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Episode 66



March 21, 2006

Andy takes Emily to Java in hopes of calming her down. She talks about the good times with Hal and breaks down when she begins talking of her affair with Paul and how that must have killed Hal inside. Andy vows that everything will be okay. Carly calls Lily and tells her to meet her over at the house. Once there, the two of them tell Jack about Hal and his recent heart attack. The pain is too much for Jack to bear, as the two women silently watch Jack fall apart. Katie and Henry run into a man named Stephen Malone. Henry claims to know the man from somewhere and finally pinpoints him as the former head anchor over at at television station in Philadelphia. Stephen tells Katie and Henry of his recent move back to his hometown of Oakdale and also tells htem of his search for another job. As they offer him the lead co-anchor position at KATY, Kim lurks in the shadows. Back in New York, Dusty and Meg awaken to find themselves naked and in bed with each other. Recalling the night before, they realize that in their drunken stupor..they must have made love.


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