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Carrie/Austin/Sami/Lucas and Roman/Anna: This set has been relatively backburnered for the first few months, but they are going to fly to the frontburner and stay there all spring. Lucas will tap into his manipulative side to keep Austin and Sami apart. Anna and Sami will face off as Sami encounters her most worthy opponent yet. Sami will learn that hell hath no fury like a mother scorned. A huge crisis will bring Sami, Lucas, Austin, and Carrie together and send them on a trip that will bond them all and change them forever. Roman and Anna are going to slowly find their way being attracted to one another again. But they have one huge obstacle between them.....SAMI!

Liam/Hope/Bo/Billie: Hope will find Liam and there is a huge shock in store for her when she does. This is a shock that will shake Bo and Hope's marriage to its core. Bo and Billie will be on their own quest for the real Georgia. They will reconnect in a way that neither could have imagined. Bo and Billie did have a real love once upon a time, and they will rediscover it. Bo is hurt that Hope kept the secret of Liam to herself for two months before telling him. Hope is angry that he got drunk and kissed Billie. They are both at opposite ends of the Earth viewing each other in very negative lights. Things do not look good for Bo and Hope for this Spring!

Tony's Murderess: Abe and Jack will narrow the murderer down to four women in March - Kate, Bonnie, Caroline, and Abby. And they'll narrow that list down to three women by mid-March, and the heat will be ON. Fans will know in April who did the deed. And the Salemites will know in May. Even though the victim was Tony and it was much-deserved, the murderess will pay for her deed.

Phillip/Belle/Shawn/Mimi/Rex and Jan: Jan reveals herself to everyone with TWO HUGE secrets that will blow everyone's lives out of the water. Shawn does something that will shock everyone when the battle for Claire's custody heats up. Rex and Mimi re-connect. Desperation leads to a murder attempt, and someone will be leaving the show. Fans should keep their eye on Jan. She's here to stay, and her secrets will blow this set out of the water.

Stefano's pawns: Stefano will slowly continue to build his army to wage war against Salem. Jack, Cassie, and Tek are on board now. Stefano will gain a few more people and will make a huge blow against the Brady's in the Spring. Jack and Jen's past will come back to bite them (in a good way). But then, she realizes he's keeping a big secret and puts her life in danger to find out what it is.

Titan vs. Basic Black: This story will come to an end when the companies go head to head like never before, and one company is put of business. But the surviving company will have plenty of drama. The boardroom drama will not be going anywhere.

Abby/Max/Cassie: Cassie and Max continue to heat up Salem. But they each have secrets. She's working for Stefano posing as a Brady, and he has something that not even the readers know quite yet. Things will get more and more interesting between these three.

Celeste/Tek/Lexie/Abe: Stefano will be heavily involved as it is revealed that Celeste has a huge secret from her past and he knows it! Stefano and Tek will both be manipulating the Carvers. Abe finally finds the proof that he needs to prove that Lexie has slept with Tek.

Shawn/Caroline/Victor/Kate: Caroline's feelings for Victor intensify as Kate and Victor steam up the Titan board rooms. Kate/Victor hit a huge snag when it looks more and more that Kate could be the one who killed Tony.

Bonnie/Mickey/Maggie: Now that Mimi has left town and Patrick is dead, Bonnie will find herself yearning for meaning and will look for it in the only man whom she feels has ever truly loved her - Mickey! She will do the unthinkable in order to get him back and make sure Maggie is out of his life for good.

John/Marlena and Paige: Paige's identity will be revealed. John and Marlena will continue to be held hostage.

Frankie: Frankie will return and find love with someone you would not expect.


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