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July 26, 2007-BIG SURPRISE!!




-At the Salem Inn, Katherine is getting out of the shower and finds Cal putting their breakfast tray out into the hallway. She walks up to him and kisses him, telling him last night was wonderful. Cal happily agrees and is sad that she has to go back to work at the hospital today. Katherine tells him they can have more fun later. They kiss as Katherine goes to get something in the bedroom. Cal picks up the newspaper and is shocked by what he reads. He wonders out loud how he didn't know about this. Katherine overhears him and asks what he is talking about. She takes the newspaper and is shocked to read the headline that says, "Samantha Brady Killed in Massive Explosion!" An angry Cal wonders why no one called in told him and then races out in a rage. Katherine asks him where he is going and quickly follows.

-At Sami's apartment, Will walks out of the bathroom and can hear the phone ringing. Lucas is staring a picture of Sami by the fireplace. Will realizes Lucas has not left that spot since they got home last night. He then answers the phone. It's Julie, who asks Will how he and his dad are doing. Will says it's hard and they both miss mom. Julie reminds Will that they are all there for them. Will says he knows and tells Julie he doesn't think he and dad will be coming down to the courthouse. Will tells Julie that Lucas is really upset and they just need to be alone. Julie understands and tells Will to call if he needs anything. Will tells Julie he will and they both say they love each other and hang up. After hanging up, Will goes over to Lucas and asks if he can get him anything. Lucas is silent and simply shakes his head no. A worried Will looks up to the sky and asks his uncles Austin and Eric and his mother to watch over them and help them through this.

-At University Hospital, Barbara walks into the room and tells Marlena her test results are in and, after a complete mental examination, she seems to be back in control of her psyche but she would like to put her through counseling and to put her in a prescription to help her relax. Marlena is silent and staring blankly ahead. Barbara asks if she heard her. Marlena snaps out of it and says she did. Barbara adds that she would like to have a session with her this afternoon. Marlena nods. Barbara takes her hand, telling Marlena she is sorry for her loss and is happy to see her more relaxed then she was last night. Marlena says she realized she needs to be strong for the rest of her children and family. She fights back tears, saying it's going to be so hard. Barbara knows she can do it and tells her to rest up and relax. She will see her later. Barbara leaves as Caroline and Belle enter. Marlena begins to cry, motioning for Belle to come over to her. Belle rushes into her arms and mother and daughter share a warm embrace as Caroline begins to cry watching the emotional scene in front of her.

-On the pier, Victor is making a call on his cell to Greta. Greta answers her phone at the courthouse and asks what is going on. Victor tells her he will have to cancel their meeting this morning. Greta tells him she figured he would with Maggie and Greta's arraignment going on. Victor asks if it would be ok if they met after the proceedings were through. Greta says that would be fine. Victor tells her he looks forward to it and will call her with the details. He hangs up. As Greta hangs up, Frankie arrives and asks why she was talking to Victor. Greta says he just needed help with something. Frankie admits he feels something has been going on with the two of them lately and asks if something is wrong. He then quickly apologizes, saying it's not his business. Greta tell him it's fine. There is nothing going on. Max then arrives and interrupts them, saying he needs to talk to his brother. Greta says it's no problem and walks off.

Frankie asks Max what is up. Max tells Frankie he really needs to speak with Chelsea about something important. Frankie tells him he will do what he can once she gets there. She is coming over with Abe, Bo, and Hope in a squad car. Max thanks him. He then turns to see Abby arrive with Forrest. Frankie asks Max why that man is always with Abby, saying it's beginning to worry him and he feels obligated to watch over her with Jen and Jack gone. Max tells him he isn't sure but he doesn't like them spending this much time together either. Meanwhile, Abby thanks Forrest for bringing her. She tells him her family went ahead as she changed her mind about going at the last minute. Forrest tells her it was no problem.

Julie helps Alice over to Abby, who is shocked to see her. Abby tells them she changed her mind. Alice asks if she will be sitting with them. Abby nods, asking if Forrest can join them. Alice says he may. Forrest thanks them but says he doesn't have to stay. Abby asks him too, saying he will be a comfort to her. Forrest gives in and says he will stay and will do whatever he can to help. Abby embraces him as a worried Julie and Alice look on.

-At the police station, Bo and Hope are with Chelsea, promising her that it will be alright. Bo embraces her, followed by Hope. Chelsea thanks them both. Abe walks in, telling them the squad car is ready to take them. Bo asks if Chelsea is ready. She says she is as ready as she will ever be. They all leave.

-Back on the pier, Victor gets off the phone with Nico and looks around, making sure he listened to the directions Nico gave him properly. He looks ahead and sees Doug looking at the water in front of him. Victor calls out to him. Doug turns and rolls his eyes, asking what he is doing there.

Victor: I need your help. I know you are upset...

Doug: Oh, look. Underworld crime lord Victor Kiriakis playing hero again. You make me sick!

Victor: I know you don't like me and I know you are upset with Maggie and Julie. I urge you to look past all that and to think about the big picture.

Doug: Don't tell me what to do. I am sick of you sticking your nose in this family's business. Just get away from me! Leave me alone! Leave us all alone!!

Victor: Doug...I can't do that. You are the only way to make sure Maggie and possibly even Julie doesn't go to jail. Please...think about everything that is involved here. Alice and Abby need Maggie and Julie around in that house. Abby is paralyzed and Alice needs help getting around. The Horton legacy...Tom...think about the Horton Foundation. It can't deal with bad PR right now,nor can the Horton family. Think about Lucas and Will. They need Maggie and Julie.

Doug: What's wrong with Lucas and Will?

Victor: Obviously, you didn't hear. Sami Brady was killed in an explosion last night by Orpheus.

Doug: My God! Has the world gone mad?

Victor: Doug...please!! Call the DA. Chez Rouge was Maggie's place so arson is not the issue but attempted murder is. Tell the DA you want no charges brought against Maggie or Julie. Ask for probation, counseling, AA, or whatever! The family name carries alot of weight. You can make a difference! Please...your the only hope!

Doug turns away and is silent. Victor begs him, telling Doug he knows what is the right thing to do no matter what he is feeling for him, Maggie, and Julie right now. Doug turns around and tells Victor to just stay away from him and leave him alone. He then walks off. Victor prepares to follow but stops, wondering what he is going to do now.

-Back at the hospital, Belle asks Marlena how she is doing. Marlena says she is better. She has to be. They all need each other right now. Marlena asks Caroline if she has seen Roman since last night. Caroline shakes her head, saying she hasn't heard from him. Marlena begins to worry. Both Caroline and Belle assure he is fine. He is a smart guy and won't be stupid, even in his current state. Caroline says he is probably in a bar somewhere. Marlena tells Caroline that is what she is afraid of. Caroline tells Marlena she will make some calls and see if she can find him. Caroline leaves as Marlena tells Belle to give her a hug as holding her makes everything feel so much better. Belle lovingly embraces her.

Meanwhile, Caroline walks to the nurses station and is stopped by an angry Cal, who shoved the newspaper in Caroline's face and asks why he wasn't told about Sami. Katherine races up, asking what Cal is doing. Cal tells her to stay out of it. Caroline apologizes to Cal, saying it's been a very traumatizing time and it slipped everyone's mind. Cal finds it hard to believe it slipped everyone's mind as that is alot of people. Caroline and Katherine are both stunned by his harshness and asks what is wrong.

Cal admits that he is just upset about Sami and he just feels left out lately, thinking it's because he isn't Roman anymore. He just wants to be told things and to be invited to the hospital with the family when there is trouble. Chelsea is in jail and he would like to help and he just wants to be involved. Caroline smiles and embraces him, apologizing for what happened. She tells him he will always be a Brady no matter what and she will do better to make him feel that way. She will also make sure the rest of the family stays on top of that too. Cal thanks her and apologizes. Caroline tells him it's been upsetting lately for all. She says she must get going to make some calls but asks him to stay around and visit Marlena. She would like that. Cal nods. Caroline embraces both him and Katherine and leaves. Cal's smiling face then turns serious as he turns and begins to walk away. Katherine says she thought he was going to see Marlena as he has been wanting to. Cal tells her he doesn't want to right now and walks off. Katherine is both worried and stunned by his behavior and wonders what is going on.

-At the courthouse, Steve and Kayla are now with Frankie and Max. Shane comes in wheeling Kim just as Bo, Hope, and Abe arrive with Chelsea. Maggie is soon brought in as well while the media hounds the group. Bo tries to keep the media away and orders several officers to restrain the media. Julie and Alice tell Maggie to have faith. Maggie says she is trying. Just then, Victor arrives, telling Maggie she doesn't have to try anymore or worry. He smiles as he announces her nightmare is over in front of everyone that has assembled outside the courtroom.

Max tries to make his way over to Chelsea but can't manage to. He then looks over to see Forrest wheeling Abby into the courtroom. Abby tells Forrest she wishes her father and Billie were here. Chelsea and her really need them right now. Forrest promises her he will do what he can to find them. Abby thanks him as he embraces her. The scene then shifts to...

An island, where we see what appears to be a man's footsteps. The camera pans up to reveal the man to be Jack. His pants are torn off from the ankle down and his shirt is shredded. His face is scratched up and bruises and he is looking for food when he takes another step forward and falls into a pit covered by shrubs. Jack hangs on for dear life, looking down into what appears to be a bottomless pit. He screams out for help as the scene freezes on his face and then fades to black.




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