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Episode #67, Tuesday, March 14:



Episode #67, Tuesday, March 14:

- Kate recalls going to Tony's hospital room that night intent on killing him.

- Jan tells Shawn that she and Trey have no where else to go. Shawn invites them to stay with him, but he warns Jan that he WILL have his own DNA tests done on Trey. And he wants Lexie to examine Jan to confirm what the doctor said. Jan agrees to be fully cooperative.

- Maggie refuses to accept Mickey's separation.

- Lucas and Sami scold Will for the alcohol and the drugs he has in his room.

- Bonnie remembers leaning over Tony's hospital bed and his begging her for her forgiveness and begging her to spare him.

- Cassie recalls Stefano's plans for Salem, including the destruction of all Brady's and the Carvers' marriage.

- Phillip and Belle remain suspicious of Jan. They refuse to let Claire stay with Shawn and Jan and Trey. Shawn tells them to back off or he'll have them arrested for breaking the court's orders.

- Will lashes out at his parents and blames them and their pasts for his being so messed up. He cites Sami's many lovers, his having two fathers, Lucas not being there for a huge portion of his life, Sami's being a murder suspect for as many times as she was, all of his relatives being killed and coming back, and the list goes on and on. But it reaches a climax when he calls Sami a whore. Sami slaps Will.

- Mickey tells Maggie that she has no choice. He informs Maggie that he is moving in with Alice.

- Abby flashes back to being in Tony's hospital room as he slept. She grabbed his machine's plug and then snaps out of her flashback.

- When Cassie cannot get a hold of Stefano, she makes an executive decision to show Abe the photo of Tek and Lexie kissing.

- Phillip and Belle retreat to their loft. Kate arrives and is shocked (and pleasantly surprised) by Jan's arrival and her having Shawn's child. Kate pulls Jan aside and hints that she is supportive of scheming to keep Belle and Shawn apart. Kate tries to proposition Jan into teaming up with her, but Jan will not have it.

- Lucas pulls Sami away from Will, and he scolds them both! Lucas separates them and tells Sami that he understands what she did, but doesn't agree with it. He says Will is out of hand, and they need to get him help. Sami is devastated over Will's words.

- Kate tells Phillip in the hallway that she thinks Jan has changed since she didn't take Kate up on her offer to keep Shawn and Belle apart. Phillip is outraged, but Kate says she didn't think she had anything to lose since Phillip isn't talking to her right now, anyway.

- Cassie prints out the photo of Lexie's indescretion.

- Lucas and Sami get caught up in the moment of his comforting her and share a passionate kiss.

- Maggie is devastated over Mickey as Mickey opens up to Alice about what happened.

- Lucas and Sami check in on Will to find that he is GONE! And so are the drugs and alcohol!

- Shawn accidentally eavesdrops on Phillip and Kate. Phillip tells Kate that he will forgive her for keeping Claire's paternity a secret if she helps him and Belle win back custody of Claire. Kate agrees to do whatever necessary to do so, including tarnishing the blessed name of Shawn and the rest of the Brady's. Shawn is worried that he is going to lose Claire! Shawn vows to do whatever possible to keep Claire.

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WHOA!! Will better watch his mouth :lol:

I never really thought about it, but Kate/Jan would be a GREAT team!! I love both characters. I wonder is Shawn will confront Philip. *goes to read next ep*

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