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Friday, June 29, 2007



Our Days in Salem Episode #5 - Friday, June 29, 2007

Kate is waiting impatiently for Roman in his office. Upon his arrival, she has a few choice words. “You have some nerve, you know. I’m here waiting to get in to see you and your lackey out there is giving me a hard time, practically treating me like a criminal. I ought to sue the damn department.”

He tells Kate to calm down. He’s here now, and all ears. She remarks that for once he probably will be, since this isn’t about his precious daughter. Roman’s glad to here she’s moving on. Kate laughs, telling him to dream on. She’ll never accept Sami as her daughter-in-law. Not even when hell freezes over.

Roman tells Kate to stop talking about Sami, since that’s not why she’s here. Kate apologizes for the tangent, but Sami brings out the worst her. He agrees. She tells him she’s here because her daughter told her that he tossed out the case against Nick Fallon, despite incriminating evidence.

Sami tells Marlena that, without EJ, she would probably be dead right now. No matter what he’s done in the past, he’s determined to protect her and this unborn child. She doesn’t care what his intentions are, she just knows that he can help her in ways few others can, because he’s on the inside, and he’s willing.

“Besides, I just can’t go through that again. It’s bad enough to be raped more than once. I…” Marlena apologizes, telling Sami she needn’t explain her position. She understands entirely. She can’t imagine going through that kind of torture again. Sami asks Marlena why she never talks to her about her life before Roman, and Marlena points out that she’s never asked. Sami tells Marlena that she hopes it’s not too late for them.

Marlena tells Sami that it will never be too late for them. She knows that Sami has done some terrible things. She was traumatized for so long, and Marlena accepts responsibility for that. She knows John does, too. Sami tells her mother that it’s no excuse for her behavior over the years. She wants to really try starting again. She’d like to be more than just Marlena’s daughter – but her friend as well. It warms Marlena’s heart to hear this.

Tony has decided to take a stroll on his horse, Napoleon, out in the gardens, where he is surprised by…


Anna cocked an eyebrow. “What a stallion. You don’t look so bad yourself, Tony.”

He jumps down, entranced by her. They embrace and she says she wishes he’d looked at her like that twenty years ago, instead of running off to find himself and sending her divorce papers later. He admits that perhaps he was a bit hasty, but it seemed right at the time. She wonders what’s right now.

Tony laughs, asking her if this is merely a social visit or if Roman has sent her to interrogate them about their supposed bomb. Anna has no idea what he’s talking about. Tony tells Anna he knows she was at the Brady Pub last night, so there’s no need to play dumb. Anna reminds him that there’s no harm in seeing friends and family, just because he forgot he had any.

“Touché,” Tony chuckles, marveling at her beauty. He invites her inside.

“Kate, if you’re here to question my decision making in a police investigation, this conversation is over.”

Kate tells him to stop acting all high and mighty for two seconds, and remember that he was her husband. She’s never known him in a million years to just toss out evidence. Roman admits that ever since the divorce, he’s gone more by the book than anyone would believe. It was his way of getting on with his life. He honestly tells Kate that he had no reason to torture Nick. Willow’s history spoke for itself. He goes on to remind her that his family and the Hortons have always been very close, and he wasn’t going to drag that relationship through the mud unless he absolutely had to. He tells Kate that if she has nothing else she wants to say, he’s got work to do.

In a huff, she gets up and goes to the door. She looks back for several moments before leaving.

Tony and Anna ride in together on Napoleon. Stefano is sitting on the sofa, amused by their antics. He applauds their entrance, laughing heartily.

“And this is supposed to be a dying man?” asks Anna.

“You know Father. He never kicked that bucket with much effort.”

Tony hopped down and helped Anna down afterwards. Stefano tells Tony not to be rude, and to offer the lady a drink. Anna is grateful for one, and Tony is more than happy to oblige.

“Come. Tell us, Anna. How is Roman?”

She sips her brandy with an amused expression.

Lucas let’s Marlena and Sami have their time together, deciding to go for a walk.

Out on the balcony, Maggie interrupts his reverie. He’s glad to see her. She knows how difficult it must be to deal with the uncertainty of the paternity of Sami’s babies. “Word spreads fast,” Lucas remarks. She just wants to make sure that he’s been keeping up with meetings. He assures her that he has. She wants him to let her know if he needs anything. Lucas thanks her.

He asks about Uncle Mickey, and Maggie says that he’s doing well. The pair of them will be taking a small vacation down to Nashville to see Melissa and Sarah. “That’s nice. It will good for you.” Maggie agrees with a smile, saying it’s never easy to be apart from your children. Lucas thinks it’s honorable that Mickey’s always loved them as his own. Maggie admits that it wasn’t always easy. This surprises Lucas. Maggie tells Lucas that he’s more of a Horton man than he realizes.

As she leaves, he seems to wonder if his resolve is as strong as Maggie wants it to be.

Next on...


-Hope notices something amiss with Roman
-Billie arrives to check out the safe house
-Doug and Julie play savior
-Anna’s up to something

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Great episode Keith. Anytime we get to see maggie is a treat. Keep up the good work.

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