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July 25, 2007




-At the Salem police station, Victor and Maggie are left alone by a guard. The guard tells Victor he has 5 minutes. Victor nods. Maggie comments on how her being booked took forever. She is now in a holding cell and is worried about her fate. Victor promises her that he will get her out of this. He already has an idea. He just needs to find Doug ASAP. Maggie asks what he is up to and begs Victor not to get into trouble. Victor smiles and says he has everything under control. He kisses her on the cheek and promises her it will all be ok very soon. She will be free and then they can make some wonderful memories to help forget about all the bad ones from the last year. Maggie smiles, thanking him for everything and hoping he is right.

Meanwhile, Julie rejoins Alice outside Abe's office. She tells her she just talked to Abby and there is no sign of Doug. He should be home by now and they know he isn't with them at the station. Alice urges her not to worry but Julie can't help but worry, given the way she and Doug left things. Bo, Hope, Abe, and Shane arrive. Kim wheels over. Steve and Kayla also join the group. Alice asks if the news is true about Sami. Bo nods and says it is. Julie asks about Lucas and Will. Hope says they are in bad shape and will need all of their support. Alice says they will give it to them. Kayla asks if the rest of the family knows. Hope nods and says that Roman just told Marlena. Everyone is devastated. Kayla is horrified and is comforted by Steve. Bo asks if Chelsea has been booked yet. Kim says that she just asked a guard and she is on her way to a holding cell. Bo goes to see her and to find Frankie. Hope goes with him.

Steve also moves to follow Bo and Hope when Kayla asks where he is going. Steve says he is going with Bo and Hope. Hope turns around and reminds Steve they are going to see Chelsea and he has no reason to. Steve realizes he has slipped up and says he is simply concerned about Chelsea. She is a Brady and he is married to one so he wants to see if he can help somehow. Kayla and Hope thank him for that but tell him there is nothing he can do right now. Steve tells them both to let them know if there is anything he can do. Kayla embraces him, saying she is so lucky to have such a caring man as her husband. Hope notices an expression of relief on Steve's face and is puzzled about what she just saw and heard. She then walks off to join Bo.

-In the hall nearby, Max is waiting around for Frankie to see if he can get in to see Chelsea. He needs to speak to her about Forrest and she what else she knows. He is worried about Abby based on what Chelsea told him. Meanwhile, at the Horton house, Forrest brings some tea out to Abby. He makes note of the rest of her family being out late. Abby says they have alot to deal with and they may be with Lucas because of Sami's death. Forrest thinks what happened to her was horrible, especially so soon after Eric and Austin's deaths. Abby agrees. She tells Forrest they have all been through alot and he has helped her so much in the last few months. Forest takes her hand and says that she has helped him immensely as well and he promises to help aid in her recovery. Abby smiles.

-At the University Hospital chapel, Anna begs Carrie not to push her away. She is her mother. An emotional Carrie holds Evan and pats him on the back to comfort him as she gets up.

Carrie: Oh, NOW you want to be my mother. Where have you been for over 20 years? You didn't say a damn word to me on the ship or when we first got back. What took you so long? Too busy with Tony? I just lost my husband and my brother and sister and you want to come in here and play mommy dearest after missing every single event in my life over the last 20 years? Weddings, health problems, divorces...do you know how many times I needed you? Do you know how many times I tried looking for you? When I did track you down, your secretary or whoever I talked to would say you were busy or couldn't break away from a client. Do you know how that made me feel?

Anna: I'm not excusing my behavior. You are going through hell and I just want to be there for you.

Carrie: Why now? Because you were kidnapped and just happened to end up back in Salem so now you want to strike up a relationship with me? Ah...I get it. You must have some mother/daughter line of clothes coming out and you need me to promote it. That would be so you, wouldn't it? Only doing what is right for you.

Anna: Carrie...

Carrie: You know...I guess I am like you. I mean, I gave up Evan for what I thought were the right reasons but I guess I also did it because it was the easy way out. I've cheated on Austin in the past and I did that because being with Mike felt right. He was there for me and I needed him...God, I am like you. Doing what is right by me but twisting it to make me sound selfless.

Anna: Carrie, your nothing like me. Your...


Anna: Carrie, please!! Don't shut me out!!

Carrie: I already did. A long time ago. I gave up on you ever being a mother to me years ago. It's just too bad I wasted so many years making excuses for you and thinking you would come back someday soon. It's too late now. GET OUT!!

Anna puts her head down in shame and leaves. Outside the chapel, Anna breaks down in tears, saying she is sorry repeatedly. In the chapel, Carrie sits back down with Evan and falls apart. As tears stream down her face and Evan begins to cry, she promises him it's all going to be alright.

-Back at the police station, Victor is walking down the hallway when he encounters Nico. Victor asks if there is any word on Orpheus. Nico shakes his head, saying he has been MIA since the explosion. Victor shakes his head and says that Orpheus must be stopped. He has claimed too many lives already. Victor tells Nico to have all the men they can afford out looking for him and also for Doug Williams. He tells Nico he is going out to aid in the search for Doug too. He is the key to getting Maggie off the hook.

Julie joins them, saying she couldn't help overhearing. She thanks Victor for going out to find Doug. Abby said he isn't at the Horton House and he isn't with them at the station. Victor tells Julie he and his men will find him and then, hopefully, she and Maggie will be off the hook for what happened. Julie asks what he has in mind. Victor says he will explain later but time is precious. Victor takes off with Nico as Julie yells good luck to them.

Meanwhile, Bo and Hope visit Chelsea in her holding cell. Hope reminds one of the guards that Chelsea's left arm is still lacking in mobility and urges him to remember that. The guard says he will and will tell the other guards. Chelsea comments on how booking took forever and asks if there is news on her mother or Jack. Bo says there isn't and asks if she heard about Sami. Chelsea says she heard the news from an officer. It's horrible. Bo says Orpheus needs to be stopped for screwing with all their lives. He also promises Chelsea they will do everything they can to get her out. Frankie is working on things right now. Chelsea thanks Bo and tells him to thank everyone else.

Hope then takes Chelsea's hand and promises her it's all going to be alright. Hope and Chelsea share a knowing look, one that is comforting to Chelsea. Both women smile at each other. Bo tells Chelsea she is not allowed visitors right now but they have to go. Her and Maggie's arraignment is tomorrow so they will be back first thing. Chelsea says ok as Bo gives her a kiss, followed by Hope. They both leave as Chelsea looks around her jail cell, praying that she gets out of this somehow.

-Outside Abe's officer, Max is still waiting for Frankie. Frankie then appears and Max asks how Chelsea is doing. Frankie says her and Maggie's arraignment is tomorrow and he is doing the best he can. Max asks if she can have visitors as he really needs to talk to her. Frankie says she can't so he will have to talk to her tomorrow at the courthouse. Max admits this is an emergency and may not be able to wait. Frankie asks what is going on.

Max thinks about telling Frankie the truth but recalls Chelsea saying Abby could be in danger and tells Frankie that he has it taken care of. He just needs to talk to Chelsea ASAP. Frankie reminds him he can come to him with anything. Max says he knows. Frankie tells Max he has to handle some things and wishes him a good night. Max and him embrace as he leaves and Max wishes him the same. Max worries about Forrest being with Abby right now and admits that the more time she spends with him, the greater the chance of her never getting out of whatever web he is cooking up. Max decides that he needs to talk to Abby alone ASAP.

Meanwhile, at the Horton house, Abby tells Forrest she appreciates his help but doubts he knows anyone that can help her recover. She has seen many specialists and there has been so much research done on her case. Forrest urges her to just let him try. Abby smiles and thanks him for everything. Forrest says it's nothing and thanks her for being there for him. Abby tells him he can get going as her family should be home soon. She would like some time alone anyway so she can pray for her father. Forrest promises to help in the search. Abby tells him he has done enough but Forrest insists.

Abby asks Forrest where he is staying. He tells her he booked a room at the Salem Inn and he will call her with the number in the morning. He kisses her on the cheek and tells her good night. She tells him to have a good night too. He asks her again if she is sure he wants him to go as he will stay. Abby smiles and nods.

Forrest leaves as Abby looks at a picture of her father and mother, asking her mother to look over all of them and to bring her father home safe. Meanwhile, Forrest watches Abby from outside the window and smiles as the scene fades to black.




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