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-At the Penthouse Grille, Tony and Anna have just finished their dinner. Tony makes note of how quiet Anna has been since they arrived and asks what is wrong. Anna admits that she is still having a hard time thinking of a way to help Carrie. She has suffered so much and she needs her mother right now but she hasn't been there for her in so long. Anna tells Tony she is afraid that Carrie won't accept comfort or help from her. Tony takes Anna's hand gently and reminds her to just act like a mother while also acting like herself. She should never be someone she's not as Carrie wouldn't want that either. As long as she is loving and shows that she cares, there will be no problem. He is sure of it. Anna smiles and thanks Tony for his words of advice yet again.

Some tango-type music begins to play and Tony asks Anna to dance, suggesting that it may help take her mind off her problems. Anna's face turns to one of disgust as she reminds Tony about what she told him on the cruise ship and his promise to not push her into a relationship with him. Tony says he simply was asking her to dance. Anna tells Tony she knows what he is trying to do. She is vulnerable and he knows it. He is taken advantage of her emotional state and thinks that the cruise ship and their near-death experience will help bring her back into his desperately waiting arms. Tony takes offense to Anna's accusation. Anna says she could care less what he thinks and tosses her wine in his face, gets up, and walks out. Tony gives chase but loses sight of her, wondering when Anna is going to stop lying to him...and herself.

-At the explosion site, a devastated Lucas has no idea what to say to Will as Bo, Hope, Kate, Nicole, Shane, Abe, and Belle look on. Lucas tells Will he shouldn't be here. Belle apologizes, saying that they saw the news report and wanted to know what was going on. Will wanted to come and she tried to convince him to stay behind but he wouldn't give in. Hope tells Belle it's fine and tells Lucas that Will and him really should talk alone. Hope advises him to be strong for his son. Lucas nods. The others leave them be as Lucas walks up to a confused and terrified Will, who refuses to believe that his mother is gone. Lucas puts his arm around Lucas and sits him down on a street corner.

Lucas: Look...I know it's hard to...

Will: No! She's not gone. I don't care what you or anyone else saw.

Lucas: Will, I saw her in the building. There was no way she got out. She told me she loved me and then the whole place went up. There was no time for an escape or for anything else. She's...(fighting back tears) gone. Your mother is...(turns away, wiping a tear from his eye)

Will: No!! I need her!! I can't...I can't....

Lucas (takes Will in hi arms and embraces him): I know, Will. I know.

Hope sees the heartbreaking scene between Will and Lucas and tells Bo that this is really horrible. Bo agrees. Abe and Shane come over, saying it's time to get the media and everyone else away from the scene. Bo nods in agreement. Hope tells Lucas that they need to clear the scene and it may be best for him and Will to go. Belle offers to drive them given the state they are in. Lucas thanks her and tells Will to come on. He then catches sight of Kate and Nicole standing nearby and asks what the hell they are doing there. Kate explains that they saw the news report. Lucas asks if they wanted to see for themselves so they can celebrate. Kate denies that but Lucas reminds her of her more then decade long hatred of Sami.

A drunk Nicole admits she came down to celebrate and asks if there is a liquor store around. An appalled Hope interjects and orders both women to leave. All they are doing is upsetting everyone even further. Kate apologizes and tells Lucas that she may not have liked Sami but she knows he is hurting and she just wants to be there for him and Will. Lucas gets up in her face and tells her to just stay the hell out of his life. Will and him don't need her and don''t ever want to see her face again. Lucas and Will leave as a heartbroken Kate looks on. Nicole then whispers in Kate's ear that she won't be getting any mother's day cards this year. Kate gives her a cold look as Nicole then smiles before walking off. Kate wipes tears from her eyes and then walks off as Hope tells Bo that Kate has alot of nerve. Bo shakes his head, saying that women will never change.

-At University Hospital, Caroline tracks Carrie down to the chapel and tells her she has been looking for her. Carrie is in tears, holding Evan close. She tells Caroline she just wants to be alone and thanks her for her concern. Caroline nods and tells Carrie that she and the rest of the family are there for her and to call or come find her if she needs anything. Carrie smiles and thanks her grandmother. Caroline kisses Carrie on the cheek and leaves. She then thinks about Sami and breaks down in tears outside the hospital chapel as Carrie continues to fall apart inside the chapel.

Meanwhile, Marlena begs Roman to tell her what is going on. Roman gets up and walks away. Marlena orders him not to go. If something is wrong, she has a right to know. She can tell he is upset and asks if it's someone in the family or the children. She asks if this has something to do with Eric. Roman, with his back still turned, doesn't answer. Marlena demands him to say something. Roman turns around, realizing he has no choice, and sits back down next to Marlena. He takes her hand and tells her this is the hardest thing he has ever had to do and he didn't think he would be doing it so soon after doing it only days earlier. Marlena is confused, asking what he is talking about. Roman tells her he has bad news. Marlena is horrified, saying the family can't deal with more bad news.

Roman tells Marlena she needs to be strong. They both do. Marlena begins to panic and, recalling Roman's comment a moment earlier about having to do something again, asks what he is getting at.

Roman: Marlena...there was an accident.

Marlena: Oh...oh...that's what you meant by doing this again. One of our children is hurt. Belle or Sami? Or is it Carrie? Brady...oops...I meant Jonathan? Who?

Roman: Marlena...

Marlena: Is it bad? Oh, please...it can't be bad. God wouldn't do that to us. Not so soon after...

Roman (fighting back tears): That is what is making this hard. Eric...Marlena...please just let me get this out.

Marlena: Go ahead. Please, tell me.

Roman: Sami saw Orpheus and went after him. Lucas and I...along with Bo, Hope, Shane...we went after them. I called in some help but Orpheus managed to get a hold of her.

Marlena: So, he kidnapped her? My God!

Roman: No! Let me finish. Orpheus took her to the Chancellor building. You know, the glass building down...

Marlena: Yes, I know of it. Did she fall? Did she get cut by glass? Did...

Roman: Marlena, please!! Let me do this! We arrived there and saw her in the building. Orpheus then played his traditional mind games and...and...(eyes welling up with tears)

Marlena: WHAT?! TELL ME!!

Roman: She told Lucas she loved him...and...the place went up.

Marlena: What do you mean...it went up?

Roman: Orpheus detonated a bomb and the building blew up with Sami in it...

Marlena: NO!! NO!! There must be some...she had to get out...she must have...

Roman: Mar...we checked. There is no way. There wasn't enough time. We saw her in there. She's gone. Our little is...gone. (beginning to cry)

Marlena: No!! I don't...

Roman (grabbing Marlena and looking into her eyes): Look at me!! Look at me!! She's gone. Our...beautiful Samantha...she's gone.

Marlena begins to tear up and then breaks down in tears, hysterically beating on Roman's chest in disbelief.

Marlena (crying): NO!!! NOT AFTER ERIC!! NOT BOTH OF THEM!! NO!!!

Barbara then walks in, asking what is going on and noting she heard screaming. Roman tells her she had to tell Marlena. Barbara says she heard what happened and apologizes for their loss but tells Roman he did wrong. Marlena is emotionally exhausted and needed rest and no stress. This may set her recovery back. Roman insists she had to know. Both Roman and Barbara try to calm Marlena, who is still hysterical. Barbara gives her a sedative and Marlena gradually calms down, whispering Sami's name before slowly closing her eyes.

Barbara ushers Roman outside the room and tells him Marlena will be out for the rest of the night and she will examine her in the morning. She lectures Roman again about telling Marlena the bad news and urges him to listen to her next time or Marlena may never completely recover. Roman understands. He just thinks this was for the best as he didn't want her to learn the truth on her own. Barbara understands and apologizes to him again for his loss. She tells him she will see him in the morning and leaves. Roman then looks into Marlena's room and then walks off in anger and disgust.

-At a bar on the west side of Salem, Nicole hears another news report on Sami and raises her glass, saying may she burn in hell. Nicole then looks at a picture of Eric and raises her glass, toasting to him and their relationship and to all the good times. She then wipes the tears from her eyes and asks for another martini. Meanwhile, Kate has returned to her suite at the Salem Inn and is looking at a picture of herself with Billie, Philip, Lucas, and Austin. She lovingly caresses it before breaking down in tears on the couch.

-Lucas and Will return to Sami's apartment and look around, expecting Sami to pop out from her room or the kitchen to ask where they have been. Both men silently walk further into the apartment. Lucas looks at a picture of him and Sami on the mantle and, as his eyes well with tears, Will walks up behind him and tells his father they will get through this together and promises to be there for him. Lucas turns around and embraces his son, telling him he is right. They both need each other...more then ever. Will then begins to cry, telling Lucas he misses mom already. Lucas, as tears stream down his face, tells Will he does too and probably won't ever stop.

-Back at University Hospital, Anna arrives outside the hospital chapel and bumps into Caroline. She explains that a nurse saw her there and asks if she has seen Carrie. Caroline tells her she is insider but she wants to be alone. Anna insists she wants to be there for her daughter, saying she could use her mother right now. Caroline's not sure it's a good time for Anna to try to reconnect with her daughter after all these years. Anna smiles and says it may turn out to be the best time as this is a situation where a daughter will need her mother's love more then ever. Caroline says she can't stop her and wishes her luck. Anna thanks her.

Anna enters the chapel and silently walks up behind Carrie. She taps her on the shoulder. Carrie is rocking Evan and turns around to see Anna. Anna looks at Carrie's tear soaked face and tells her she is there to help her through this difficult time. Carrie wipes the tears from her eyes and turns back around, telling her to go away and to stop pretending like she cares. Anna insists she does care. Carrie once again orders Anna to get out or she will have security throw her out. Anna is stunned.

Meanwhile, Roman is now in an alley outside the hospital. He flashes back to seeing Eric die and to seeing Sami die. He then throws a trash can in frustration and breaks down in tears.


Roman collapses to his knees, crying out in anguish as the scene fades to black.




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