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Episode #59 - Thursday, March 2:



Episode #59 - Thursday, March 2:

- Austin arrives in Chicago and begins looking for Brandon.

- Liam continues to yearn and miss his missing wife, Gina.

- Celeste is horrified and demands to know what Alex is doing.

- Abe and Jack find Mimi's diary and read about what she was doing the night of New Year's Eve when Tony was killed.

- Kate and Victor strike while John and Austin are out of town and Sami and Belle are pre-occupied with their lives to take some high-powered Basic Black investors.

- Bo and Billie decide to go to the Bayou to find clues about Georgie.

- Sami scrambles to try and find a way to keep Austin from finding Nicole.

- Alex reveals himself as Stefano! Celeste faints.

- Kate uses her pull to snag three huge investors from Basic Black.

- Abe and Jack learn that Mimi went to the site where she and Rex first made love. That was the night that she and Shawn got engaged, as well. They realize that the reason she's been so secretive about that night is because she still has feelings for Rex.

- Celeste comes to. Stefano tells her that she needs to back away from Lexie and Tek and Abe or he'll reveal her biggest secret to Lexie! Celeste is horrified. She demands to know what Stefano has to do with Tek.

- Sami makes plans to hightail it to Chicago and find Nicole before Austin does. Anna stops her. Anna gets physical with Sami and throws her on the couch. Anna tells Sami that the jig is up and that Austin will discover the truth!

- Bo and Billie set off on his motorcycle for New Orleans.

- Kate and Victor toast to the inevitable downfall of Basic Black.

- Stefano tells Celeste that he has hired Tek to remove Abe from Lexie's life. Celeste says that she is going to tell Lexie everything, but Stefano grabs her and says that her secret was enough to blackmail her into working for him all of those years ago, and it will be good enough now! Celeste refuses. Stefano kisses Celeste!

- Austin knocks on Brandon's apartment door and awaits Nicole or Brandon....


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Ooh to Stefano/Celeste! This secret will be a great character progression for Miss Frankie.

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She was on the show as Brady and Belle's nanny, I BELIEVE, during B&C's run. But they dropped her. She had a connection to Celeste, but they dropped it. :(

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Ooh! Caprice! Nice. I love tying things to old stories that most writers just let sink into no man's land.

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