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-At the former Chancellor building, emergency personnel and police are running amok, trying to investigate and survey the explosion site. Shane returns to Bo and Hope, telling them he can't find Roman anywhere. Bo says that considering they saw Roman toss his badge, it would seem he is disgusted with himself and the system, much like he was. Hope tells Bo that his brother and family need him now. Bo insists he knows but isn't sure if he can get past what Roman and Kim did. Shane asks where Lucas is. Hope Looks around and sees Lucas all alone and walks over to him. Bo advises Shane to get the media and the helicopters above out of the area. If anyone they love sees it, it will be very upsetting. Shane agrees and walks off.

Hope sits down by Lucas and tells him to remember his family is there for him. Lucas is silent. Hope asks if he wants her to call Kate. Lucas shakes his head. Hope tells Lucas that she can call Belle to make sure Will doesn't see the news. Lucas is still silent. Hope gets up and tells Bo she fears he may be in shock. Lucas then opens up and tells Hope that Sami is gone. She really is gone. He then breaks down in tears. Hope sits back down and takes him in her arms, telling him to let it all out, as Bo watches.

-At University Hospital, Will and Belle are still in the waiting room with Carrie. Will tells Belle she needs to tell Carrie about Sami and Orpheus. Belle doesn't think Carrie can handle it. A nurse then comes running in, telling Belle that her grandmother needs her. Belle races out. Carrie overhears and races out too, taking Evan in her arms. They arrive outside Marlena's room and find a distraught Caroline, who directs their attention to the news report of Sami's death. They are all stunned. Will insists it can't be true. Belle agrees and says she needs to get down there. Will wants to go too as his father will need him. Belle doesn't like the idea but Will refuses to let up so she agrees, reluctantly. Carrie wants to go to but Caroline thinks taking Evan out is a bad idea and urges Carrie to stay back. They have no idea what is going on yet. Carrie agrees, realizing it's what is best for her son.

Belle and Will then leave, telling Caroline and Carrie they will update them with what is going on. Caroline prays it's a mistake or that Sami survived somehow. Their family can't take another tragedy. Carrie agrees, saying she has lost enough and can't lose her sister too. She then holds Evan close as Caroline embraces the both of them.

-At the Salem Inn, Kate is at the bar, staring at a picture of Austin. She remarks at how it's all her fault. A drunk Nicole is on her way back from the ladies room and appears to be wiping tears from her eyes when she overhears Kate. Nicole agrees that it is all Kate's fault as she had the power to put a stop to what was happening. Kate reminds Nicole this whole thing started with her scheme to keep Evan. Nicole nearly falls over as reminds Kate that she didn't even know Evan was Carrie's until later on. Kate counters with the fact that Nicole still schemed and plotted to keep Evan even after knowing and helped Orpheus and Alan, both of whom were criminals. Nicole is sick of the argument and tells Kate that her interference led to all this.

Kate: I realize I have made mistakes. I don't need you reminding me.

Nicole: What an understatement. You have put your nose in your children's lives for years and it's well past time it came back to bite you in your ass. Philip wants nothing to do with you and Lucas and Will even changed their last name to avoid being associated with you. Austin is dead now and Billie may very well be too.

Kate: You bitch!! (grabs Nicole's arms) Don't you say that! Billie could still be alive!

Nicole: Not arguing the rest, huh? Tell me, Kate. You have focused so much attention on Lucas and Sami...are you other kids jealous? When will mommy dearest let her rapidly shrinking flock grow up and make their own decisions?

Kate: You should've died on that ship. Not Eric and Austin.

Nicole: Yeah..well, we can't all be so lucky. What's done is done. Live with it. Just remember you have alot more to live with then me. I loved Eric and cared for Austin but Austin was your child and so was Billie. That's quite a ways different then the connections I had. You helped the events along that killed your own children. Isn't that a heartwarming thought!

Kate: Bitch!!

Kate hauls back and slaps Nicole and a brawl ensues. The bartender tries to stop the two women, who are on the ground fighting, but fails. Just then, both women overhear the news of Sami's death during a news break and stop fighting. They pick themselves off the ground while listening to the breaking news of the explosion. They then look each other, stunned. Kate then pays for her drinks and leaves. Shortly after, an inebriated Nicole does the same.

-At the police station, Celeste arrives with Theo to see Abe. Alice, Kim, Kayla, Steve, and Julie are all waiting around as Frankie is still with Maggie and Chelsea, who are still being booked and remark on how big and handsome Theo has gotten. Julie tells Celeste that Victor has gone to check in with Frankie and the DA to see what is happening. Abe is in his office when Celeste enters, saying he had to leave so fast that she thought she would bring Theo to him as he has yet to reunite with his son. Abe shares an emotional reunion with his boy and thanks Celeste. Celeste says she has been calling Alexandra but she won't answer. Abe notes that Lexie said not to call her until morning and that she wants to be alone. Celeste tells Abe she is worried about her and that they need to learn what is going on. Abe promises they will. Celeste also insists they talk about what happened on the ship. Abe reminds Celeste that he thinks the issue should be dropped. It was a mistake in the heat of the moment and nothing more.

They then hear screams in agony outside and race out of his office. Abe and Celeste join the others and hear the breaking news of Sami's death. Abe yells out why no one told him about this. An officer says it just happened and everything is crazy right now. Abe says he needs to get out to the scene and tells everyone to stay there. They will be kept informed as news comes available. He leaves a room of stunned people behind. Steve comforts Kayla, who is worried about Roman. Kim is also worried about Roman and the rest of the family. Julie tells Alice she is worried about Lucas given his history with alcohol. They all saw what happened to Maggie this past year. Alice agrees and hopes that he is strong and resists. He needs to know that they are there for him.

-Back at the hospital, Caroline and Carrie are outside Marlena's room, both in shock over what is happening. Carrie is now rocking Evan, who has begun to cry. Caroline remarks on how babies always seem to know when bad things are going on. Carrie nods. They are both stunned when Roman comes walking out of the elevator. Both women can see how distraught he is. Caroline begs Roman to tell her it's not true or some sort of misunderstanding. Roman shakes his head in disgust, filling them both in on how they saw Sami in the glass building and then the explosion happened. Roman tearfully admits there is no way she could've made it out. Caroline begins to tremble in shock and breaks down. She embraces Roman. Carrie turns away and breaks down in tears, holding Evan tightly. She then walks off. Roman is about to go after her but Caroline stops him, telling him to give her time. She's been through alot.

Roman nods, saying he has something he has to do anyway. He asks Caroline to go to the Nurses Station and have someone call Barbara. They may need her here. Caroline is confused. Roman says he has to tell Marlena before she finds out in some other way. It's his responsibility and Barbara may be needed. Caroline thinks it's a bad idea and reminds Roman she needs to rest and doesn't need stress. Roman lashes out at Caroline and tells her to just do what he asks. He then apologizes. Caroline says it's fine. She will have Barbara called. Roman thanks her and then enters Marlena's room. He sits down by her, saying he will stay until she wakes up. He kisses her hand and is stunned when she slowly stirs. She opens her eyes, asking where she is.

Roman explains she is at the hospital and reminds her of what happened with the ship and the aftermath. Marlena recalls all that and the fact she has been in and out of consciousness. She admits being tired but feels like she is really back in control. Roman is pleased and says that Barbara will examine her in the morning. Marlena nods and mentions how they have so much to deal with. She tears up as she mentions Austin's death and Eric's. Roman begins to break down but fights off the tears, telling Marlena they will work through it. He then mentions he has to tell her something. Marlena sits up a bit and can see Roman is upset and asks what's wrong. Roman is getting choked up as Marlena asks him what has happened now. Roman can't get any words out and doesn't answer as a confused and worried Marlena looks on.

-Back at the explosion site, Abe has now arrived and tells Shane, Bo, and Hope that everything was burned to nothing in the explosion. Bo doesn't know how his family will deal with this. Hope comforts him. Lucas then comes over, still in shock, and asks if there is anyway Sami could've made it out. Kate then arrives with Nicole a short distance behind. They both watch what is going on in front of them. Hope puts her arm around Lucas while Bo looks him in the eye and tells him he would like to say there is hope but there isn't. They all saw it happen. They saw her in there and then the explosion. Hope reminds Lucas that Sami even told him that she loved him. Lucas tears up and can't believe this is happening...that Sami's really gone.

Belle then arrives with Will, just as Lucas shouts out that Sami is really dead.

Will: NO!! It can't be true!!! Not mom!! No!!!

Lucas then turns and faces a horrified Will as Hope, Bo, Shane, Abe, Belle, Kate, and Nicole all look on while the scene freezes on Will's face and fades to black.




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