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The Greer family cast



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Faith Ford (Faith, "Hope & Faith) will be playing housewife and teacher Pamela Greer. Pamela loves her family, but is always under a lot of stress due to her rebelious daughter.

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Ted McGinley (Charley, "Hope & Faith") will be playing along side his "Hope & Faith" co-star, Faith Ford as Pamela's husband, Ted Greer. Ted is a police officer who is extremely dedicated to bringing down the villains of Mountain View.

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Popular actress Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina, "Sabrina the Teenage Witch") will be playing the most popular teen in Mountain View-- Megan Greer. Megan is a missunderstood teen, who always feels the need to connive when she doesn't get her way!

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Daytime veteran Sarah Buxton (ex-Morgan, "The Bold and the Beautiful"/ex-Annie, "Sunset Beach"/ex-Crystal, "Days of our Lives") will be playing Pamela's younger party-girl sister, Livvie Carlson. Livvie arrives in Mountain View to stir up trouble in the first episode!


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