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Monday, July 2, 2007

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Our Days in Salem Episode #6 – Monday, July 2, 2007

At Bo and Hope’s, the couple is fretting over someone to watch Ciara. Then, there’s a knock on their door. It’s Doug and Julie.

“Daddy, it’s so good to see you! And Julie, oh!” They embrace her, and Bo, who asks how “Mrs. H” is doing. They say she’s excited about the picnic tomorrow. Hope says that’s wonderful, but wonders what brings the pair of them by.

“Well,” Julie intervenes, “Doug and I were in the mood to spoil this little girl. Not to mention that grandma has sent me on special assignment,” which causes Hope to raise her eyebrow. It seems that Alice is curious that her great-grandson has come all the way from Israel to the states and has never bothered to step foot here in Salem – forget on her door step.

Hope laughs, “Gram would find out through the grapevine where our dear old cousin in staying, wouldn’t she?” Julie agrees, and notes that Hope and Bo look like they’re ready to go undercover. Hope doesn’t deny that their timing is perfect. Doug is wary, but Hope tells him that the less he knows, the better – unless something goes wrong. Doug makes Bo promise to take of his little princess, and he does as they head out.

“Shall we inspect the damage, darling?” Julie asks, looking around for a moment. He chuckles, noting how some things just never change. Since Ciara is asleep (for the moment, Doug reminds her), they head into the kitchen, where there are dishes piled up in the sink and laundry baskets waiting to be tended to.

Inside the DiMera Mansion, Anna has balked from answering Stefano’s question. A coughing fit comes around and Anna suggests that Tony make sure his father gets his rest. Tony wonders if she’s trying to get rid of him. She shrugs, saying she figured that Tony would want insurance that Stefano would be all right. Stefano breaks up the bickering, announcing that he is tired, and so he will be going to rest. Before he goes, he tells Anna he expects to see her very soon.

“You are up to something, aren’t you?” Tony asks Anna, whom let’s her ex believe what he wants, enjoying the drink.

At the DiMera Mansion, Bo and Hope meet with Roman. They ask about Anna. He explains that he told her the deal is off. Bo asks his brother how he expects to let his wife go through the gates of Hell without some kind of a decoy. Roman tells him to relax, pointing through the window, where they can see Anna with Tony and Stefano.

“I don’t like this,” says Bo, and he goes on to tell Roman that Anna can obviously handle herself. Roman says he wasn’t going to give Anna the power to squeeze more money out of his pockets, and besides they’ve taken enough chances on civilian’s heads, reminding them of what happened with John. Hope senses some familiar tension, but Roman tells her to just do her job. Bo says he’ll ensure that. Roman leaves, and Bo and Hope watch amusedly.

Billie gets out of her car and digs out a piece of paper. “Well, this is it. I’ve got the right address. Here’s to hoping there’s nothing fun to find inside, for Sami and Lucas’ sake.” She gets a flashlight out, locks up her car, and uses the key Lucas gave her to get in. Just as she gets the key in, someone grabs her and tackles her to the ground. She struggles for a minute, recognizing the voice that chides her for being there.

“John, it’s me! It’s Billie! Let me up!” he does, and he looks at her strangely, wondering what she thinks she’s doing there. She wonders the same thing. He tells her he’s keeping an eye out for Sami. She finds this humorous, as Lucas came to her to sweep it for any discrepancies in security. Se asks him if he’s checked out the inside. He tells her that’s negative; Roman hasn’t let him. She figures it’s because he’s not a cop. He points that neither is she anymore.

Billie recognizes that this may be true, but Lucas gave her the key. He wants to be sure that everything checked out all right. John thinks they should check it out together – that way they’re fulfilling requests for both parties. Since she and Sami’s friendship is shaky at best, she agrees. “Shall we?” she asks.


Next on…


-Steve arranges easy entrance to the Mansion
-Stefano catches Hope red-handed
-Julie sets Jeremy straight
-Billie discovers something surprising at the safe house
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