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Episode #68, Wednesday March 15:



Episode #68, Wednesday March 15:

- Lexie examines Jan and confirms her doctor's diagnosis that the brain tumor was causing Jan to act in the way she did.

- Victor continues to try and figure out if Tony had anything on Kate since he thinks Kate had more of a motive than Chelsea's death.

- Lucas and Sami panic and begin a hunt for Will.

- Victor and Kate share a kiss.

- Cassie puts the picture of Lexie in an envelope and places it on Abe's desk.

- Carrie and Austin bump into each other on the street. They put their feuding aside when they see Will board a local bus marked for the bus station.

- Lexie shows Shawn Jan's scars where she had her brain surgery to have the tumor removed.

- Victor has champagne and a romantic dinner sent down to the boardroom from the Penthouse Grille.

- Abe opens the envelope.

- Austin and Carrie return to the apartment building and ask Lucas and Sami why Will is going to the bus station. Sami freaks out on Carrie, saying she should have stopped him! Austin says it's both of their faults and demands to know what is going on. Sami says that Will must be running away! Carrie and Austin both say they didn't think anything of it, saying they thought Will was going to go meet a friend or perhaps it really wasn't Will, afterall.

- Roman and Anna go for a walk through the park and catch each other up on their lives.

- Lexie runs DNA tests on Shawn Brady III (Trey).

- Roman and Anna share a hot kiss but are interupted by Sami's frantic call begging Roman to meet them at the bus station.

- Kate and Victor share a romantic dinner. Later, their kiss turns to passion, and they have sex!

- Abe is devastated but not surprised when he sees the picture of Lexie and Tek kissing. His suspicions are now confirmed!

- Lexie announces that Trey is indeed the child of Shawn and Jan!

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LOL!! Finally Abe knows the truth!!! I can't wait until Lexie gets home. I hope that Jan's only pretending to be nice :rolleyes:

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