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-Alan tells Carrie she doesn’t need to be scared. He has changed. He makes this big speech about how he went through therapy and about how he went through so much therapy following being shot by Sami. He is no longer the same Alan. He says his family disowned him and all these years he has been alone in the world. He had a hard time getting a job and has been moving from small job to small job making just enough to live. He says he kidnaped her because he just returned to Salem and doesn’t want anyone to know he is back. He wants to make up for his past, especially to Sami and her, and knows that once everyone learns he is back they won’t give him a chance. Knowing how forgiving and nice Carrie is, he kidnaped in hopes that she will believe him and help him make up for his sins. He tells Carrie she is free to leave the cabin and go home and think about it. All he asks is that she doesn’t tell anyone he is so close to Salem for obvious reasons. He gives her some money and says there is a bus stop nearby that can take her home. Carrie is confused but agrees to his request to avoid upsetting anyone. She leaves and stares at Alan as she walks away. It is clear that he got to her but she doesn’t know what to believe. If this is an act, Sami, her and who knows who else may be in a lot of danger.

-Nicole asks Eric what is going on and if he sick. Eric says he has been under a lot of stress lately and he is still recovering from his concussion. Nicole gets him some ice and wants to call a doctor but he insists he is ok. They kiss. She leaves to get him something to eat. We see Eric pull out some pills and take on as he says that Nicole can never learn the truth. He says he needs her and his family now more then ever and that no one can find out what is going on or it will ruin everything.

-Kate is shocked to see Nicholas in Paris. They catch up and Kate tells him why she isn’t in Salem. Nicholas says that he knows the real Kate that no one else sees. Kate questions who that real Kate is. Nicholas promises to help her through this and says she just needs to enjoy herself and leave everything back in Salem. Maybe then she will better grasp her true self and who she really is. Nicholas tells her that Vivian is with Ivan and they are still splurging off his lottery winnings. He says he has tried to start up his own business but failed. Kate says that he should come home to Salem and work fro Basic Black. Nicholas is intrigued but says he isn’t sure if business is right for him and he really doesn’t know what it is. He says the only time he knew what was for him was when he was with her. He takes her hand and cresses it. He tells Kate he has a feeling their time in Paris will change their lives forever.

-Sami leaves her apartment. She bumps into Lucas. She confronts him about all his secrecy and meeting with Maggie. She reveals that she knows they Maggie and him fell off the wagon and she caught Lucas putting a whiskey bottle back at the pub during the funeral reception. Lucas tries to get out of it but Sami keeps laying the questions on. Lucas finally admits she is right. Maggie and him did fall off the wagon but Maggie was the one that took the bottle. He was just putting it back but she stole it again and now she is missing and most likely drunk. Lucas admits he is tempted to drink too. Sami asks Lucas why he never told anyone he felt left out and lonely. He says he didn’t think anyone cared and his family had enough to deal with. He also felt embarassed. Sami says she feels bad but needed comfort at the time and she didn’t realize getting it with Austin bothered him. They are about to confess their feelings for each other when Sami has a flash back to the night in the hospital garage when she caught Lucas checking his damaged car. She figures he must have done something while drunk and Maggie either knows about it or was a part of it. He tells Sami to let it go but she continues to pressure him. He blows up at her and walks away as Sami is more determined then ever to find out what is going on. She says she is doing this for Lucas and for their son. Lucas is tempted again to take a drink but doesn’t.

-Maggie is drunk and walking the pier. She continues to blame herself for everything and believes what happened to Zach is her fault too. She then almost falls off the pier but is rescued by Victor. He gets her some coffee and tries to sober her. He comforts her and urges her to forgive herself otherwise she can’t move on. She says she can never forgive herself. Victor calls the Horton House to tell them Maggie is ok. She begs Victor not to tell them she is drunk. He keeps mum. Lucas then gets a call from Alice who tells him that Maggie is ok. Lucas is relieved. Victor admits his heart is broken too and tells Maggie what Caroline did. Maggie, who is clearly sobering up, tells him he has become a good man and that he may still find that special someone yet. It may not be Caroline like he has always thought. He doubts it and blames himself for getting his hopes so high for getting her back and for going against her wishes and coming near her at the funeral. She said something bad would happen and it did. Maggie comforts him. Victor walks her home and Maggie thanks him. Victor urges her to take his advice and stop blaming herself. Mickey and Shawn Sr’s deaths were meant to be and would’ve happened somehow regardless. They didn’t die because of her-they were stubborn and would’ve gone out anyway. Maggie thanks him and tells him to remember her words about love. He may still find it. Maggie goes inside and lays on the couch. She looks at a picture of Mickey and for the first time realizes it wasn’t her fault but Zach’s accident may have been. She doesn’t know fi she hit him but she still didn’t watch him enough to prevent him from leaving the house. That is unforgivable and she can blame herself for that. Maggie almost takes another drink after thinking about Zach but stops after looking at Mickey’s picture and remembering Victor’s advice. She needs to find out what happened the night Zach was hit while she was drunk and she needs to make sure no one finds out anything until she does, especially Sami. Victor thinks about Maggie’s words and wonders if maybe he still may find happiness and love, even without Caroline.

-Lexie is stunned to learn Alex is her father. She realizes he was the presence she felt in the house that night she felt someone in her room in the mansion. He admits his snuck in that night to be near her and that he lovingly touched her face since he hadn’t been near his daughter in so long. He explains that he needed Tony to lie about his death so he could execute his plans better under the guise that he was dead. He couldn’t be detected that way. He says he was pleased with the entire island plot but knew it would fail when Tony went all out for world domination. Stefano explains that Tony should have merely went for revenge and defense of the Dimera honor and name rather then what he went for. He does applaud Tony for getting most of his enemies on the island. He only wishes he took over the plot from there and it may have been successful. He apologizes for blackmailing her about Tek but he had planned to use her in one of his plans since she was a doctor and he knew she wouldn’t help him if he didn’t have a way to force her. After all, no one could know he was alive not even her. He explains what he has going on in Salem. He talks about how he is keeping Chelsea and Will out of Salem. He has big plans for them and feels they can aid in his revenge. He also says he has Patrick Lockhart captive since he is a loose cannon. He explains that he knows a lot about Patrick’s past and plans on using that in the future when he needs to use him for his plots but right now Patrick is best to be locked up where he can’t ruin his plans. He also shares his plans for John and Marlena. He says the car accident was the perfect way to set up his plot. Everyone thought “Alex” died and John now is taking Marlena on a trip down memory lane. He explains that as soon as Marlena remembers everything he will nab her and then kick his plan into high gear. Lexie asks what that is but Stefano says he isn’t even sure yet. Lexie is puzzled that he doesn’t know really where any of his plans are going and says its very unlike him but Stefano says he knows what he is doing. He admits he is happy about her breakup with Abe. He confesses he liked Tek despite him being a cop. Lexie asks why he liked him but Stefano merely responds that it was just something about him. Lexie says she wants Abe and her son back. Stefano says he has been monitoring Abe along with the rest of Salem and he informs Lexie that she may have lost Abe. He shows us her footage of Abe and Celeste playing with Theo and of Celeste reacting to her vision of kissing Abe. Lexie is outraged and, knowing that her mother’s visions always come true, she knows she has to put a stop to this. Stefano reminds Lexie of her mother’s vision of her returning to her roots. She is already back in the mansion and now he says she needs to become his daughter again. Its inevitable and she can’t resist and she knows it will happen regardless since Celeste envisioned it. Lexie says that she knew she needed to fight and be a little edgy to get her family back but she never thought she needed to return to being a total Dimera again and follow in her father’s footsteps once more. Stefano says it’s the only way for her to win and its who she is-its her heritage. If Abe and everyone else can’t respect that, then she need not concern herself with them. All that matters is her son and Stefano says she needs to make sure she doesn’t lose him. He will do what he can but he can’t do much for fear of being discovered. Lexie buys into everything and starts to realize she can live if she doesn’t get Abe back but she can’t lose Theo. She needs her son and getting Abe back is the cherry on the sundae. She decides Stefano is right and she needs to do everything she can to keep her son-including acting as a Dimera would. If she gets Abe back so be it but he isn’t a priority. Stefano is happy and embraces his daughter and welcomes her back to the family. She decides to stay the night there with him and Bart shows her to a room to sleep. Privately, Stefano says that everything is on track. He says he will make sure Lexie never loses Theo even if she can’t and admits he used her current situation and everything going on with her, Abe, and Celeste to make her be a true Dimera again as she should be. Everything is falling into place on all parts of his ultimate revenge plan and Stefano then lets out a devilish laugh while opera music blares and he drinks his brandy as the screen freezes on him and then fades to black.


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