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2/14/06 (A special all John and Marlena show as he takes her down a romantic trip down memory lane on Valentine’s day)

-John wakes Marlena up with breakfast in bed which sparks a memory of a similar time. He rushes her out and he takes her to Titan before it opens. It’s the start of his planned romantic trip down memory lane to get her memories of him totally back. They go to the boardroom where they had their infamous affair. John decides to recreate that scene. He kisses Marlena and passions do ignite as Marlena’s memories and feelings of that night come rushing back.

-He then takes her up to the Penthouse Grill where their wedding was. The whole place is decorated for a wedding. John makes her put on that same wedding dress from 1999 and they recreate the wedding. John reads off the same vows he did that day and the feelings and memories come flooding back to Marlena as she begins to recite the same words and vows she did on that very day.

-John then takes her to his jet. Its is made up to look like their wedding night in 1999. Passions ignite again as Marlena remembers that night and those feelings. John even breaks out strawberries and whipped cream and even rubs a piece of cold ice on her back to recreate one of their famous love scenes. It all floods back to Marlena as she remembers all this and several other nights with John. They make love for the first time in a long time. Marlena is startled when the plane begins moving. John says they are off to their next stop.

-They end up in West Virginia. John takes her to where they had their adventure there and where they first believed him to be Stefano then Roman. That time all comes back to her. John says they have another stop and they board his plane.

-They end up in Hawaii. John takes her to all the places they stopped at and experienced during their honeymoon. Marlena remembers it all and her and John make love again in the honeymoon suite they stayed in 1999.

-They return to the plane and arrive back in Salem late at night. He takes her to one last place-St. Luke’s. When they arrive, the place is decorated to look like when John married her back when he thought he was Roman. Marlena recalls it all and even remembers their vow renewal in Las Vegas. All of a sudden she is hit with another surge of other memories of John and her, including some bad ones like her death in 1987 an the possession. Marlena feels like one last surge might be enough. John decides that she has had enough for the day and they go home. Marlena wants to keep going but John doesn’t want to overdo it since she is so close to being whole again. They go home and Marlena tells him she loves him for the first time in a while. She says she can really mean it now that she is almost whole. They kiss and he carries her upstairs to make love. We then see Stefano/Alex watching them from a monitor laughing sinisterly and he then says, “Enjoy it while it lasts because once you remember everything Marlena I will strike and the game between John and me will once again begin.” He then laughs uncontrollably as the screen slowly fades to black.

On the next Days...

Nicole shocks Austin. Carrie makes her decision regarding Alan. Abe returns to work. Lexie is ready to act. Sami thinks she has figured out the truth.


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