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Episode 2




“Sadly, if you refuse my help, I think you… and our baby… are alone on this one,” E.J. whispered with regret as he clutched her shoulders with his hands.

Sami stared intently at E.J.’s face for several seconds trying to discern the hidden meaning behind his cryptic warning until she was distracted by the sound of what she thought was a man’s laughter.

“Did you hear that?” Sami asked.

“Hear what, darling?” E.J. said, clearly perplexed.

“It sounded like… it… well… nothing. I… just want you to leave. Leave me alone. Let me have this one moment of happiness without you and these games and my secrets getting in the way of it.”

“Oh, so should we wake Lucas then and let him know I’m here? Oh Lucas! LOOOOOO-CUSSS!” E.J. calls up the stairs.

“What are you DOING? Please just get OUT of here before he sees you!”

E.J. laughs and grasps her left hand.

“Good to see married life hasn’t changed you too much, my dear,” E.J. said before kissing her ring finger.

“Ugh. Just GO!”

E.J. obliges and shuts the front door behind him just as bleary-eyed Lucas appears at the top of the staircase.

“Was someone here just now? Was E.J. here?!” Lucas shouted.

“What? What are you talking about?” Sami said biting her lip.

“There was a man calling my name. I’m pretty sure he had a British accent.”

“Well, as you can see, no one is here but me. I was getting a glass of water. Honey, go back to bed. You must have been dreaming.”

“Well… OK… I’ll be waiting for you.”

“OK. I’ll be right there.”

Lucas heads back to bed. Sami sighs and rubs her stomach.

“Oh what are we going to do?” she whispers to the baby growing inside her. “I thought if I married Lucas, if I got Lucas to be my husband then we’d be home free, but this wedding didn’t really solve anything, did it?”

Sami headed toward the kitchen to get her water when something caught her eye and caused her to stop in front of the bookcase. She noticed an old copy of “Gone with the Wind” on the bookshelf and picked it up.

“Wow. A copy from the original printing.”

Sami leafed through the pages.

“And in such good condition. I’d love to take some time to read this again. I wonder if the owner would mind if I borrowed this.”

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”


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