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Maison Blanche: Revisited Episode 1




OK let's see if I can get this to work right.

So here's the setup for this fanfic:

I started writing this EJami-centric fanfic right after the Lucas and Sami wedding and when the spoilers came out saying that Lucas and Sami would spend their honeymoon at Maison Blanche. This fic picks up basically where that storyline was then while Phillip, Shawn and Belle have all made it back safely from Tinda Lao to take their place on the backburner with Nick, Chelsea, Willow, Bo, Hope, Steve and Kayla. As the show was then, John is still in his coma.

The story begins with Lucas and Sami are on their honeymoon are working to repair a mansion in New Orleans where they have run into E.J. Wells earlier in the day.

This was not the honeymoon Samantha Brady-Roberts had been dreaming of these past 15 years. After ten tries, she finally got her wedding to the man of her dreams. Or so she thought.

Yet as she laid in the dark tossing and turning on a rumpled air mattress, next to her snoring husband, surrounded by paint cans and listening to the night rain fall on the windowpane, Sami wondered just why she agreed to her wedding planner’s idea that she celebrate her wedding with this bizarre remodeling project to rebuild an old mansion of some old crazy man who had left the place after Hurricane Katrina.

Sami decided she would get herself a glass of water and see if that would help soothe the uneasy feeling she had about this place. As she walked down the grand staircase to the kitchen clutching her stomach she thought back on her wedding humiliation and the way she slugged E.J. She also thought about Lucas’s decision to stand by her.

Neither moment was as satisfying as she thought it would be. But before she could consider why, a shadowy figure crept up behind her.

Sami went to scream but the man covered her mouth before she could let out a sound.

“Samantha, you really need to get out of this place,” a familiar voice said, slowly removing his cupped hand from her lips.

“No, E.J., I think it’s YOU who needs to get out of this place. What are you doing here? This is my honeymoon. Lucas is my husband. He found out the truth and he stood by me. He loves me. You’re just going to have to deal with it,” Sami said.

“Ah yes, I will have to deal with that, darling, but before we can take care of that we need to get you out of this dreary place and into accommodations more befitting a woman... in your condition.”

“My condition?” Sami says with an incredulous glare. “And what are you kidnapping me now? Can’t you Dimeras come up with something original FOR ONCE?”

“Listen, Samantha. I am not trying to kidnap you. I am not here to scare you or to hurt you. I am trying to warn you. I… I can’t explain it all right now. But just promise me that you’ll convince Lucas in the morning to give up this home makeover business and just eh… take up somewhere in New Orleans a little more fun, more luxurious, more romantic for the rest of your time here.”

“Promise YOU? Pfft. Why? Is it too inconvenient for you to stalk us out here in the middle of nowhere so you can sabotage our honeymoon just like you did our reception?”

“No… I… I was afraid this would happen.” E.J. turns away from Sami. “I can’t protect you, can I?”

Sami pulls him back into her gaze.

“No. You can’t. And I am not interested in your protection. I have LUCAS to protect me.”

E.J. laughs.

“You mean the man you’ve had me rescue from near-death situations twice in the past twelve months, my dear? Sadly, if you refuse my help, I think you… and our baby… are alone on this one.”

Sami stared intently at E.J.’s face for several seconds trying to discern the hidden meaning behind his cryptic warning until she was distracted by the sound of what she thought was a man’s laughter.

For more of this story go to:



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