in front of Forrest and says there is no problem. He tells Abby they do need to talk though and says he will see her later. Abby then watches as Max walks away. Forrest asks if she is sure she is ok. Abby smiles and says she is. It's nothing she can't handle.

Meanwhile, Bo asks Chelsea if she is ok. She says she is the best she is going to be. Hope embraces her, telling her she will be fine. Steve echoes that sentiment, telling her he will help in any way he can. He then gives her a hug. Hope and Kayla both are puzzled by this. Steve sees their reactions and says she's family and he knows better then anyone a hug cam be very comforting. He then hugs both Hope and Kayla and asks Bo if he wants one too. Bo smiles and says no thanks. Kayla tells Steve they better go in and take their seats. As they leave, Bo sees Hope looking at Steve in a curious way and asks Hope if she is alright. Hope says she is just worried about Chelsea. Bo asks why she is looking at Steve. Hope tells Bo she wasn't. She was simply thinking about Billie and Jack and how much they are needed. Victor then approaches Bo, telling him that since things are settled with Maggie, he will do whatever he can to help Chelsea. Bo thanks him for that.

-On the island, Jack is holding on for dear life. He screams desperately for help, thinking his luck has run out. Just then, he hears what sounds like someone running nearby. A hand then appears and Jack is shocked to look up and see...BILLIE!!! Billie tells Jack to take her hand. He does so and she tries with all her might to pull him up. After a short struggle, she manages to get him up, knocking herself to the ground in the process. Once they both recover, Jack looks at Billie, whose blouse and jeans are torn and her face and arms are both scratched up, and runs into her arms. They share an emotional reunion in which Billie moves in to kiss Jack and is shocked when he backs away.

Jack then begins to ask about where she has been. Billie, still put off by Jack pulling away from kissing her, says that the last thing she remembers is them jumping ship right before it sank. Jack explains that he found her unconscious and gave her CPR. He got her back but the waves got higher and the storm worse. They were overcome by a wave and that is when they got separated. Jack adds that it got harder and harder to swim and he went under. That is all he remembers. Billie asks Jack if he is ok. Jack says he is fine but can't believe they somehow survived. Billie can't either. She tells Jack she woke up on the island and has been living off it and searching for inhabitants ever since. Jack tells her he has been doing the same until he nearly fell to his death in a pit.

Billie: Just how many times is that going to happen Jack?

Jack: I don't know. It's almost like some JERK is controlling me and making me look like a goofball by falling off cliffs and into pits. I have no explanation.

Billie says she is hungry and says they can look for food together and build a fire. Jack agrees and tells Billie it's good to have her back. The company is much needed. Billie agrees and hopes they find someone on the island to help or, at the very least, that they can send smoke signals or something to get some help. Jack says they will just have to see what they can do and tells her to keep the faith that they will find a way off. She smiles and says she will...as long as he is with her. He smiles as they both walk off on their quest.

-Back in Salem at University Hospital, Carrie is carrying Evan with her when Anna races up behind her, saying she has been calling her all night and wants to apologize for last night. She knows she came on strong but she loves her and just wants to help. Carrie asks Anna if she has been following her. Anna is hesitant to answer, leaving Carrie to assume she is right. Carrie is appalled by this and tells Anna to back off. She stopped considering her as her mother years ago and she won't accept her all of a sudden now. She tells Anna to get out of her way. She is here to see Marlena, someone who has been more of a mother to her then she ever will. Carrie walks off with Evan, leaving a heartbroken Anna behind.

Caroline walks up to Anna, having witnessed the scene while getting coffee, and tells Anna she is going about this all wrong. Caroline warns her she has been absent for so many years of Carrie's life and really doesn't have any excuses for it. Anna understands. Caroline is glad but tells Anna that she just can't pop in now and expect to act as a mother, especially with all Carrie has lost and what she is dealing with. She also reminds Anna of how she never once acknowledged Carrie's existence on the cruise ship or way home. She only hung around with Tony. Anna realizes she has made mistakes and wants to rectify them. She also adds that she has been afraid to talk to Carrie because of her being MIA in her life and it appears she is right.

Caroline tells her to take it slow and to back off a bit right now. Carrie needs time to heal and pushing hard right now will not help her or Anna. Anna agrees and thanks Caroline for the advice. Caroline smiles and tells Anna to be patient and, hopefully, the results she wants will come. Caroline walks off as Anna hopes that Caroline is right.

Meanwhile, Belle is with Marlena in her room. Marlena is terribly worried about Roman and says the whole family is hurting right now. They all should be together and not apart. Belle tells Marlena that she is sure daddy is fine. Marlena tells Belle it's hard to be positive these days and she has a feeling Roman is in a bad way. Carrie then shows up with Evan. Belle and Marlena both embrace her and ask how she is holding up. Carrie's eyes well up with tears as she says it's hard but she has to go on because of her son and her family. She adds that she is having Austin cremated privately tomorrow, per his wishes. She then says she will keep the ashes to remember him.

Marlena tells Carrie that Belle and Caroline are handling the arrangements for Eric and now Sami. She wants to help since it's for her children but with Roman missing right now and Barbara being on her case in regards to her treatment, her mind is elsewhere. She just can't believe they are gone. Marlena begins to break down as both Belle and Carrie comfort her. Caroline then arrives. Marlena asks if there has been any luck finding Roman. Caroline says she has called all over, including Roman's cell, and can't seem to find him. Marlena thinks she should call Bo or Abe and have them send some men out. There is no telling what Roman may do in the state he is in. Caroline agrees.

Back at the courthouse, Bo's cell rings. He answers it. It's Marlena. She tells Bo that Caroline has tried all over and Roman is nowhere to be found since he left the hospital last night. She knows he is at Chelsea's arraignment but asks if he or Abe can have some men go out to find him. She is really worried. Bo says he will have it taken care of and admits he is worried too. Marlena thanks him and just prays he is ok. Bo says he will make sure she is contacted if anything happens. Marlena thanks him and then hangs up. Bo motions to Abe and asks him if he can send some men out for Roman. He is MIA and the family is worried about him. Abe says he will do that and will go out and look himself since he has no reason to stay really. Bo thanks him as Abe leaves.

Marlena tells Belle, Carrie, and Caroline that it's being handled. She just prays nothing bad has happened. She can't take much more. Caroline says she is sure Roman is fine but they all just need to pray, just in case. Marlena, Belle, and Carrie agree. Marlena wonders if it's worth a shot to try calling Roman. Caroline says she has tried but calling Roman from a hospital phone may make him pick up if he isn't answering, given he doesn't know the number. Marlena decides to try and calls Roman's cell. The scene then shifts to a bar, where Roman is downing beer after beer. The bartender says he has been there for hours and says he is cutting him off. Roman's cell, which is laying on the bar rings. Roman doesn't pick it up. The bartender asks him what he is running from. Roman doesn't answer.

The bartender answers the phone and puts it in Roman's ear, telling him to answer it. Roman hears Marlena saying "Hello" and asking if anyone is there. Marlena hears Roman breathing and begs for an answer. Roman is silent at first but then finally answers, telling Marlena he can't talk now...to her or anyone else. He then hangs up, stunning Marlena. Marlena tells Caroline, Belle, and Carrie what happened and says she is worried now then before. At the bar, Roman pays for his drinks, gets up, and walks out as the bartender says:

Bartender: That man is a broken man. One that may never be whole again.

-At the Horton house, Julie walks in and sees Doug in front of the fireplace. He hears her come in. Julie says she is shocked that he is home and adds that Victor said he found him so she looked all over and something told her to check at home. Doug is silent. Julie tells Doug they have to talk. Doug turns and says that's fine. He is looking to get this over with anyway. Doug tells her to go ahead and start.

-Back at the courthouse, Max manages to get a moment with Chelsea and asks her if she knows anymore about Forrest. Chelsea tells Max she only knows what she told him. He is Forrest Alamain and he wants his identity kept a secret. One night he had nightmares and he seemed to want to stop someone or something and seemed very determined to go after someone or something. Frankie then emerges and tells Chelsea it's time. Max wishes her luck. Chelsea thanks him and wishes him luck with Abby. She tells him she thinks he is the only one who can help her. Chelsea goes into the courtroom with Frankie as Max watches Forrest wheel Abby into the courtroom, hoping he can find a way to help Abby before it's too late.

Meanwhile, Shane is about to wheel Kim into the courthouse when his cell rings. Shane asks Hope if she would wheel Kim in. Hope says she will. Shane is now alone and answers his phone. He is shocked by who it is and tells the person he understands. He then hangs up. Bo is about to enter the courtroom and sees Shane's face. He asks if he is ok. Shane says he is but he just got some big news. Bo asks if it's good. Shane tells Bo he would rather not talk about now. Bo says that's fine and tells him the arraignment is about to begin. They both enter the courtroom as Maggie comes back from the ladies room. Victor is waiting for her and tells her the arraignment is about to begin. Maggie says she knows and hopes things work out like they did for her. Victor does too and says he will do what he can to help.

Both Victor and Maggie fail to notice that someone is watching them from outside the courthouse. It's Orpheus, who smiles and says:

Orpheus: Their all back to worrying about such trifle matters but they have seen nothing yet. I'm going to rock all of their worlds.

Orpheus laughs sadistically as the scene freezes on his face and fades to black.




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