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Thursday, June 28, 2007



Our Days in Salem Episode #4 - Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lucas and Sami tell Marlena they know that her carrying twins could mean double trouble, with either Lucas or EJ being the father of the kids. Marlena sheds some light on a far more bizarre possibility, making the couple realize that each kid may have a different father.

Sami says it sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but Marlena assures them that there are real cases. While it’s rare, she says, it can happen if the pregnant party in question has sex with two men in a close enough interval. Sami admits that she slept with Lucas only a few short hours before the beam fell on him and went looking for help, finding EJ in Lexie’s car.

Marlena reflects on that for a moment, asking Sami if she’d reconsider pressing charges against EJ for the rape.


“Katie, what seems to be the problem?” Kate looks up to see this blond woman she doesn’t know on Roman’s arm. The two women size each other up and greet each other cordially, if with an equal distrust. Roman explains that this is his first wife, Anna. “Carrie’s mother,” recalls Kate. Roman confirms this and introduces Kate as his most recent ex. Anna finds it intriguing that she and this woman already seem to have so much in common. Kate’s not so sure she wants to get to know Anna.

Roman clears his throat, reiterating his question. Kate says that she needs to talk to him in his office. “Sounds important,” Roman chuckles, and Kate tells him that it is. He tells her to go into his office and he’ll be with her shortly.

“You sure can pick them, Roman,” Anna remarks. He scolds her playfully and she kisses him on the cheek before heading out the door.


Elvis pauses before answering his father.

“No, Father. I’d never do anything to go against this family. It is Tony who has done that, and it is Tony who I will continue to work against him until he’s given up his insane vendetta against me.”

Stefano is disappointed. EJ knows Stefano wants him to strike even ground with his brother, and he’s tried and tried harder. He promises that as long as Tony forges on, he will do whatever is necessary to protect his personal interests. Stefano takes this as confirmation that Anna’s not as innocent as he claimed, but EJ says no, informing his father that Sami will be kept in a safe house until she gives birth. He has no reason to protect the Bradys. Stefano, of course, finds this tidbit of information quite interesting.


Next on...


-Anna arrives at the Mansion

-Roman tells Kate to butt out

-Maggie offers Lucas some sage advice

-Sami and Marlena bond over her pregnancy


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Man, way to come out the box. It's taken from the current Days, but your great writing is branching off very nicely.

I'm once again a loyal reader, and will tune in faithfully.

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Welcome, Rudolfo! Yes, this is a new DAYS blog. I wrote one before - but this is a fresh start for me.

And Roman, always good to have you on board.

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