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June Episode Count



Because Our Days didn't debut until the 25th, I thought it would be fun to combine the real episode counts with the first week of the blog, which happenes to be the final week of June, and then compare airtime to that of the real, final episode counts for June 2007.

Our Days

Alison Sweeney (Samantha Roberts) 18

Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Roberts) 17

Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) 15

James Scott (EJ Wells) 13

Blake Berris (Nick Fallon) 12

Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) 12

Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans) 11

Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Benson) 11

Josh Taylor (Roman Brady) 10

Thaao Penghlis (Tony DiMera) 10

Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera) 9

Trevor Donavan (Jeremy Horton) 7

Shelley Hennig (Stephanie Johnson) 7

Brandon Beemer (Shawn-D Brady) 7*

Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) 7*

Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) 7*

Martha Madison (Belle Black) 7*

Drake Hogestyn (John Black) 7*

Steve Blackwood (Bart Biderbecke) 6

Marcus Patrick (Jett Carver) 6*

Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip Kiriakis) 6*

Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts) 5

Leann Hunley (Anna DiMera) 5

Will Utay (Wilhelm Rolf) 5*

Tanya Boyd (Celeste Perrault) 4

Renée Jones (Lexie Carver) 4

Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson) 4*

Frank Parker (Shawn Brady) 4*

Julie Pinson (Billie Reed) 3

Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton) 3

Darin Brooks (Max Brady) 3*

Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis) 3*

Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady) 3*

Amy Chaffee (Dr. Amy Jacobs) 2*

Dakoda Danica Hobbs (Ciara Brady) 2*

Annie Burstede (Willow Stark) 2**

Ava Olivia White (Claire Kiriakis) 1*

Kavi Faquir (Theo Carver) 1*

Christopher Gerse (Will Roberts) 1*

*Yet to debut on Our Days

**Never to debut on Our Days


Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) 17

Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady) 16

Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Roberts) 15

Blake Berris (Nick Fallon) 14

Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) 13

James Scott (E.J. Wells) 13

Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Benson) 12

Thaao Penghlis (Tony DiMera) 11

Shelley Hennig (Stephanie Johnson) 10

Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera) 10

Josh Taylor (Roman Brady) 10

Trevor Donovan (Jeremy Horton) 9

Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans Black) 9

Brandon Beemer (Shawn Brady) 8

Steve Blackwood (Bart Biederbicke) 8

Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) 8

Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) 8

Martha Madison (Belle Black) 8

Marcus Patrick (Jett Carver) 8

Drake Hogestyn (John Black) 7

Jay Johnson (Philip Kiriakis) 7

Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson) 7

Darin Brooks (Max Brady) 6

Will Utay (Dr. Wilhelm Rolf) 6

Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts) 5

Amy Chaffee (Dr. Amy Jacobs) 4

Leann Hunley (Anna DiMera) 4

Frank Parker (Grandpa Shawn Brady) 4

Tanya Boyd (Celeste Perrault) 3

Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis) 3

Dakoda & Danica Hobbs (Ciara Brady) 3

Renee Jones (Lexie Carver) 3

Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady) 3

Annie Burgstede (Willow Stark) 2

Julie Pinson (Billie Reed) 2

Ava & Olivia White (Claire Kiriakis) 2

Mitchell Edmonds (Mr. Mitchell Lewis) 1

Kavi Faquir (Theo Carver) 1

Christopher Gerse (Will Roberts) 1

Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton) 1


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