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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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Our Days in Salem Episode #3 - Wednesday, June 27, 2007

At University Hospital, Marlena and Sami share a moment, having just learned that Sami will carry on the twin tradition of the Evans family with this pregnancy. Lucas makes his presence known. Marlena lets him have some time with Sami for the final moments of the sonogram, explaining that she’s going to go visit with Abe and see how he’s doing. Lucas watches the screen in awe as Sami points out what’s what. This is all so new to him, never having been there with Will.

Dr. Jacobs informs them that the amnio has been a success and they should have the results in 24-hours. They thank her, as she leaves. Sami sees how happy and excited Lucas is at the prospect of twins and fears how he’ll react to a possible, bitter truth. He can see something is troubling her, and she opens up willingly.

“Lucas, what’s going to happen if these babies are EJ’s?”


In his office, Roman is on the phone, getting the latest on Abe’s recovery. He learns of the complications, but the doctors seem to be confident that he’ll make a full recovery in a few months. He hangs up, musing about what will happen when Abe returns.

“Knock, knock,” sings Anna’s voice.

Roman greets Anna warmly, and tells her he was just going to call her. He doesn’t like her going up to the mansion. Anna tells Roman that she’ll be fine; she’s swum with these sharks before. Besides, changed or not, it will be good to see Tony again. Roman’s certain she’ll change her mind the second she walks through that door.


EJ arrives at the DiMera mansion, and Tony greets him. “I see you’re being delegated to more menial tasks, brother.” Tony chuckles, telling EJ that he’s been expecting him. EJ remarks that Stefano summoned him, and so he came. Tony invites him inside. Bart comes to Tony’s side as EJ enters the morning room, where Stefano is waiting. Bart wonders why Tony looks so happy. He tells his bumbling cohort to just sit back and enjoy the show.

Stefano greets EJ warmly. EJ wonders why he’s been summoned. Stefano tells his son that he needs to know that he needs to be sure his information is correct. Elvis seems to realize that Stefano doubts his word on Anna’s intentions. Stefano admits that he has reason to believe EJ wasn’t as truthful as he could have been. EJ digs for more information, and Stefano chuckles, telling him to relax and have a brandy. EJ asks his father if he’d care to join him in one. “Yes, my son. Thank you. Now, come. Sit. I want you to tell me everything.”


Outside, Marlena has just left Abe’s room and she runs into Maggie, who says that Lucas told her about Sami’s appointment, and she wanted to offer him her support. Marlena is glad Maggie is there. Maggie wonders if something’s gone wrong, but Marlena says no, confiding in Maggie that her daughter is carrying twins. Maggie knows that must mean so much to Marlena. Then, something occurs to Maggie, and she asks if they know who the father is. A realization hits Marlena and she tells Maggie that she’ll find her later, rushing off to Sami.


Lucas takes a step back and clears his throat. He admits to being unsure how he could handle that. He apologizes, knowing that’s not what she needs to hear, but he’d much rather be honest with her. She’s glad. She feels in her heart that he’ll be a wonderful father to these kids no matter who spawned them. She asks Lucas if she can have some time alone, while she calls her brother Eric.

He wonders if she’s just trying to get rid of him again. Sami promises that she’s not lying to him. He’s sorry to accuse, but she knows that her recent history gives him every reason to question her. He jokes that the hospital bill will go through the roof with that long-distance call. She laughs, and he tells her he’ll be right outside, talking to the guard.

As he leaves, she picks up the phone and pauses before dialing. “Come on, come on. Pick up.”


“Are you jealous, my love?” Anna teases. “When I talked to him, he almost sounded like his old self. Funny the effect a woman can have on a man.”

Roman insists that he’s just concerned for her safety. She appreciates it, but tells her ex-husband that she’s a big girl who can take care of herself. A big girl who needs him to watch her back, he reminds her. She asks him not to be difficult. She’s here to get all setup with the wire. If he’s going to waste his breath trying to convince her she’s making a mistake, she can come back later.

“I’ve changed my mind,” reveals Roman. Anna’s confused. He tells her that if she wants to see Tony so bad, she can go right ahead. The last time he wired someone and sent them to get the DiMeras, he wound up in a coma for five months. Anna tries to plead her case with Roman, but he insists that he’s not sending another civilian into this case, no matter how well he thinks they can handle the DiMeras.

“All right. I can see that my price is too high. I guess coming back here was a mistake.” Anna stands, but Roman calls after her. He admits that her putting a price tag on the deal had a little to do with his change of heart. He makes it clear, however, that he’s happy she came back, and hopes she’ll stay in town for a little while. She makes no promises as she leaves.

Roman steps out of his office to walk Anna out and locks eyes with Kate.


Sami enjoys a one-sided phone conversation with her twin brother, Eric. She asks him about Colorado, his career in photography, and their grandparents. She excitedly tells him that she’s having twins. It appears he’s just as excited about the prospect as she reacts to what he says to her. Marlena returns and Sami hands the phone to her. They talk briefly before the phone is hung up.

“Sami, I’m so glad you called your brother. It was wonderful to hear his voice,” Marlena tells her daughter, who admits to missing her other half. She tells Sami that she’s sure he’d be proud to see how she’s grown. Lucas comes back in, asking how Eric is, and the trio converse briefly about Sami’s twin. Then, the conversation grows more serious.

“Have you two considered the more complicated circumstances, now that we know Sami’s carrying twins?” asks Marlena.


Outside the morning room, Tony is standing vigil, loving every single moment as he watched his brother’s downfall unfold before his very ears. Bart doesn’t think Tony should get too cocky. He’d hate to see him be disappointed again. Tony is falsely touched by Bart’s concern, but reminds him that he is a grown man. Besides, it’s almost a guarantee that EJ will have dug his own grave.

Back in the morning room, Elvis recounts his visit to the Bradys. Stefano isn’t terribly surprised by his reception. He is especially curious about EJ’s connection to Anna. Elvis admits that Tony had taste once upon a time. Stefano chuckles, and EJ repeats what he said over the phone to his father.

“Very good. You did well, my son, but, I have just one problem. You see, our little project, Steve Johnson, I’m sure that name rings a bell, hmm?” Elvis nods. “Well, he came to your brother and myself last night, and informed us than Anna’s intentions were not innocent, as you described them to me. Now, make no mistake, my son. I’m not even sure I believe that our patched friend hasn’t rejoined the ranks of his Brady cohorts. I certainly want to trust you more than him. I am merely making damned sure that there are no mistakes. Your affinity for Marlena’s daughter makes me extra cautious. You understand this, yes?”

Elvis admits he does, but he can’t help being hurt by this accusation. He has no reason to cover for Anna. Stefano recognizes this, but he also knows that, if she has been mixing it up with the Bradys to help them with their investigation, then EJ may have more of a stake in her presence then he’ll admit. Stefano points out that his loyalty to Samantha and their child are not to make him question his loyalty to this family. If Elvis has lied to protect her family, Stefano wants to know now.


On the next...


-Kate rails into Roman

-Marlena asks Sami to consider legal action

-EJ makes a startling revelation to Stefano

-Lucas and Sami must face the potential of the twins having two different fathers

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I see how the blog you are writing is slowly and steadily branching off. Great work indeed. I'll be interested to see what happens between Roman and Kate. I would love to see a Kate vs. Anna story.

Keep it up!

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I see how the blog you are writing is slowly and steadily branching off. Great work indeed. I'll be interested to see what happens between Roman and Kate. I would love to see a Kate vs. Anna story.

Keep it up!

Man, you're quick. I just posted this LOL. Thanks for your feedback, as always.

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Awesome episode!

Nice to see Maggie coming by to give her support. I always enjoy her relationship with Lucas.

I love Roman and Anna! Leann Hunley is the only woman that's been able to make Josh Taylor tolerable. And I am all for a Roman/Anna/Kate triangle. :D

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